16 April 2011

Note: This is a rant post. So if you're not here to read about my rants you can leave. kthxbye.

excuse my language. (if i do swear)

i still call it school even if im already in college cuz it still feels like school. i wake up at 6 and come back at 4. school. minus the uniform and the rules on hairstyles and nails. just finished my mid terms. i guess i did make a resolution to improve after the recent bitch slap from semester one's year end test where i barely made it through my subjects.
so im pretty happy with my results for my recent test. thought looking back at the paper, i was so very careless. in other words i couldve done better. then again, i'd give myself a pat in the back for being able to maintain my 60 average again, even if it didn't mean a thing any more.
this isnt exactly a rant (not so violent yet).
well, im pretty happy for YoonVoon and John. ^^ maybe it's just me but its weird seeing you two together. (dont get me wrong if you guys are reading) YoonVoon started off so blur. funny seeing the two of you. makes me jelly sometimes.
ok so what MissJoanna (GP teacher) said during class the other day had its bits of truth in it. though i was really pissed with her pin pointing me. yes it was me who had a question as my thesis statement cuz it has never occured to me it could never be done and you never said it couldnt. and i didnt go and ask for extra marks. why'd you have to pin point me in class and tell me you couldve given me more marks. now that i think of it, maybe you gave me 69 just to piss me off. you know...the feeling you get when you are 1mark away from a better grade. yeah. fucked up feeling aint it?!

i guess it pretty much time to quit blaming the sucky education system in our country for our flaws. we have the internet on our hands unlike back in the days when we didnt. figured the education system aint gonna get any better. we should make do with what we have and stop waiting to be spoon fed (and we have a lot). not that i am on MissJoanna's side, but it is true that our english level is so LOW. take it from me who speaks english as my first language, when i took that UNESW (hopefully spelled it correctly. its an english test from australia btw) english test when i was in form5, hell it was hard shit man. i got credit though (barely).

typical human nature to blame others and never ourselves aint it?

time to change.

my bad if you're reading this and think im trying to provoke you (this goes to u dad). but this is freedom of speech, even if freedom is never absolute. so if those who have following my facebook updates, i did post up something saying i'd quit cosplaying.
i dont know. but at that point i posted that status it dawned to me that what i have been trying to do had been a losing war all this while. here's how i see it. there's a shoot tomorrow which i am dying to go after hell of a week. so as usual i asked for permission. here's where part one of the drama started. i told the truth. and as expected my parents got worried. and they made it clear to me the fact of the odds of someone kidnapping me / rapping me / selling me off to prostitution etc. so to me it was an obvious NO that was no use fighting for a YES.
the fact is. i do not know how to explain why cosplayers have photoshoots. its just something we do. and my dad saw this photoshoot as a petty reason to parade around town. puhleezzeee...if i wanted to parade so badly i'd be dressed in cosplay going to college and everywhere else i went.
then i had a thought. why was it ok when i said i'd be going out with people from college or school?! i mean, the rapist kidnapper issue NEVER comes out when i go out with these people. i dont know. i just bummed i couldnt go for the shoot tomorrow. was so looking forward to it.

i know you guys worry bout me and care for me. but sometimes it gets on my nerves how protective you guys can get. dont get me wrong, when im a mother someday i might jus do the same thing. so i'd go on a fit for some time and then just brush off the fact that i couldn go for it. i know you guys love me and are only looking out for whats best for me. (im saying all this so that PEOPLE will not come and tell me the same shit i already know)


but seriously. it does irritate me A LOT.

People who randomly add:
I'm sorry you're retarded and do not understand the fact that unless i know you i will NOT ACCEPT your friend request. i'm not those people who race to get thousands of friends on facebook and then later on complain about having so many people on their friend list they dont know. i'm not those dumb ass idiots. it's like spitting gum on the ground and stepping on the same gum and ranting about it. purely idiotic. and giving me a reason such that you like cosplay so you add me cuz im a cosplayer. since when has it dawned to you just cuz you like cosplay it makes you entitled to be my friend. sorry. but you'd have to go to some other idiot cosplayer to be accepted cuz i will not accept you bloody request.

i know i can jus ignore the request. but this is a rant.

and if you jus keep pm-ing me that just makes you an desperate ass hole.

People who click those stupid links:
out of 900+ friends on my facebook a handful of you guys are dumb enough to click on the links that go around popping up on my chat like that msn virus shit. its fucking annoying ok?! how dumb do you have to be continually do it? and now there's some other lame porn links that the bunch of perverts click. i guess i laughed a bit at those. its like "HAHA YOU PERV!!" lol. but one i got the most today is some invitation for a dislike button. OBVIOUSLY it isnt real. and it pisses me off cuz it like creates and event and pm me and invites me. its irritating! ive ignored like 10invites so far. i have so many dumb asses on my friendlist.

how annoying facebook has become.

Facebook chat fluctuating:
i dont know. but facebook chat has become like some radioactive decay. it randomly becomes offline and online again and again. and this is irritating when i actually WANT to chat with someone but i cant send our my message cuz it is offline. and then it goes back online for 5seconds. FIVE FUCKING SECONDS. and within that time frame you havent even typed finish what you wanted to say it goes offline again. one of the reasons why i am no fan of facebook chat.

facebook chat = radioactive decay.



11 April 2011

apologies to my darling readers. (checking stats) either you guys constantly check my blog hoping i'd update or you guys just like dropping by. i kinda expected my views to drop drastically since i stopped blogging constantly. ok enough with the long winded explanations.

i decided to blog today cuz people have asked me for the kazillion and one-th time this question and i honestly never know how to answer.

Why do i take picture? (or anything related to photography)


i started photography as something of an interest. not to say i planned for it to be a serious hobby like it has become now. i just found the love of capturing the bits in pieces of life. a certain self satisfaction when i capture emotions in my pictures.

not forgetting the people who made their way into my life. =3

frankly speaking i do not know why i took up photography. it just happened.

not to say i am a pro at it. every photographer has their way of taking photos and their favourite subjects of photography. well, i take practically anything. XD

i like taking pictures of nature. one of the reasons why i wanted a macro lens. since i was a kid (god i sound so old XD) i always had this thing with nature. or maybe it was all that tv i watched during that time. things on tv can make nature the most amazing thing ever! =D

sometimes. there's just perfection within all that ruble.

i wonder what my pictures say bout me...=3
dont lie...i know this made you smile...>D


another question is:

Whether i liked taking pictures or having my pictures taken better?

LOL. honestly. i never saw being a model(thats whut u call someone who gets their pictures taken) as part and parcel of something that i'd get hooked on. not that i saw myself as someone who was picture perfect. (i look ugly at some angles). i dont mind having my pictures taken.

photographers got to practice one way or another. if they ask me, i dont mind.

but given a choice to be photographed or be the photographer.

i'd be the photographer. OwO


see...short update...><

i dont really wanna update cuz then i'd end up posting some emo post and get all of you guys worried...^^

but since i have something to mumble about today...might as well...^^

Lots of love,