30 September 2008

pictures pictures...gosh...
for that im getting so pissed about it...

i give up laaaa...
photobucket wont let me upload
blogger wont let me upload...

what's there today...

nothing much...

i starting to hate my computer...
it sucks to the max
i hate my internet connection
it's so freaking slow....
great im complaining again...


My Drug . by ~Scribbles-PoTaTo on deviantART
owh well...
i tried...xD
for the first time in my life i filled the entire paper..

took so freaking long to get the proportions right...


ok nothing else...
im bored...internet sucks...
exams coming...

29 September 2008

woots...two entire days of ACGC
sadly my computer hasnt got enough space for all the 400++ pictures i snapped
and i'm left with a boring old post with lots of words in it...
well the first day was a drag
technically there wasnt anything to see
just game posters n goodie bags to collect
i want the panda
bought kiDChan's muted colours...xD finally
spend the whole night gazing at every page of that awesome art book
well...then i made a few friends there as well
they know me but i dont know them actually...

well...slowly have to figure out how to upload all the pictures...
owh owh....my bought my "L" figurine...xD gyahhhh
yeah i spend the whole night snapping pictures of it
so adorable...
damn i forgot to bring muted colours for kiDChan to sign...
second day wasnt that bad...
at least there were some cosplayers there
someone came and asked ME if i was cosplaying as well..WTF?!
with a dslr and a casual clothing...
lawls...what kinda cosplay is that?!?!
i told her no
and she ended up taking pictures with me for no utter reason anyway...


damn i spent the whole day uploading the pictures...
and the freaking thing is sooooooooooooo slowwww...
damn of all things
when i want it to function faster it never functions

well...i finally got them up anyway...
ahh...whole day just for the pictures...



ok chill rachel chill...

22 September 2008

ok...i decided to do this...
to diverge from my normal complaining and screaming posts
of how much my life sucks...xD

66 facts you never knew about me
[[ i think ]]

66. i throw my phone on the floor. even if i could just bend down n put it gently.
65. i talk to my dog the most. and he understands.
64. i'm addicted to Japanese food.
63. i gulp down an average of 5-4 bottles of coke per week now.
62. i have two pairs of school shoes. each worn for half the school year. never washed.
61. i strive to be a perfectionist. everything i do has to be perfect.
60. i sleep with the night light on.
59. i enjoy the company of stuffed animals and adorable plushies.
58. i still have my small pillow i had since i was a baby. it's 16 years old this year too!!!
57. my room is never tidy. even after i've tidied it.
56. i have a slight fear of heights. SLIGHT.
55. i like lizards and insects and snakes.
54. i used to want to be an archaeologist. study Egypt and stuff.
53. my pointer on my right hand is twisted in a way.
52. my second toe is the longest.
51. i'm ball footed so every time i stand, my feet kinda looks dislocated in a way.
50. i wished i was a better person.
49. i cant exactly play the guitar. it's called self-learning.
48. i dont see the difference between being in a relationship and not.
47. i had my first crush when i was standard6.
46. it lasted for 4years and counting.
45. i kissed a girl. once. twice. more than that i think.
44. i sms in the shower.
43. i'd listen to my mp3 in the shower.
42. i can play "batu seremban" with my left and right hand.
41. i killed my pet hamster last year cuz i never fed it.
40. i like burnt cheese.
39. i never dream. not anymore at least.
38. i never study for exams.
37. i wear size 5 shoes. but like to buy them a size bigger.
36. i wished i never had breast.
35. i wished i wasnt a girl.
34. i'm in a dance team. thats tearing apart.
33. i will never pick up calls.
32. i dont like to talk.
31. it's hard for me to forget. i have long term memory.
30. i like the rain.
29. i dream to change my phone number to 016-6666666.
28. my attempts to commit suicide never happen cuz i cannot apply enough pressure towards the blade on my skin.
27. i wanna get bitten by a leech.
26. i wish i could see how fortunate i am.
25. i'm bucked tooth cuz i used to suck my thumb.
24. i don't cry when watching sad movies.
23. i'm a sadist.
22. i'm going through an identity crisis.
21. i lost my best friend when i was 5.
20. i found another and lost her when i was 9.
19. my three primary colours are black. white. red.
18. i like to watch the sunset.
17. i must have my french fries with ice cream.
16. i dont eat when i go out. unless im really hungry.
15. i dont care how i dress.
14. my vain level is very low.
13. i'm temperamental.
12. i'm too nice to say no.
11. i eat insects.

