21 October 2012

I can't remember when was the last time I blogged. Probably nobody checks anymore. But hey, I blog for myself. XD

I've been through almost an entire semester of animation in lasalle. Honestly speaking, I signed up for it so I am not complaining. Bout the late nights. Bout the countless assignments. Bout the stress and strain I go through. Bout being tired half the time. I signed up for it. Those aside, I feel like I learnt a lot from these few months of the course. Especially of how long 30s of an animation is. Trust me, it's longer than you expect. I figured I grew patient with a lot of things. And being the perfectionist I am comes in handy.
I like how a one second walk takes forever to finish when you're the one doing it. Madness.

For every character you make and animate, it sucks a little life out of you as an animator and that little life is the life you give to your character.

Still wished I had proper nights of sleep and food once in a while. XD

I don't blame lasalle for piling up work on me to a point I have hardly any time at all to skate. Often at times, I feel so stressed out bout all of it that I just want to skate but I can't cuz I have to finish my work. Nonetheless this fact annoys me a lot. I love the sport. I want to be able to invest my time and effort into it and improve. It's crazy how it's been months and I feel like I hardly improved. Actually it feels like I didn't progress from the time I stepped foot in Singapore.

I want to improve.

I realize moving on isn't the easiest thing to do. Mayb it's the certain attachment you have to someone after spending a long enough period of tine with them. But I decided it wasn't worth it if my efforts were just going to be flushed down into the drain anyway. Might as well let it go. Even if it seemed like the hardest thing to do.

People walk in and out of our lives all the time.

Yes. I am blogging in the train like a boss. XD

I'll give a proper full update when I have the time. :)


p.s. When you spend enough time with someone you'd find the little flaws in them that sometimes annoy you enough to drive you up the wall. Then you'd just take a deep breath and bear with it cuz you know you aren't perfect either. :)