18 February 2012

If life was easy, where would all the adventures be?

I figured today when i opened my blog that it was a really good idea to put this on the side as my profile description. honestly life has never been easy. coming from a straight As' student to a C average student is something i got used to during my time at TARC. Not that i didnt put effort into my studies. rather reminiscing about the times i had in TARC. company i had there was great. but that period of 1.5years there was a big confidence let down.

As far as im concerned my current results for my A-Levels will not land me a scholarship. Not that i am not bothered to give it hope. there wasnt any hope to give anyway. i am highly aware there are people out there who would apply for the same scholarship and have straight A* for their A-Levels. I dont have a single A. if you might just be wondering. sometimes i worry that my grade wouldnt make the minimum grade requirement. and even with a strong portfolio they wouldnt take me in.

these few days preparing for applications and writing personal statements made me realize i have big dreams and my results might just put a stop to that. and i couldnt understand why. i am going into an art related course. not that im dumb beyond reasons. i am just...

And all this preparation got my slacking on my training. im like...god i suck. literally.

i feel like facedesking.

gotta gradually step my training up again. i've been through harder things in life.