10. i caught a frog. tortured it. and let it go.
9. sang a song. made it rain. and fell sick.
8. made a lie. got caught. and paid the price.
7. fell in love. seriously. and end up crying myself to sleep.
6. been paranoid. in the dark. and slept with lights on.
5. wore different socks. didn't realize. until i came home at the end of the day.
4. tired to be a girl. wore a dress. and returned to my over-sized clothes.
3. wore makeup. tried hairspray. and took them off immediately.
2. ate candy. lots of it. and got sick the next day.
1. i keep a secret. and lock it up. it's safe with me.

0. i have my own servant to tie my shoelace.

ok..the last one was pure crapation...xD
wow...i actually finish this
* pats self*


"wait." he held her wrist. she wouldn't turn.
"please." he begged. she wouldn't turn.
"i...." he spoke. she wouldn't even look.
he tugged her arm. made her turn.
no more did he see. but what was clear to him. her face painted in sadness. maybe it was the rain drops that were trickling down her cheeks. maybe not. she forced a smile. and breathed.
"i...." he couldn't find the words. his tongue, caught up in the mist of everything he wanted to say. tangled up in his thoughts.

he just held her hands. not knowing how to form his sentences. not knowing what to do.

"i..." he breathed again. thinking he might just have enough courage to tell her.
their eyes met. her hair soaked in the rain. standing on the puddle, lifelessly staring at him. hoping to hear something she wanted.

"it would be a lie..." he finally started. "if..." he paused. hesitating if or not to say those words.
"if i told you i never liked you." he glanced at her. "if i never loved you."

maybe it was the rain getting heavier cuz the drops were getting bigger. he stared at her. he feels the pain, the agony. how shattered. fragile. it's in her eyes.

"but...." he braced himself.

she couldn't take it no more. "say it already! say you're giving up on me! say youwant her better than me! say you need her more than you need me!" in tears she cried.

he stood apart. silenced.

she burst out in the rain. "say it already! i know what you want to say! just say it and i'll go!! i'll leave you and all our memories along!! i leave everything behind! i'll act as if i never knew you!!" she was sobbing. "just.....say...it....."

he held her. wipping her tears, he whispered into her ear. "good....bye..." with that, he turned away. not looking back, he walked away in the rain.

she, now on her knees, watching him disappear. letting him slip away.

to be in the arms of the one he loves more.
sadly it's not her.


why am i doing this to myself...

*slaps self*

21 September 2008

why is it that whenever im around her i cannot talk.
why is it whenever she's around i just find it so hard to be me.
why is it that whenever she's around i feel restrained.
i hate her
for doing this to me

tho shall not label me

but just for today you may


"My dear, are you-" her voice trailed off.
My arms. i could feel them move. i know they were moving. in front of me. but where are they?!
"Dear, are you-" she repeated herself.
"WHAT'S WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i exploded. i needed to know.
i heard her sigh. i heard the rustles. i heard everything move. from the people outside, the beeping of the machines, the ringing to the bells and cellphones, the clink of the heels.
the moment of silent was unbearable. answer. please.
"You're..." there was a certain regret in her tone. i'd get over where ever she was and stranggled her. if only i knew where she was.

if only i knew.


i feel so weak. so useless. so lifeless.
everything. is different.

"Arrrghhhhhhhh!" i slammed my fists on whatever it was. the glass fell. shattered. like how i was.
"Please, dear, take it easy."
i turned to the voice and screamed. "Take it easy?!?! You want ME to take it easy?!?!" i laughed. "NO I WONT!!!!"

this is all wrong. this is all so different. this change. make it go away. i want my old life back. the one i use to love and hate all together. i want it back.

her hands were on my shoulders. i shoved it away. no one. no one should touch me, see me, listen to me. no one had. everyone had to wait until something like this changed. then they see me. why?!?!?!?!
"We'll get through this." she paused. "Together."

in my mind, i aimed for her face. shot way too high and slapped her head instead. but i was happy. i hit her.
"Together?!?! What together?!?!" my arms were in the air. "you're not the one in pain. you're not the one here. you're not the one that's lost everything. you're not the one!!!!!!!" i poked her. "Don't try to think you know what it's like to be in my shoes." i walked away. not knowing where but i just did. my arms spread up front just in case.

