25 June 2008

** Twenty **

i dont get it really
why do I have to get stuck with HER
damn it she's so freaking irritating
she was up to my LAST nerve today
Priya came talking about yesterday's sugar rush
and wanted honey lime
so i told her to mix herself on PnTan's table
i mixed already...^^
she came back...i figured she drank a lot already
cause her sugar rush was up and running
but not as extreme at yesterday
then SHE had to come
sit beside me
then Priya came asking me to drink
just to get the sugar rush
so...my water finished today
for once
i didn't want to drink finish
later i high
get BIG scolding from MissBoey
SHE....nicely want to drink oso....
sugar rush already
since when one mouth of honey lime gets you a freaking sugar rush
hell...liddat one small sweet oso she cookcuuu already lorhhh
i watch SHE and Priya jump here jump there...
*cough* *cough* *cough*
F.Y.I there isn't a way to FAKE a sugar rush
Suba and I exchanged glances...
well. i was more like begging for it to stop
then the usual
hair raising
seriously...SHE's even worst than my own bloody sister
damn it
after prelude we waited and left
with the band
to bilik pengurusan diri
we sit and borak-borak again
girls what...xD
SHE had to come with her book
people all nicely talking
and SHE's being a bit anti-social
[i really wanted to crack today]
[i would've said it if it didn't make me look like the bad guy]
"no backdone ar you?!"
"cannot sit on your own ar?!"
"must lean on me ar?!"
"no common sense ar you?!"
"stop mirroring me can or not?!"
"i don't know what you think calling me 'onesama' makes you...
but it gets on my freaking nerve!!!!"
"stop with the fake-ness!!!"
"if you can't be heartless don't be"
"don't go around ACTing like you're some stuck up anti-social stubborn cloning machine"
today got ICECREAM in school
i think a spent about 3 bucks on all the ice cream i ate
first one was Munchy
come vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate
awesomely delicious
and i had no idea how much it cost me
who cares?!!!!!
i got ice cream
and then after i finished THAT
i went to buy myself a Cornetto
ice cream
ice cream
i think i ate the most ice cream
after the Cornetto
i bought "Traffic-light" ice cream
some MatKool ice cream la
without the cream
since there isn't cream in it anyway
it's just colored ice
so THAT's my third ice cream
awesome right?!
and that was my recess
then the masqueradies come telling me MissBoey screaming
so i could go a fourth...T^T
i really could if i can
so i rush in...
and then
figures~ MissBoey ain't scream oso
this people ar...
never seen MissBoey scream
anyway she was just arranging us
spacing and stuff
whooooo~ tomorrow is our first show...
me scared me scared..
we got our POTO shirts today
and it stinks!!!
i mean literally
it stinks
know what i did?!?!
i sprayed air freshener on it when i got home
well...i had the idea of putting powder but...
it didn't seem like a good idea...
cause the shirt's black
stupidity for some moment
so now my shirt smells like air freshener
i'm suppose to be nervous
but i'm ecstatic
over excited in a way
i'm gonna wear my POTO shirt to sleep tonight
maybe i'll just wear my PE pants oso
tomorrow morning all i need to do is jump out of bed
pick up my bag and go to school!!!!!
owh wait..
i still have to brush my teeth

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