28 June 2008

** Twenty Two **

Woots!!!!! another performance dealt with
and one more to go!!!!
i spent my morning yesterday sitting in front of the computer
rotting away
waiting for time to pass
MissLai called asking to come at 4
wasted my time on silly flash games
then microwaved my lunch
and waited for my mum to come pick me up
i reached school about 3.45
lepak for a bit
then went up for make up and hair
^^V mannnnn i love that guy that did my hair
he's so awesomeeeee XD
though i had to go through the pain from the pins
and the irritant from the hairspray
and wax
and the curler
oO i didn't know curlers work both ways....xD
after 1 hour plus sitting there
he finally finish
i thanked him again
and went for make up
i'm not gonna say whether the girl that did me
has a clue what she's doing
cuz i know i cant even put on s decent lipgloss
and i sat there for bout half and hour or so
and here's how i freaking look like

laugh all you want...xD
i was laughing at myself as welll...
and i still am
i hung about at the bilik guru for a bit
decided not to eat
i don't like to eat with lipgloss on my lips
taste weird
feels weird
i watch from outside
the hairstylist and makeup crew
do their job
my hair rocks
literally....it rocks...
i touch it and it dont feel like hair no more
the performance was AWESOMEEEEEE
all of us did so well
the main cast
the minor cast
the dancers
the back stage
the prompters
the PA girls
the musicians
MissGohKaiLian came to see!!!
damn now i know why i prefered her to MissGohHaiBee
hahaha *shhhhhhhh*
owh...we did the usual after the show
jumping up and down
screaming our lungs out
hugging each other
more jumping
more screaming
and then the cameras flashed
picture here
picture there
YuenShue made fun of my make up..*rawrrr*
i met up with my old friends...
picture picture picture
then got back to the bilik pengurusan diri to get undressed
damn here comes the pain
took off my dress
put on my PE pants with POTO shirt
then she helped me take off all the pins in my hair
it hurts
but i'm glad she's patient enough to deal with my screaming
anyway...after that little nightmare was over
i look like...erm...
lol...most of my hair is actually fake hair pinned
to my scalp
and three large roses..XD
then i had trouble washing it off
i had to comb my hair in the shower
trying to return my hair
and damn THAT too hurt
and i used a lot of shampoo
i suffered trying to remove the make up as well
cuz i have NOT CLUE how to do it

hehe...the mess...xD
i really just simply wiped it off
and i got all black on my face
damn makeup

my hair has returned to normal
until tonight
when it transforms
from plain normal
to a work of art
to a bucket of pain
to just sakaii
this post is kinda short....xD
just there's lot of picassss in it...
hahaha xD

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