30 June 2008

i had coke today...
lots of it...
thrust me...after you read this...
you'll know why i needed 10 cans of coke

i woke up in the morning...
my inbox flooded....
with you-know-who's smses...
and a few missed calls from the same person...
and then i sat there reading the same freaking thing over and over again...
then i got so irritated by the 5th sms...
i deleted the rest...
if its all gonna say the same thing
might as well not give a damn bout wasting my time going through them
so technically i woke up pissed
then i went to the toilet
solemnly brushed my teeth while my mum did her makeup
then i left ASAP
and she had to pull me back in
and she starts telling me i have to start with my homework
and spend more time studying and doing my revision
and stop spending hours in front of the computer
and getting enough sleep
and for that she took half an hour of my morning
so it's been a shitty morning
then got dressed
took breakfast
went to school
forgot my chemistry book
but didn't use it anyway
for once im back in class
and happy to be back
study study
all in all....it's fine
Lava Me and Joanna talked bout POTO
mostly about the cameras and autographs and the people
the Kamie Syarifah and I complaint about PnLim
add math
brain hurts
copied nilai
then stay back for a bit
to say bye to MissLai!!!
this was the cherry on top of the sundae
the masqueradies and a few other students
we sang "you are my sunshine"
replace "sunshine" with "MissLai"
we had cake
and MissLai kept going "omg omg omg"
then we go huggly huggly ^^
i had her sign my arm T^T
im too lazy to get paper
so that's that
i gave her one last hug bafore i rushed out
duh my mum was there
i went in
i should've kept it that way
instead i just had to open my mouth
and then she started lecturing me again
she's the one that usually comes late and when i come out late she scolds me
so all the way home
was the whole soap opera act
god damn it
she needs to stop doing that
its getting boring
it's not like im gonna put pity on her
i sat there wondering what the hell did i do wrong
i just said i wanted to say goodbye to a teacher
and did she not understand?!
and i know she was crying
cuz after the soap opera comes the water works
so that made me pissed once more
then i went upstairs
phone spammed again
helllooooo i just cleared my inbox day before yesterday people!!!
dont spam it like you spam my cbox
its freaking irritating to have to
delete 600++ sms in one go
my phone get jet lag
ahhhh....but it's the same person
same sms
same content
so i just deleted all after reading one
owh dont blame me
if you were sending something different for every sms heck yeah i'll read
but it all the same old line
same old song
same old thing
so dont bother wasting my time
then i was getting started on my essay
Pauleen requested for the creative writing section
half way through
my freaking grandma swept the floor
the broom hit the reset button
all my hard work
and that added more salt to the wound
and out of depression
i sat in front of the computer after it restarted
gulping down can after can of coke
you all have to stop asking who is WeiJun
He's just some guy who came to help with POTO
dont go around assuming he's
my uncle
my dad
my grandfather
my granduncle
he ain't DNA related to me
i wonder why does the world think im a fool
i was chatting with one of my cousins
first of all its not just sick
it's wrong
to have your cousin tell you he's in love with you
anyway...i was chatting
and you know how uncles and aunts like to gossip
you cant help but over hear
so heres what it is about me
ai'm anti-social
ai'm rude
ai'm disrespectful
aall i do is sit in front of the comp
ai dont talk much
ai'm too loud for a girl
ai swear too openly [yes lately i do]
ai hang out too much with the guys
ai'm becoming a guy
amy result suck [damn how did THAT go there]
ai'm way too spoilt
i aint spoilt
and i am trying to tone down
i am doing my best to be a girl
and i'm doing my best not to hang with them too much
i'm working hard to get my grades up
i am trying to socialize more
the sitting in front of the comp thing cant be helped.
i told my cousin he can't
and i told him the aunty and uncles ain't gonna give it an 'ok'
neither would my parents
i'm actually kinda glad he's one of the cousins i can connect with
but its just sick and wrong to date your own cousin
lets just stick it to keeping each other entertained
buring boring family gatherings

