26 June 2009

it kinda sad that michael jackson breathed his last breath today. personally i think the whole world is watchign his videos, listening to his songs, getting to know this lost legend. come to think of it. i grew up with his songs. yeah, there were a few down points of michael jackson. if only things were different. maybe he wouldn't have to leave today. then again, for those who made picket signs against him, this would probably the day they'd been waiting for. and now they can sit at home, rejoice all together,and have some beer while watching the world sob over his death, laughing at the fools who do.
the news of his death hit the world by storm. not to mention my school. the first sight of someone you know and the words that pop out of those lips of yours would be, "Michael Jackson died!" and they's probably say, "Yeah, i know." so, everyones moaping bout his death. the lost of the man who did a way better moonwalk than neil armstrong could ever do. the man who sang of healing the world. and not forgetting the man who contributed to the invention of the drink we have, specially named after him. i have never tasted it. somehow it looks weird. but heck, if he hadn't turned white, we wouldn't have that drink.
it was a waste he left us this morning. i was really looking forward to his come back concert. i don't mind what he did. not that it bothers me so. but, maybe what they say its true...

...artists get famous after they die...


if someone walks up to you and asks, "What use are the ten toes on your foot?"
and all you do is shrug and say, "I don't know. It just makes me look normal."
if one day, you had a blister on all ten toes and someone were to ask the same question
you wouldn't shrug, but say, "I need them when I walk."
if someone walks up to you and asks, "What use are the arms you have there?"
and all you do is stare at them and answer, "I am human aren't I?! Humans have a pair of arms, don't they?!"
if one day, you lose an arm, and someone asks that question
you wouldn't even take a second to answer, "To eat, write, change my clothes, bathe, tie my shoelace, tie my hair, wear my contacts, etc etc etc"

do you really need to lose something before you realize how important it really is to you?!?!

24 June 2009

we were in the physics lab. learning physics of course. well most of us were anyway. i sat at the end of the first table beside ramya and theeviyah. michelle sat on the next table at the end of that table. in the middle of class i stared at her and said, "hi lembu." she raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, "i love you?!?!" i laughed and repeated myself. then i went to theeviyah and said the same thing. "hi lembu." and she said, "alamelu?!?!?!". ramya and i burst out laughing and she just kept going on and on about "alamelu". we couldn't stop laughing to tell her what it was. and she was only making it worst. "who's alamelu?! alamelu?!?! what's alamelu?!?!" ramya and i finally calmed ourselves down and i told, "i said lembu". and theeviyah exclaimed, "ice cream lembu?!?!". there we go again. we laughed even harder.

i was talking to joanna about our exam marks or something. i said "...full marks." and theeviyah overheard and exclaimed, "kurma?!?!" so there we go again laughing our heads off.

sarritha was having a conversation with theeviyah. i wasn't there until the laughing started. so, sarritha goes, "i'd rather rape a durian." and theeviyah, gosh that name's getting common in this post, cleverly said, "oh, you're so thorny!"

ramya was extra corrupted today. ever since morning. pn. grace was going through our chemistry paper and the question was on alloys. and ramya just looked at me and said, "i need an alloy to prevent brain corrosion."

and thanks to syarifah we have a new vocabulary in Manglish. "Lipatable" derived from the word "foldable"

i don't know what was said before but syarifah said, "kentut her out of our life!" i don't know why. but it made us laugh.

lavania made a statement saying, "i'm a free thinker, i always think of freedom." and syarifah made this statement soon after saying, "i'm a free thinker, i always think of free food."

lavania was walking around class when she suddenly burst out singing, "a one, a two, a one two three four! di mana dia anak kambing saya..." then later that day, ramya was sitting beside and she burst out singing, "di mana dia, anak ah-ah-ah-ah." then she said, "anak kambing tercekik"

ramya and josephine were having a conversation in the bio lab. i was listening to pn. chieng. "and the best part is, it's (H1N1) is coming closer." and ramya raise an eyebrow saying, "the best part?!" and josephine just blurted out, "what?! i didn't say that?!" it was the same bio class when ramya asked me if i understood what she was saying and obviously i thought she was reffering to pn chieng (which she wasn't) and said, "matured folicle"

we were discussing about our layout page on the magazine and lavania suddenly said, "tengok berapa ekor?!?! bising!!" and theeviyah just had to open her big mouth and countered, "dia tak ada ekor pun!"

