02 June 2008

** Seven **

i dont think anyone wants to know how much i suffered in johor
i seriously hate my cousins
those that are younger than me
start hitting me
taking me as some spit target
and those older than me stares at me one kind
WTF is she doing here~
so i practically dread going back
owh yeah...
my grandma
she lectures me alot
about how i always wear black
according to her it's not a nice color
do i look like a person who would wear any other color?!
of pete's sake WTF is all my relatives pinching my cheeks
it's not cute anymore
maybe it was cute when i was little
but it aint anymore
i spend most of my time smsing the
of my inbox xD
Hydde starts in the morning
then Michelle comes
and at night Numbryk smses me
so thank youuuuuu ppl for keeping me
just came back from well...POTO practise
im getting sick of this actually
i feel as if im doing nothing with my life xD
it's like i watch ppl go out
i watch ppl hang out
i watch ppl go to the movies
and i sit at home doing nothing
which im not saying is a bad thing
but its fun to go out once in a while
okay...i need to tell my mum face products give me pimples
they dont do me any good
cuz my mum keeps making me use them
and the pimples all start popping out
i feel abit a drift nowadays
i've got to get permission
for Thursday
for Saturday
and if i cant come
it's my mum's paranoyal taking tol on my life
so i'm kinda killing myself here
i dont even know how to ask!!
owh yeah...those from "artsy" camp
those that wanted in on the video
AER's lookin for u guys
=X he's gonna get pissed if no one wants to show up
have u seen AER pissed?!?!
lol...neither have i
haih. i have POTO practise tomorrow sia
and the day after tommorow too
somehow. i feel like dying rite now
im gonna jump off the roof soon
you know, i sat down thinking today
im 16 this year
WTF am i doing with my life?!
that's that
maybe i'm just waiting for it to end

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