26 June 2008

** Twenty One **

today so syok~ ^^
our veri first perfomance of
after long hours of practise
and missing class
dealing with teachers *cough* *cough*
getting used to our heels
learning how to twirl
suffering with those extremely LONG dress
we finally performed for all to see
and i have to say
our effort paid off
MissBoey had us practise
sieriously...i was so freaking reluctant to do so
knowing MissBoey...=X
so we practised one two rounds
la da di da da
dance here dance there
twirl twirl
open fan
close fan
then we went to collect lunch
nasi ayam it seems
anyway we sat by the side of the hall eating
i ate kinda fast
then i had chocolate milk
and lycheee
Priya and I were walking in
and i saw doughnuts!!!!!
T^T i want doughnutsssss
then PnTan was lookin for her HoneyLime
so Priya and I went to finddddddddddd
cuz we both love HoneyLime
found it in the canteen
and started la the pouring
i drak the rest of the remains after Priya poured some to her bottle
i didn't mix with water
nicer that way actually
then Arati came
so we open new bottle
after mixing her...
promoting HoneyLime in the hall
then all the masqueradies took it all
suppose to be for the main cast end up we all finish
then this people ar....
i left little bit want to drink unmix
give people all curi ade
my share they take
we kinda licked the bottle clean xD
okay...then time to get dressed up
owh owh...before that
i ran up the stairs at the center of the stage
and jumped
thats all
we went to the bilik pengurusan diri
then teacher say make up first
make up first
we went up
wasted our time waiting
then some of us went down to change
i didn't give a damn anymore
those two took so long to change so i went down
then i go in to change she gimme some scolding oso
i changed anyway
went back up
just in time to do my hair
i do hair first
funny thing
most of us all short hair
so...*ehem* problem sikit
the two guys working on my hair
do half way
notice one side got so much extra one side no extra
so tak seimbang
take out and redo
he was curling my fringe
and i started laughing
like little springs on my hair
but all in all
after all that laughing
it turned out pretty nice
owh yeah
he pinned fake hair on me
and 3 freaking flowers
damn that hurt
then i went for make up
dunno what that lady do la
i had my eyes closed
eye liner and stuff la
the usual i guess
blusher and what not
then i ran down got my shoes
PnNorhuda put on my jewelry
grabbed my mask and fan
and RAN for the stage
face it....
i didn't look like me today
all in all
the performance was a great success!!!
and after the show
the pain started all over again
it hurt less when he was putting the pins in
hurt hell lot when the teachers were helping us take them out
woooo i counted the pins
i had 54 pins on my hair
awesome right
hurt like hell
take out already my hair like sakaii
fringe standing up
then the side all open up
frizzed up and rocky
so much hairspray man.....
i pour my entire water on m head
just to flatten it
aiyo you people tell me it's not gonna do much help
i just want to flatten it
not get rid of the hairspray

[ignore this picture]
[i softened it twice so me eye look like some raccoon]
i took a 1/2 an hour bath
okay..maybe it's normal for some people
but i take less than 10 minutes to take my bath
so 1/2 an hours is real long
gosh my poor hair
i had to use so much shampoo
wash and wash and wash
over and over again
tomorrow no school!!!!
i can stay up!!!
i think~ xD
ahhh my dad wont let me....T^T
then i dried my hair
*pop* i went to sleep
i just threw myself on my bed
and go ZZZZzzzzZZZZ
i woke up when my inbox started flooding
idiots la this people
so i spent the rest of my afternoon
replying my "fan mail"
i very SS la
my feet no longer hurt
and i love my heels
even if i can't exactly walk in them
but i love them
and everyone loves them too~
cuz it's shinny~~~
i think
all the masquerade dancers were gorgeous today
guys and girls
though the guys didn't get much make up and hair
you guys look..."handsome"
as for the girls
our hairs touched the ceiling
but we were all done to our own styles
all so pretty
all so elegant
all so amazingly gorgeous
what a day

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