we were discussing about what to do for a drama competition with pn judy. and i found this mechanical pencil. it's no longer functioning cause the head is kinda cracked off. when you press it the whole head of it sticks out. so i was pressing it at syarifah's face and she grab the pencil from me. she was poking me with the pencil. syarifah said, "suck ur blood." and i blurted, "my father's gonna suck my breast." so we continued our discussion and pn judy said Pudu jail as Pudu Rail. then we were talking about the part where the robber would fall on some rocks and die. we were contemplating on how to make the rock. and pn judy just made a brilliant idea of a "death cause by a newspaper rock." then theeviyah gave an idea of making the rocks out of dough and obviously dough is made from flour. but pn judy said other wise, "the dough is supposed to be a flour?!?!" then we were talking about the chair in the living room and pn judy said, "grape the chair with clot." okay, so we decided to cover the chairs with cloth and then pn judy said, "so who's going to bring the happy cloth?!?!" and theeviyah suggested to cover the chairs with colour paper. pn judy was worried on how to make pudu jail look like pudu jail and theeviyah assured her, "the gala policeman will be standing there."

we had drama practise. and another big issue on our door. we did have thoughts on using polystyrene. then we were arguing on how to get it in the bus and i said to ramya, "we go there and stick it, not stick it and go there" and i was practically repeating myself. and pn judy just repeated what i said again. then pn judy was paranoid about dirt and stuff and told ramya to wash her hands cause she was holding the tip of my shoe. then we started goofing off and touching everyone's shoe and we laughed when i poked pn judy with my filthy finger.

23 June 2009

how do i begin to explain myself.

well, put in mind there're two sides to the story.

here's my side.


here goes

i do not deny the fact that i am short tempered. my fuse is very short and no doubt i lose my cool really quickly. that's a little down turn of who i am.
so we were deciding on what to do for our page spread on the school magazine. our original idea was already taken by Science2. not that i'm blaming Science2 for stealing our idea. so we were talking on what and how and whatever else necessary. trying to get things straight soon. the dead line's on friday. go figure.
honestly speaking i seriously got irritated with Shangeeth and Dudu playing at the back. it was bearable at first. then i just got ticked by it. they were just irregardless of the situation we were in and started pushing and playing about. here we are trying get things done and there they are playing at the background. yes. i admit. i got seriously irritated with that.

i screamed. at Dudu and Shangeeth.

shouted at them. "can the two of you stop playing and just sit down?!?!"

yes. i was harsh.

i can't remember if Shangeeth said anything. but i did say one thing that got her pissed.

i think i said, "what the fuck are you two doing?!?!"

i can't remember word for word what happened.

then Shangeeth said, "what?! it's not like we're disturbing you?!"

then i said, "we're here trying to figure out what to do for our class layout and you're there playing!!"

maybe Shangeeth said something after that. i don't know.

all i know was, Ramya and Jose telling me to shut up. then someone rubbed my back. i don't know who.

but i shut up. i backed off. before it got way out of hand.

trust me. it will. if i didn't

i don't know how Dudu took that. but Shangeeth was seriously mad, upset, pissed off and whatever other words you can put in.

i have never shouted at someone and sweared at them and actually mean it.

well, this be the first.

i have never had a fight with my friend either.

well, this be the first.

i didn't even see Shangeeth leave class. she probably stormed off. i don't blame her.

i was rude.

i was very rude.


damn it. trials are coming. and it's gonna be less than half a year before SPM comes. and guess what?!?! i'm still not studying. yes i am freaking out. and i only have like 7A for my diagnostic. which really sucks. i better do something about the sucky results. bring my A2s to A1s and my B's and C's to A1s as well.

yeah yeah rachel...

keep saying that...

and not do anything...

*slaps self* stupid girl...