"dear....." faintly.

"NO!!!! SHUT UP!!!! I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING!!! NOTHING!!!!!" i feel on my knees. i couldn't feel myself anymore. i can no longer be who i am. even if i didnt want to change, i'd have to. i was crying. but i couldn't feel my tears trickle down my cheeks. i couldn't feel them swell my eyes. i am in the dark.

i held my face. the bandage still covered them. but i know i can never open them. never. i can no longer move. i froze. what am i gonna do now?!

my life is over.
everything is loss.

i hate the world.
and now
i no longer have to see you, world.
cuz you made me blind.


damn i hate my life....

19 September 2008

gosh...4 hours in fornt of the computer...
fussing over my bloody skin...
lets see how many people actually complain about this one...
the one before the last was TOO GREEN...
the one before was making a few dizzy...
so i changed it!!!! xD

i spent my whole day out of class...
joining the form 2's in their ceramah moral...
trust me it's not as boring as it sounds
i kinda had fun actually...
but i missed add maths
which is NOT GOOD
but the whole thing was practically about some sahsiah crap...
about who we are...
and how fortunate we are...
and all that stuff...
i was like mindlessly taking..snaping pictures...
i dont even know what i snapped...
but i snapped 100++ pictures...ahh crap..
forgot to burn the cd...
mana cd tuuuu...


ok here's the crappy part...
Mchelle n I was like crapping today in the canteen
with Suba and Melanie

i am Dr.KongYeeRou
and i have discover a new disease called
dont worry about the spelling...
as long as it sounds the same
you will have marks for your bio when it comes out...
see 1 mark bonus for you...

it's not a typo of the word asthma
definition: a disease that gives the patient's ass unwilling to the patient's ma
so technically if you have it
you got no ass

i have several cured patients
like RITA
and there are several in school
wearing our prototype ass-chair
some didnt follow my instructions not to put
the older ones in water
so they shirveled up
not my fault

but there's a very irritating patient i found out today
she has ASSMA
she is under denial of it
we want to help...
but she ran...

someone see her...
help me CATCH her for me...xD

lame kong lame...

18 September 2008

WOOTS!!!! completed bm 2nd lisan today!!!!
gosh...what a drag...
still have one more year of lisan to do...
damn it...

my tummy hurts from excessive laughing today
serious excessive
but that's how it is in 4sc1 really...xD

ok i have random people adding me on msn...
which is more or less a problem in a way...
i think i dont even know half the people in my contact list

darn...i got loads of homework to catch up on...
no time to blog...xD

16 September 2008

fuhhh...i just stayed up finishing my sister's blog...xD
and my mother is crapping again
being all paranoid and stuff
she should just be......um......
people say SCHOOL WORK
understand school work
process the data
file into folder
that's all!!!!!
do you know what happens when u have TOO MANY folders?
you get so fucking confused
you wont know whats what
so when i say "school work"
that's the end
end of the line
full stop
no comma koma all
you want so much details fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you wants i give you
The microscopic dust on the book?
Which finger i use to type?
Which letter i press the most?
What font i using?
How many time's i breathed?
according to her....she has the right
i say...she's being paranoid
i wonder what's gonna happen when i start bringing guys over to my house
i find it ridiculous
know why i'm not bothered to really get to know guys?!?!?!
cuz everytime i decide to tell my mum about them
she's ask all kinds of Questions i find real idiotic
i mean like....
age, birthday, sex[jus in case], name, siblings, school
yeah these are normal...
but address?!?!
i can tell you i dont know michells's add, esther's add, amanda's add, mun-mun's add, cecilia's add, andrianna's add
actually the only add i know is

i dont understand....
tsk tsk...
i really...
zen zen wakaranaii...

i know better than to fight fire with fire when it comes to my mum but dont tell me you expect me to be lil miss sunshine when she's screamin her lungs out at me for no apparent reasons sometimes and when i want to defend myself she assumes i'm shouting back at her well under the circumstances who wouldnt she assumes many things that i do thats right very wrong she wants me to communicate to her like i do to my friends i do that and she thinks im being rude yeah i know im rude but not to the extreme extent hell i just asked why the hell does she want so much details and she answers dont talk to me about hell What the F**K is the connection?!?!

