22 August 2009


just came back from shopping at Giant. i'd figured i'd blog since it's been forever since i've done so. maybe it's me who hasn't gone grocery shopping in a while but i got frustrated today.

first of all the place was PACKED. like sardine can PACKED!!!

so i push the trolley and my mother goes and do her shopping. i tell you i think everyone pushed the trolley the same way they drive and walk. half the people just stand there and think their some microorganism or something when they're actually like some bull dog elephant hippo. so i like had to say "excuse me" ten thousand times or they wont move their asses. i tell you if i do drive the way i push the trolley i'd be honking at everyone and anyone on the road. i think i'd even crash into other ppl. cuz up to a point i got so frustrated i just simply pushed the trolley irregardless of whether i hit someone's leg or ass or trolley or whatever.



09 August 2009

came down with a fever on saturday. whole body was aching. could barely stand on my own two feet. then the splitting headache came. went to see the doctor. got medication. lost the will to eat. took my medication. hated it. slept the entire day today. only waking up to eat my pills. my nose was running like a lose tap. at least my fever's almost gone.

go figure.

long story short.

i'm sick.