29 October 2008

haih...i cant study now...
FUHHH!!! CLASS T-SHIRT ISH HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but the name at the side bit small...><''' sorry
other than that...

im so awesome...xD

Ironic Equation
yeah that's what i've been studying...
how to fo an ironic equation..
haih...im failing chemistry as we know it...xD
what soluble salt la...
insoluble salt la...
all i know is copper(II) is blue
iron(II) is GREEN!!!!
iron(III) is brown
copper(II) carbonate is GREEN!!!!
the rest of it is white...
wahhh i remembered something...
i wonder WHY do we have to memorise the freaking experiments
it's not like i'm gonna be doing it anytime soon in my life
heck it's not like for a job interview they're gona ask if u know how to do this this this experiment...
carbonate salt releases carbon dioxide which turn blue litmus paper red and lime water chalky...lol
ammonia is that pungent brown gas tat turn red litmus paper blue and does magic with hydrogen chloride...lol...white fumes..magic...
excuse all this..im trying to study...
CHLORINE GAS!!!!! is GREENISH-yellow.......wakakaka...pungent n turn blue litmus paper red....fuh a mixture of ammonia and carbon dioxide...
idiotic chemistry...
i really feel like dying right now...


haih one two weeks more...
just live with it rach...
den it's your long long holiday before SPM...

told you people not to ask why weekiat right?!?!
slap u people u know...dun understand english ar....
u ask oso as if i cn answer lahhh...
ish ish ish...

somehow i love maths...
heh...yeah im a nerd for loving maths....watevaaa...
look on the bright side...at least i'm a "cute" nerd..
*slaps self*
time to brush up on add math...
yeah as if...
finish only exam i burn my books de....xD
lawls...im one year early doing that....

i love literature....
sorry im getting myself in a studying mood
i dont see whats so hard about it...
it's not like they make u study everything shakespear wrote...
yeah shakespear is hard to understand....
then again there are plenty great poets who write beautiful poems...
well some are harder than others...well thats just life...
if everything was easy it wouldnt be called life anymore...
"this aint a Girl's Scouts Camp..."

gosh im reading and reading over and over again...
nothing's going in my brain...
ok lets all laugh at my BM paper 1 marks...
85 / 130
Ramya one idiot got 102/130
102 weiii!!!!!!!!!
pffft i cant even reach 90....hahahahaha

atoms of noble gases do not gain, lose or share electrons....
lawls...stingy much...
no wonder they're at the end of the periodic table...
everyone hates them...xD

ironic[ionic] bonds transfer electrons
covalent bonds share electrons

ishhh...why must the atoms do this?!?! cant they just do either share or transfer....? why the fuck must they do both?!?!?!?!?! argh

the weathaaa is so HUMIDDDDDDDDDD

i sweating just sitting here


come guys...listen...this is for you...and your big ego
you call us vain at how we look at the mirror 24 7 and how we fuss about every tiny thing from our hair to our face. at least we know how we look like...
some of you dont even realize how you look yourself and you go judging other people saying this and that. worst. some of you think your simply irresistable when in fact youre just getting on our nerves. self obsessed much?!?!
what are you trying to prove calling girls stupid. we know boys are stupider [if there is such a word]. and you dont prove you're smarted by calling us stupid. lawls...that's stupid...being smart is one thing. acting is another. you cant act smart when you're actually stupid.how ironic can you possibly get.
what makes you think staring is gonna help?!?! its rude to stare...more it's irritating. i'd more or less roll my eyes and get on with my life. lawls...not that i care...stalking doesnt help either you know...

i dont know what's up with you people now a days...is it you guys ran out of colours that you have to lend girl's...the whole freaking world is into pink...i saw this bright pink car with a hello kitty sticker the other day..."yeah yeah...it's a girl driving...duh...." and when my dad takes over the car...i died laughing... the guy probably lost a bet or something cuz he's in the car with his shade all stylish and stuff. but...he's in a pink hello kitty car...then again maybe his car broken down and he's driving his girlfriend's car...xD that is if he has a girlfriend...xD

ahhh im crapping again...

ok study time...

enough is enough...

aidos!!! ^^

27 October 2008

[[ day out at Tropicana ]]
so where do i begin...
i had Japaneseeee Fooodddd....nihon-ryori...lol...
i love japanese food...
im actually too lazy to blog...
stupid stupid stupid...
so my parents invited WeeKiat along...
well i had to do it...
ok...at first my mum though he wouldnt even bother to show up...
there's free food...why wouldnt he?!
LAWLS...so we had lunch with my lil niece n her parents n my parents [duh]
yeah...ok...then i had to go through lame-ness with him...xD [not that im complaining]
after lunch we went bowling...
yeah i know i suck at it...xD
wheee...my Green ball...lol
and........... WeeKiat owes me McFlurry
lawls...for scoring so freaking high...
we played another round....and i sucked even worst...
then i jumped into the pool...
technically i didnt consider it as i swam...
i didnt even get my fingers all wrinkly..xD
heh...yeah i like the water...
french fries nuggets & coconut!!! xD
i think i ate more than i swam...lol
staring is fun sometimes...
after changing i was staring like some prisoner at the old man teaching the boy tennis or was it...um...wateva it was...
oO...he stared backk...WTF written all over it...xD
darn im retarded...
ok after that i slept in the car...
went home slept somemore..
cuz i didn sleep last night...
spent the whole night awake sms-ing...hahahaha
so fucking humid damn it...
i go into my room and it felt like going into a microwave oven...
stupid weather...

ok im done about today...
dont ask me why of all ppl....WeeKiat...
dont ask me why not someone else...
just dont...
cuz i dont know...

ok doneeeeeeee...xD

26 October 2008

im wasting time taking numeral quizes
for no utter reasons

i am evil...but it's not cute...what kinda stupid thing is this...lawls...
"i am evil it's cute" pffffttttt!!!!!
scratch tat "cute"

LAWLS!!! i just had to paste this!!!
the last line cracked me up....xD

Your Invisible Friend Isn't Friendly
Your horror movie death is extra tragic, because the people around you just assumed you went crazy. The truth is, you bought a weird-looking antique book at a used bookstore downtown, and when you read the first few lines aloud in a fake scary voice, you accidentally called forth an evil spirit. The ancient demon possessed your body and controlled your every move, but it never quite grasped the basics of modern technology. After a messy incident involving the escalator at the mall, the demon decided human bodies were just too fragile. It abandoned your now lifeless self, and moved into a Gossip Girls novel.

