09 June 2008

** Twelve **

It feels like the first day of school once more. I practically dragged myself out of bed. Force down my breakfast. Struggle to keep my eyes open. I just realized i did the stupidest thing after a saw my add math paper and for once i was the one that said my marks could've been higher. Well i got back my chemistry and add math today. And am still keeping that whole "i've never failed in my life" thing. Lol. Not like it meant anything. I was out of class for the whole day. Not like there was any studying. Heh. Spent the morning dealing wit tat "lady" and den to phantom. Seriously i forgot all de steps ade. After what i earned yesterday in the train, maybe i should find just one day and sit in the train and draw. And soon ppl from everywhere would ride the train just to get my drawings. Hahaha dream on la rachel keep dreaming. But it was a nice thought. Heh. In that way i don't even need to pay rents or bills or taxes for if i'd own a shop. Hahaha. I need the internet back man....i'm hallucinating already. And i need to get a bigger scanner since the one at home only scans up to A4. Which means all my current drawings on the artblock cannot be scanned. I wonder if my rents have bigger scanners in their offices...lol. Den jus go there and scan. XD. I keep dropping my stuff today. Morning dropped my thumbdrive, toothbrush, shoes. In school dropped my bottle twice, pencil case. Went home dropped my thumbdrive, books, artline pens. Lol i fell oso today. Well i wanted to type dropped myself but...it sounded wrong. I can't view the cbox from my hp so u ppl will jus have to wait for my reply. Hydde's not around for the week...whuhuhu...okay i'm being retarded.
i don't care if you read this, blueberry. you should be honoured i dedicated a partion of my posting to you. i'm gonna get to the point now. blueberry you bitch. don't you have anything better to do than create false accusations. so what if my internet is down, how stupid are you to think Hydde will not be able to contact me. blueberry, go get a life la girl. don't go and tell Hydde lies about me. stop being a pain in my ass.
FYI PPL...she went and told Hydde that she knew me since kindergarten n that we've been bestfriends since then.she said that i'm a playgirl and keeps changing bf.and that i have a current hobby which is to "collect" boys and toy with their emotions.she says that i have a long list of past bf that i went from one to another after i got bored.she said i was lying about being able to draw n play the guitar.according to her it's my scam to win his heart and break it later.she told i wouldn care about anything but myself.oh the vanity.worst comes to worst she even told Hydde that i think he's a snobish spoiled stupid brainless rich kid with no other abilities but make other ppl feel poor.then she went and said how entirely different she was from me.and how she put up with all my changes since kindergarten cuz i'm her "bestfriend".but she says she's gettin tired of all the boys hearts i'm breakin and decides to make a change for the better.
WTF RIGHT!?!! wow my whole post bout her...fuck. First of all i think the biggest insult is on Hydde not me. I mean, you can tell if they're besties or not. How stupid did she think Hydde was!!!! (omg.i'm defending Hydde.) but seriously man. I don't have a long list of past bf. I only had one and it was like a long long long long time ago and that one was jus like for the sake of it not like owh i really love you and stuff. I was utterly speechless when i heard her man. Lol. Erm. Well i was eavesdropping actually. It's called 3 way calling. But i kept quiet. XD. Argh!!! How dare she say that about ME!! I'm no where close to a playgirl la, bitch. Stop being such a despo and move on with your life la. Why you hanging around in the past. Damn it i'm so pissed right now. One day happy, one day angry, one day happy, one day angry. Tomorrow i'll be happy....i hope...heh... I have EVERY RIGHT TO KICK THAT GIRL'S ASS ALL THE WAY TO THE SUN. Let her feel the burn.

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