14 June 2008

** Fourteen **

WOAH!!!! IM BACK!!!!!!!
after long suffering without my modem!!!
heh...well...today...maybe there was a certain bit of regret in me...
duh we didn't win e-PPDa
duh i was bored to death
duh duh duh~!!!!!
out of boredom we became stalkers...xD
part-time stalkers
first we were following Neer's friend around
trying to take his photo
secretly of course...xD
i tell you...we go there climb up climb down
give water here give water there
go collect food go distribute food
that's all we were doing
waste my time....
then we went to the hall to give the food
and Ramya spotted "the fella"
or was it Neer...
whoever la....
started la their counting again...
im sorry...im being such a girl today...T^T
he does look a bit like the "green conductor"
just a bit taller...and a bit darker...xD
aiyo....the staring and smiling...
need i say more...?!?!
long story short...ima chicken
Ramya and Neer did bug me to talk to "the fella"
my feet wouldnt move
and even if i got there
my mouth wouldn't open
my voice wouldn't come out
yeah...that's how suckish i am at this...
im not a person who walks up to someone and strikes a conversation
i dont even talk that much at times
but at times i talk like nobody's buisness
in this case
i dont talk
and when i finally had the courage to talk to "the fella"
"the fella" dunno go where
ahhhh...forget it laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i'll go find a better looking one...xD
well, if it makes you people feel any better
i am now the "proud" owner of two dressses
don't say its not a big deal
IT IS!!!!
cuz my entire closet's full of pants and shirts
that are just WAY TOO OVERSIZED for me
which is the way i like it
yeah...i do dress like a boy
most of the time...
i find it less time consuming...hehehehe
i can just throw on a pair of jeans and an oversized shirt
and i'm good to go
i put on a shirt and then have to decide what matches the shirt
and then decide whether to put on jewelry
and then decided what shoe to wear
and if that doesn't work out
i start back at square one
and that's not counting the amount of time to put one makeup
all that trouble for nothing...
i wouldn't wear something i feel wrapped up in
i wouldn't wear something i had to worry about 24 7
i wouldn't wear something that makes breathing hard
i wouldn't
i realize my post were preeetttyyyy looooooooooooooong
especially when i was blogging with my phone
i didn't know 5000characters go THAT long
i have much to say...
seriously...everyday i get up
and i'm like....damn its another day
and then by the end of the day
i'll be like...WTF did i do today...NOTHING
bottom line is....what the hell am i doing with my life!!!!!
i'm living it
as if it's just as awaiting the Reaper to come
snatch the living breath out of me
go pessimist!!!!!!
surprise surprise...
i leave and the spammers dont spam anymmore...
i should leave more often
well, thanks guys...for erm...
i don't know for what...
just thanks!!! ^^
that bloody stinking blueberry of a byotch
i stop...=X
my day has been exhausting
i missed music class
teacher's gonna kill me for that...
im tired...X_X

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