23 June 2008

** Eighteen **

My feet hurt so bad today
it's been like that for the past few days
the heels are freaking killing me!!!
i had make up on today
which practically sucked...
felt the urge to lick off the lipstick
my face felt so fake
so THAT'S what it feels like when people wear make up

i feel terrible at the moment
i wonder what did i do wrong
i wonder what happened
maybe it's me that's the problem
today was the worst
i had minutely doses of

"Kong, you look like a girl now"
"Kong, you look like a doll"
"Kong, you're so lady like now"

"Kong, you're so pretty"
"Kong, you're so cute with make up"
"Kong, i like your dress"
"Kong, you look like a barbie doll"
"Kong, your lips so nice"
"Kong, your make up suits you"
and the list goes on
and all i do is
a short post today...^^
i'll spare the readers
long hours of staring at my post reading them...
Hydde: I aint free Saturday...i got music class, POTO and stuff
[and u'd probably ask wht stuff again]
POTO is in few days time!!!!
i'm a bit freaked out
but then again
i can't wait for it to be over
i'm suffering one way or the other...
maybe one day...i might just totally forget about my blog...xD
me stop blogging just proves my dad's point
that its a waste of time
it is not...xD
ok WTF am i crapping now?!?!?!
[damn rachel ur such a crapper]
is it okay
for your ex to return to you
after more than 2 years
since your ex broke up with you
is it okay
to watch your friend
walk away with someone
you like and might even love
and you
were the one that got them together [being a friend and all]
is it okay
to shuffle so many
of those courting you
for so long
and yet
you're indecisive of who to really say "yes" to
and they're dying for you to say it
is it okay
to be with someone
and think it's true love
but holds on
even when you know that someone's
no longer yours
is it okay
to secretly love someone
for exactly four year
with that someone knowing it
even if you tried telling
but the words wouldnt come
is it okay
to feel as if
you are living for no one else
but that someone
and that someone tore you to shreds
left you bleeding
and that someone doesn't even know it
is it okay
when life feels so much more better
when that someone's around
burdens lifted
worries disappear
sorrows distort
is it okay
to be with that someone
be in love with that someone's sibling
is it okay
that the name the haunts you
your name doesnt haunt it
is it okay
to know that we're from entirely different worlds
and being an "us"
isn't going to work
you still want it to happen
is it okay
if i said no
is it okay
if i said yes
is it okay
if i died tomorrow
nothing's okay anymore
now is it?
nothing's okay anymore
now is it?
nothing's okay anymore
now is it?
nothing's okay anymore
now is it?
make it all better

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