21 June 2009


Happy Father's Day

To all the Daddies and Daddies to be in the world



You know we all Love YAAA!!!!!!!!!


had dinner with my dad just now. japanese food at tropicana.

tomorrow i have to get up at 6 am again.

go back to school...


20 June 2009


well jogathon wasn't so bad today. first off i didn't even attempt to run this year. not that i'd be in any shape to win a medal for myself. the whole bunch of us, Shangeeth, Syarifah, Sarah, Mariam, Lava, and I helped Pn. Thilga with her stuff so we kinda started after everyone else did. not that we would run even if we started at the same time. so we started behind Miss Goh. making noise as we always do. and then Miss Goh told us to walk more and talk less. not that we'd listen. actually we made more noise.

well i was on duty. but didn't have much to take really. cuz i was WAYYYY back. so all my pictures are of 5Sc1-nians. well we had teachers ushering us. of the two jogathons i've been to, THIS was the MOST MEMORABLE one EVER. i realize these are the moments i'm gonna miss about school. the moments that make me wish i could just go back to school. where waking up at 6a.m. is not a hastle.

we ran with Pn Chan. screaming at every circle we see. cuz our add math's project this year was on circular measure. running and taking pictures is something different than just standing and snapping them. well i finished with my legs sore. barely able to stand. and i still had to take the prize giving.

and then i had some hamper. lucky draw. xD
honestly this is the first time i've won a lucky draw.
hahahaha...pathetic right?!?!
not like i'm that lucky person...^^

tired out
i went for music class
then went back to sleep

i'll post the pictures later...
have to ask Miss WOng's permission first...^^"

17 June 2009

it is perposterous how the school send all the hundreds of us out to beg for money. it was fine. like a normal stupid donation drive thingy. not like we cared. it's our last year. oh yeah they use the money to "improve" the school and all that. heck. at least have the effort to get the prizes and hampers at your own cost. instead, you people are sitting on ur heads waiting for sponsors to get them for you. not a class has reached RM5000. so the juniors are so excited and all happy to collect money for the school. doesn't mean the seniors should.

honestly it's got NOTHING to do with my attitude. i've just made up our mind that i DON'T WANT to help the school. that i'd rather go out there and get myself the grand prize for the person who brings in the most money. because in actual fact, it cost much less to do so.

so i lack that persuasive power or whatever crap it is. asking me to collect donations feels lke begging for money. and it's not like i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE promoting and talking about the school. and just because we haven't reached our target and most of the people aren't really bothered, everyone has to donate. HAS TO. and the headmistress demanded to see everyone who hasn't contributed. probably another talk on attitude and giving back to the school after what the school has done for you.

wait a minute...

what HAS the school done for me?!?!


something Ramya & I did during physics class
i know...i'm a retard...

Jangan Percaya Ku [don't thrust me-30h!3]
dres hitam
dengan seluar dalam
ada nafas rokok akhir
dalam gigi aku
dia pelakon
tapi dia tak perlu
ada duit dari parents
dalam dana timur
selalu tekan pipi
bila lidah aku dalam gigi perempuan lain
b-beritahu bf mu
jika dia ada lembu
yang aku makan sayur dan aku tak takut kat dia

dia nak sentuh aku
dia nak cinta aku
takkan tinggalkan ku
woah oh oh
jangan percaya pelacur
jangan percaya pelacur
jangan percaya dia
sebab pelacur takkan percayaku

shush perempuan
tutup bibir
buat Hellenkeller
cakap ngan pingan
saya kata shush perempuan
tutup bibir
buat Hellenkeller
cakap ngan pingan

I love u [barney song]
aku cinta mu
mu cinta ku
kita keluarga bahagia
dengan pelukan besar
dan ciuman basah
takkan mu kata mu cintaku


time to brush up my marks
my results sucks
except for add maths
that's cuz i actually studied for it
unlike the rest ofmy papers
shouldn't have screwed up my physics paper2
cuz i lost my A1 there
should've studied a bit more for bio , sej and chemistry
could've gotten A1 for those as well
well my BM is a gonner
no comment on that

ahh i got to do my add math's project...