and there are times she's in that purky mood reminds me so much of all the bitchy cheerleaders in my school im not calling her bitchy im calling the cheerleaders in my school bitchy somehow i cant stand people being too happy its just weird its like its so extremely fake to be so extremely happy yeah with those fake smiles plastered on their faces ahhh heck cares what they are i just hate happy people sometimes no all the time

maybe i feel like such a failure for a reason. i mean it's not like i'm doing anything to make my parents point and say "ayyeee...thats my daugther you knowww..."
yeah maybe that'll happen with my sister. cuz really...all i do right nowis wreak havoc into this family of mine. and even as i try it aint gonna help. my mother just lectured me again. and yes i answered rudely . but you have to understand MY side of the story. cuz most of the time no one hears my side. they hear her's and assume it's the right one.

so i'm staying finishing up my stuff. i wonder how many people in this world hate that word. STUFF. it's like undefine in math. infinite in add math. unknown. yes i am angry at my mum right now. i'd type out all her smses she sent me. from the first one itself she's screaming through sms. next time dont bring your phone with you rachel...ahh..wait...no...den she'll have to come down which is even worst. yeah. Umi...i beg of you not to come and tell me how great and how much you adore my mum. i dont give a damn ok??!! you want to take my place in this family go ahead. no one's stopping you. cuz right now everyday seems to go on forever and ever and i know i dont belong here.

yeah. i pay a hefty price of being different. what my parents want. is something i truely cannot be. i like myself just the way i am. shouldn't they too??!! that is if they still want to call me their daughter. if not then that's fine really. this world is too small for one Rachel anyway.

people forget. people make mistakes. so why does my mum make a BIG WHOOP about one tiny mistake. its not like i did it on purpose. and i got myself into this mess i'm getting myself out. i didnt ask for help or anything. i dont understand why you have to come. be angry. you want to patch up this bridge we have and yet you dont even realize that the only thing you're doing is making it harder and harder to reach out. i know when you're angry and i run for cover. but when i'm angry, you come and rub salt into the wound. why?!

i need to thank her. to whoever that wrote me the letter today. thank you. yeah. maybe i took it as extreme oddness at first. but right now. that strangeness is gone. and maybe after you read this you wont be writing anymore. but really...thank you for that letter. right now...it really made my day...

it is crying
the one so silent, flowed like rain
no more
this is a photograph of me

and i
have fallen far from grace

14 September 2008

i had my funny haircut today
fellow classmates...prepare to be stunned
by the awesomeness of my awesome hair
syok sendiri...

a short one from me today
cuz i got to get started on my sister's blog
lets make it...

damn im crapping a lot today
gosh...bm 2nd lisan...
ahh this suck
why does the kerajaan have to do this stupid thing

12 September 2008

so i started my day tired and sleepy
as usual...duhhh...what else could possibly be?!?!
so i didnt realize i forgot my add math textbook along with all my exercise books til after recess...
stupid me...
i find myself forgetting my addmath textbook most of the fridays
why ar??

ahhhh...the lady in charge of the school museum finally came
and there's a moment of awkwardness
a lot of it actually...xD
so practically
she belanja us canteen food...
. . .
of all things to belanja you belanja canteen food...
i oso can afford laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
*slaps self*
ppl give just smile and sya thank you...
great...why did i have to choose to do the database...
damn some people have really bad handwriting...
i can barely make out some of the words man
so now i plead all you readers...
if your friends find your handwriting hard to read
it's high time to improve...
pity those filling in databases and stuff
and when they look at the form you filled up
they spend precious seconds trying to figure out that word
upon the piles of forms they have to key in bit by bit
damn these people...
writing with marker summore...lawls...
some i cant even make out "jalan limau Ma_ _ _"
dunno what the crap they write oso
and when it's wrong
who gets the blame??
so today i just found out about Microsoft Access
WOW right...ketinggalan much
so i had to figure how to work the damn thing
face it...i not the kinda person that goes through Microsoft programmes...
so i've got loads of forms to key in information one by one
ok so this thing is really bothering me. of how people in SMk go around admiring other. i mean it's ok if you admire someone worth admiring. why would you go around admiring someone who's like rude, and doesnt do homework, sucks at studies, inactive at cocurricular, doesnt follow school rules and much more other crap....xD...and one more thing. it's realy scary [for me] when you sneak around and stuff. it's weird. i can feel people staring you know. and when you stare i know. well, i dont mind the random running up to me and saying "HI". cuz i'll smile back and say "HI". though i dont know who you are...xD at least i dont ignore you.