29 June 2008

Photobucket Photobucket
its days like this that i really feel as if things that were going so well just faded away. its like all the sudden the sunshine and rainbow melted away. damn i need coke right now. for once i really wished i was alone. why do i have to get stuck with all these desperate stalkers. that go around stalking and bugging me. for goodness sake a a life people. what the hell is wrong with me. first of all you do not call me yours when i ain't yours in the first place. and you don't go around calling people your territory. no one belongs to anyone. no one owns anyone. what is wrong with the world today. dont you people understand it when i say "NO" or do i have to walk up to you slap you in the face and tell you to "GO AWAY". and adding vulgar words dont make you any better than the rest. in fact it makes you sink deeper than those hobos on the street. damn i need lollipop. and when it all comes to it you people over react and that's where all your true colors show. and those mask you people wear facing me day in day out come off. and the truth comes clear. that all of you either plans to just tear me apart when you're done with me or use me. so i say save all your "i miss you" "i need you" "i love you" stuff for someone who's follish enough to go that way. and let you seemingly sweep them off their feet. and take them on a fake ride to fairytale land. and when it's over you slash their skins. cut them open. rip their heart out. and leave them bleeding in the dark. and go on for your next victim. i am not some cheap bargain sale toy on the 90% OFF shelf. where you can just throw in a dollar and call me yours. what do you take me for. and i ain't one os those stupid girls who actually believe in every single word you people throw at me. every sweetness that exits your mouth. means nothing at all. cause i know taht one thing's for sure, it's all a scam. oh. call me all you want. whatever you want. it doesn't bother me anymore. really. you all might think it'll make you seem macho and make me burst out in tears. you people underestimate me. a lot. i far more capable of taking care of myself. and it's just the simple fact that i am not those that go around shopping malls to just look at guys. that's disgusting. girls like that have no more dignity in them. girls like that have lost all common sense in them. what's so nice about guys. they're just a bunch of brainless monkeys. most of them anyway. is it now a must to have every girl you meet and have her yours. is it now a must to force her to love you back. is it now a must. damn i need coke. my head hurts right now. and i feel real irritated. and i feel real frustrated. i feel like shit. maybe if you peopl do make it to the end of the post. give yourself a pat in the back. i'd give you a cookie but i'm really not in the mood. you people go around screaming in all kinds of words and suddenly you stop and realize what you have done. sorry doesn't cure anything. sorry doesn't remove the hurt. sorry doesn't delete the pain. sorry doesn't erase the sting. sorry doesn't do anything to make things any better. damn i need ice cream. damn i need to cool down. damn.
lawls....im a bit off already
here's a cookie!!!


okay....we have cupcakessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! real sweet oneeesssssss =3

woooooo......my cupcakeeeeeee.....xD ahhhh the sweet-neessss

Photo with WeiJun......lol....T^T haven't taken off my makeup yet...

WeiJun and Arati.....*ehemmmmmm* no comments...xD

Crazy people taking picture with flower...smiling like sakaii....xD

*cough* *cough* WeiJun posing in the air-cond room

Fan girls at the back ground giggling.....lawls....i making stuff up...damn rachel stop crapping

i stole a MILO...xD and everyone started taking....i'm innocent~ lalala

Havoc back stage...all the cameras are UP....
Michie and I...behind the curtains....waiting for act2 to start
Mr.Persian.....xD i like the hat....in a way...but not the person wearing it =X
pretty...little....chandelier....[ it IS little....]
damn!!!! chandelier fought back!!!! *gasps* [i'm being lame]
Mun-Mun and I....running around...standing aimlessly on the stage


MeiYeen got pretty hair yesterday night.....xD

ehem...done by same artist

Three gorgeous masquerades......xD *ehemmmmmmm*

More gorgeous masquerades.....

i have NO IDEA wth is this......

Madame Giry....^^

YinPink and i....bored to death...standing...posing.....behind the curtains...

Me and Suba.....face it the lighting on stage sucks...T^T

Me and Shalini....P.S. her dress is GREEEN

Me and SuetMin.....PA girl...running around making sure things works

Lydia and I....smiling standing....ahhhhh...what else can we do?!?!

Jocelyn and I.....i like this one the best....^^ cuz it turned out so niceee

Carlotta [bowieee] and I.....lol...can barely see her eyes through those

LONG lashes

Christine [weijean] and i......wakakakakaka.....stupid lighting...



Letter....from...erm....*bangs head on table*

WeiJun pops out from the curtains....xD *pop* LOL

Another letter....from...erm...*bang* *bang* *bang* ouch~~

see see....nice nehh my hair.....two BIG flowers at the back...

...And one at the side......awesome right~!!!

my eye....this is my fav of all three days....=)
Shalini's hair was just awesome.....xD
In the bilik pengurusan diri...
Once again.....
The backstage crew.....
See...the table......alll that pinnnnnnnnn
waiting. dying to see how the hair turns out....=3
And the people outside...laughing at the people inside
The artist and the art....xD

Make up section....
okay....now i talk...
yesterday was just awesome....
the pictures are a bit disorganized
but i spent too long uploading all of it here
not all
i took about 100++ shots yesterday....these are just a few..
and there are plenty more with OTHER PEOPLE
so it's kinda sad that POTO's over
cuz this means...
1. i have to get back to class
2. i have to ctach up on homework
3. i have to SIT THROUGH class
4. i have to get bored by teachers again
damn....this sucks...
a big...
to all my friends
and everyone else i know
and dont know
who came to watch POTO
and well...that's about it...
i bathed in
and something else...
i think...
then washed my hair at the tap
got my shoe wet...
but had a hell lot of fun....
why does it have to be OVER!!!!!
so today...i break record
for writing the shortest post EVER [in my blog]
p.s. click the picture to the actual size if u wanna curi...
i know u do....xD