29 June 2008

** Twenty Three **

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its days like this that i really feel as if things that were going so well just faded away. its like all the sudden the sunshine and rainbow melted away. damn i need coke right now. for once i really wished i was alone. why do i have to get stuck with all these desperate stalkers. that go around stalking and bugging me. for goodness sake a a life people. what the hell is wrong with me. first of all you do not call me yours when i ain't yours in the first place. and you don't go around calling people your territory. no one belongs to anyone. no one owns anyone. what is wrong with the world today. dont you people understand it when i say "NO" or do i have to walk up to you slap you in the face and tell you to "GO AWAY". and adding vulgar words dont make you any better than the rest. in fact it makes you sink deeper than those hobos on the street. damn i need lollipop. and when it all comes to it you people over react and that's where all your true colors show. and those mask you people wear facing me day in day out come off. and the truth comes clear. that all of you either plans to just tear me apart when you're done with me or use me. so i say save all your "i miss you" "i need you" "i love you" stuff for someone who's follish enough to go that way. and let you seemingly sweep them off their feet. and take them on a fake ride to fairytale land. and when it's over you slash their skins. cut them open. rip their heart out. and leave them bleeding in the dark. and go on for your next victim. i am not some cheap bargain sale toy on the 90% OFF shelf. where you can just throw in a dollar and call me yours. what do you take me for. and i ain't one os those stupid girls who actually believe in every single word you people throw at me. every sweetness that exits your mouth. means nothing at all. cause i know taht one thing's for sure, it's all a scam. oh. call me all you want. whatever you want. it doesn't bother me anymore. really. you all might think it'll make you seem macho and make me burst out in tears. you people underestimate me. a lot. i far more capable of taking care of myself. and it's just the simple fact that i am not those that go around shopping malls to just look at guys. that's disgusting. girls like that have no more dignity in them. girls like that have lost all common sense in them. what's so nice about guys. they're just a bunch of brainless monkeys. most of them anyway. is it now a must to have every girl you meet and have her yours. is it now a must to force her to love you back. is it now a must. damn i need coke. my head hurts right now. and i feel real irritated. and i feel real frustrated. i feel like shit. maybe if you peopl do make it to the end of the post. give yourself a pat in the back. i'd give you a cookie but i'm really not in the mood. you people go around screaming in all kinds of words and suddenly you stop and realize what you have done. sorry doesn't cure anything. sorry doesn't remove the hurt. sorry doesn't delete the pain. sorry doesn't erase the sting. sorry doesn't do anything to make things any better. damn i need ice cream. damn i need to cool down. damn.
lawls....im a bit off already
here's a cookie!!!

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