and one more thing. please. please. please. can you not stalk me?!?! it's very um...disturbing. and worst comes to worst. please dont pinch my cheeks!!!!!!! hurt la. and when you're suppose to be doing something dont la stare at me....i....i...very...ahhh....very weird laaaaaa

last but not least...i've said this before and i'll say this again. i'm not bi. i'm not less. i'm just normal. immature. human being. omeemo. so please i beg of you people. stop aksing if im coupling with Michelle or Mun-Mun or whatever it is you people might just think of. your thoughts end here. and here it ends!!!

i'm going brain dead soon
lotsa HW not done
lol...later la...xD
aiyo...its not like im dying to do it....
i dont understand. why teacher's seem to give more credibility to smarter student
you know who you are
those scoring impossible scores on impossible subjects
so what about them?!
they born with a higher IQ...so what?!?!?!
i dont get it why the teachers love these students so much
it's not that we're not studying enough
it's just nothing goes into our brain
and even if you use that super memory thing
i mean
how many can you actually put in?!?!
there's still a limited space in the brain to store this
unless you can erase everything like SpongeBob
delete everything but fine dining and breathing
so i strugggle and strive to do my best
and it's not that i dont want to study
i do
i have the semangat to study
but it's just it's not gonna get locked in my brain
why should i??!!
i'm not exactly miss do-it-all
but i do try to do it all
i like to think i can
though i know i cant
somehow i like to see what i can do
pushing myself to the brim isn't really that hard
at times i really do go all out for somethings
at time i'm not bothered at all
ok final part
the hope for a revolution
ways and means to try and stop
link below...join in a support...
lend a helping hand
start a new faith for

10 September 2008

i wonder how many times have i typed ** Fifty Nine ** but haven't posted a thing
so i've been pating all my "a" all through my edditing
and my posting of this
and my forum writing
ahh live and let live...
in the recent events of severalpeople "complaining" my blog's too green
i changed my skin
not so green now...
but still green...LOL
sometimes i get real sick of my mum pestering me
duh...who doesn...
just to stay back for HueiCwin's birthday
i had to answer the following:-
-who's going
-who's birthday
-didn't she celebrate it already
-what time
she even had asked me carry my bag to SM
which i find really stupid
i mean like...
does she not realize how heavy my bag is lately??
really..i get sick and tired of her mindless asking
celebrate birthday celebrate laaaa
what more you want to know
たんじょび おめでと HUEICWIN!
i find myself rolling my eyes at almost everything
cuz my life seems to get lamer and lamer by the second
yeah and so am i
i was utterly lame today
that i admit
the other occassional eye rolling would
come from my sister's kaki bodek crap
when mum goes "nice or not?"
you're just supposed to answer "yeah."
but MY SISTER goes "no, it's not good...it's AWESOME"
i watch sisters in St Mary
i jaga u
u jaga me
believe me
she comes here
she's on her own
i dont care if she fell or what
you fall you pick yourself up
you bleed go bandage yourself
i know how much my mother wants me to be like her
and most of the time i feel as if i'm the younger sibling rather than the oldest
so what if i havent matured
i dont really plan to
it's the whole fucking problem of growing up
and getting problems
and going to work
and whatever crap it is

damn it...
why does he have to scream at me

is it wrong for me to blog??

04 September 2008

im getting real sick and real tired of the same old line everytime someone walks up to me. "Oh sorry i though you were Michelle." and "Eh? Where's Michelle ar?" and occasionally sometimes everytime "You like Michelle. Draw. Draw. Draw."
if i want to be like Michelle i'd change my name to Clone13 aka Michelle Lim. or whatever loser name you people can come up with. and i have people come up to me asking me the stupidest thing ever. "You and Michelle couple ar. Everytime see you two together wan." HELLLLOOOO PEOPLE. has it ever occur to you that there are such things as friends?? and over and over again i have to say "NO" to something that doesn't even make any sense to me. why in the world do i want to "couple" with Michelle in the first place?? second of all, i'm not a lesbian. i don't see the point of all this really. i just realized today how many people actually said that to me. here's a fact. i am not Michelle. i don't want to be her. i am RachelKongYeeRou. and somehow i hate it how the world that revolves around me seem to be revolving and colliding wit someone elses. some mistaken confused identity i'm going through. i'm not her. i'm ME.

