05 June 2008

** Eight **

Well, i guess the internet at home is down.
So i'm gonna have to live without it for a while or so.
Which is kinda bad for my health since i practically live in front of the comp.
Oh the irony of life...
I wonder if my post turns out as i'd imagine in my blog.
I'm not exactly suffering without the comp actually. I'm doing pretty well without it.
It's jus sometimes it has become a must to go online 24 7.
How is wish the internet isn't screwed up.
Cuz if it wasn't screwed, my mum wouldn be all bugging me. Disturbing me. Irritating me. Acting all purkey(>< im sure this is not de correct spelling) n stuff.
Which I cannot stand.
It's bad enough she's my mum n now she's trying to be a cheerlearder!!
Basically my mum needs to get a life n get off my back.
She's like squashing me wit that enormous...
She nags at me 24 7
Girl, why don't you start wearing skirts
Girl, why can't you sit like a girl
Girl, don't slouch
Girl, don't talk so loud
Girl, why don't you let your hair grow
Girl, don't you have anything better to do than sit in front of the comp
Girl, how many times do i have to tell you not to use de word "damn"
Yeah, as you can see i definately took a beating today. N there is no where for me to let it all out but here.
First of, i know i am a girl. But times have changed and not all girls have to wear skirts n do make up n practically be a girly girl.
Okay, if you don't like the way i sit, don't look at how i sit. It's not like i slouch all the time. I do sit up straight when the occasion requests for it to be so.
It's not like i'm shouting. But you have to be considerate of some ppl who are partially deft. XD. Lawls. Scratch tat. I jus find it wrong for ME to speak softly. It jus feels like i'm so FAKE.
Like i said de comp is my life. Either live with that fact or die denying it.
Lawls. I don't see what's so bad about the word "damn" it's not like i said "fuck"...it's jus "damn". There's nothing especially rude about that word. So why can't i use it. Or maybe it jus comes out like word vomit xD
Well, i'm headed off to Hydde's place in half an hour. For his mum's birthday something something.
Damn the holidays are almost over.
WTF have i been doing??
One minute, i'm dying to get back to school.
The other, i'm not. I want the holidays to last longer.
But then again maybe if the holidays get longer i'll end up resorting to jus watching tv, playing xbox, sleeping, eating, more sleeping, more eating. Lol.
After MONTHS not playing basketball, i finally returned. Played in the rain today. As usual, it was a blast or maybe i jus like playing wit H2O. Or maybe the rain today was acidic...lol. Ahhh...it burns it burns. Heh i'm being lame again.
Well i had a scolding for that as well. But that's normal considering the fact that my mum hates me coming back all soaked up.
"Mum, i can't get myself to soak up the sun but i'll gladly soak up the rain."

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