Another thing i hate alot is how people tend to bother me when i don't want to be bothered. How they tend to say things i never wanted to hear and wished i didn't. How they tend to blurt out nonsense. How they all tend to waste my time. No i'm not emo-ing at de moment. Seriously there are not many of those moments that i want to talk bout. Somethings are better unsaid. I find myself feeling like the younger sibling although i'm the oldest. I find myself wondering. I find myself feeling slightly stupid. Not that i'm not. I feel so very stupid actually. Watching everyone around me doing something with their life. Having something to make life worth living for. And WTF have i got to make my life worth while?! Mun-Mun has her cosplay. Esther has her dance and cheer. Michelle has her art. Joshua has his music. Technically. I don't really have anything to live for and even if i die tonight. It wouldn matter much. I like to hitch in and help. Cut the mounting board. Cut the printings. Buy the stuff. Run out of glue. Spend sleepless night cutting and pasting. Taping the pin. Passing badges out. Designing badges. And other stupid things i'd do for all my friends. I like to help. But somehow i find people not seeing what i'm actually capable of doing. Yeah. I'm a quiet fella. Sometimes. I don't do much. But when i'm given something to do i complete it no matter what. Well. That excludes homework. And sometimes efforts get flushed down the drain. I'm getting sick of spending hours sitting down. Thinking of a design. And when i'm done at least there's a word of thank you. But. How dare you use my designs and when people give praise and you go and say "Of course la...who do one...*points at self*" in front of me. And you dare do that!! That's when i feel really pissed but because ur my friend i do not say anything. It's when i look away breath and calm down. Really. How self-obsessed are you?! To take credit for something you didn't even do. For something you didn't spend hours staring at a blank piece of paper. When you didn't even crack your brain to get it out. Do you really find pride in talking credit for something you didn't do!? Personally i feel used. Unappreciated. It's not really a matter of whether i get de credit or not actually. It jus bugs me that people thing you're the one that's oh so creative and oh so great in designing. It bugs me!!!


i'm so sick of everything right now

so hot
yet so cold

i cant faint
the way i did before
dont turn your back on me
i wont be ignored
ahhh first day as school photographer
still taking time to get used to taking pictures and stuff
feels a bit awkward running about in front of everyone
even i dont know what im snapping actually
just simply snap here snap there
but somehow
it's FUN

so this morning
our candidates for head girl had their 3 minutes of "undivied" attention

of long long speeches
and utter blurness
basically i didnt know what i was supposed to do
duh...i said that already
Joann move so much
so hard to take
not enuf time lehh...=X
LOL...i doubt im supposed to take pictures
and put them in my blog
am i allowed to??

so after that
we went back to class
study study study

after recess we had some talk on memory thingy
some way to enhance our memory
something la
all in all
i have to admit the talk was everything but boring
but most of the things he said
i already know
MissGoh keeps telling us the damn thing
but all in all he made the entire event
absolutely fun
yeh i went around simply snapping again
not like i knew exactly what i was supposed to do
i end my day
i'm actually very afraid of MissWong at times
lol...i dont know why...
i just am

and now i very tired
very happy
waiting for dance class


01 September 2008

im getting sick of my life
its like E M P T Y

yes my blog is VERY GREEN
then again...i like green
so im back from johor

bored to death there
listening to my grandmother yack at me
listening to her mindless talking
i do not understand

met up with stupid cousins
aunties and uncles
bla bla blah
i hate trips back to johor
its bad enuf i'll be bored to death
and i still have to deal with my cousins
gosh my life sucks

so my homework hasnt been completed
not one
do i look like i care?!?!?!

JT: i can try if you are willing to teach...cant i just not do...since it's like...the rest of you can do it...i'll just be one stupid there...xD

GTH: nehhhhhh....i got school you know...and extracurricular and carp...not to mention tuition...how u want me to do?!?!?!?!

ahh....tomorrow's school again...
what a life...