When Action Figures Turn Violent
You devoted your life to acquiring all the dolls, toys and memorabilia you could get your hands on, but ironically, one of your precious collectibles chose to take that life away. Maybe the creepy lady down the block had a garage sale and you accidentally bought a puppet possessed by a murderer. Maybe your new toy robot was programmed to destroy humanity. Or maybe that dirty old clown doll you found on the street really was evil. In a frightening collectible rebellion, the malicious toy tried to sell you on eBay, but then it found out you were more valuable in parts. Not pretty.

this is cuteee....i love toys...
erm....ok..it's not cute...its weird...
Dont buy me on eBay...xD

i'm a freaking horman // huse [horse + human]....
lawls...this is fun....xD

tralalalalala....i suck blood....x3
so who's next...*sneers*

ZOMG...im Spideyyy....lawls...
damn im really wasting my time...xD

"joy" to the world...
blah blah blah...
ladadi da da...lawls...

tralalalala...i love johnny depp
sadden...i wanted WIlly Wonka...><'''
a lil bit mad & a lil bit brilliant....wakakakaka

HEY!!!! liar....

yeahhh..its halloween...xD
lawls...im going insane....x3
seriously going insane

HOw Crushworthy are you?
Your heart of gold makes you so totally crushworthy. And we do get a teeny tiny feeling that you might not always know quite how awesome you are. So we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you: anyone as rad as you deserves to have a packet of admirers. When you believe that with your whole heart (but don't go rubbing it in people's faces, which we can't ever picture you doing), your crush life just might blow up like Paige's pager.

im going out of my mind with quizes....

wakakaka!!! IMA NINJA!!!!
man im so awesome...xD

toldya i was a born vampire!!!!!

HOw Gullible You Are?
This quiz says you're a bit gullible, but hey, everyone's got some soft spot or another. If you're more trusting and optimistic than other people, we don't want to change you. There's nothing wrong with trusting people - unless you trust the kind of people who want to rip you off or make you look stupid in public. We'd hate to see that happen, so please keep an eye out for practical jokes. And if someone tells you they wrote "gullible" on the ceiling, don't look up.

omg i looked up reading it....
lawls...im not-so-naive...
joy weii joy...

Oo...Red hair...
wow...im imagining...and im failing at it

You think you're the Queen of Sheba!
You act like you're an exotic, mysterious queen from thousands of years ago, and we just don't get it. You think you deserve to have hundreds of servants bowing down before you, eager to do your bidding. Newsflash!! It's the 21st century. Even if you find the money to buy yourself a gold and silver throne, you'll never be as powerful and glamorous as you are in your head. You are no Queen of Sheba.

i think i'm a queen?!?!?! ok...
lawls...what a lie...
i most certainly dont act like one...

ok...im done with all the stupid quizzes...

24 October 2008

im finally in front of the computer after days and weeks of facing book after book. pacing up and down in my room. screaming at myself. trying to memorize every single minuet detail and point. cracking my brain so hard. forcing every single useless point into it. so my brain practically needs some down time right now. although there's still a bit more to go.

i dont think at this point i can really do anything about it. exams are exams and right now it seems as if, if i really did study i'd be able to actually get good grades. but then again, i'm not that much a study freak. fact is i hate studying. believe it or not maybe it's because they gave more time for maths compared to add maths but i kinda found add maths much more laid back than maths. i didnt say easy. laid back. i was more relaxed doing it. but throughout the whole freaking examination i was merely pacing myself. it was as if there wasnt enough time for anything. well, i used to have time to sleep. draw. crap. and now it's like, no more.

especially Literature today. damn i was pacing like shit!!!! finished the bloody paper JUST IN TIME. and i dont even know what i crapped. heh... then again...i crap for every exam anyway..nothing unusual about it.ahhhh...i need to get the japanese class form crap done...T^T i need my printer...haih...


The Way Things Are
by ME

No. Red roses don't smell nice.
Chocolates and Ice cream only bring toothaches.
Candel lights contribute to global warming.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
Buildings that light, are not stars worth gazing.
Similar ringtones only bring to confusion.
When one hair's out of place, nothing is lost.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
No. Pictures do not preserve the love.
Holding hands do not mean we're together.
There is no net flow of heat when hugging.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
The number of roses is how much deeper you're burning a hole in your own wallet.
Dressed in the same colour by force is not an act of fate.
No. Heels are not necessary.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
Pink hearts dont add to the "lovey-dovey-ness"
No. Guys who dance aren't any different from any other road side jerks.
Nothing makes the ugly prettier and the prettier ugly.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
The bigger the balls the bigger the ego.
No. Cheerleaders are never hot.
They're cold irritating bitches.
Deciding on what's owned doesn't make it owned.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
Kisses do not make anything go away.
The bigger doesn't mean the better.
No. Everything comes in a package.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
Drawing your own map doesnt help you find your way.
Mere dreaming and not doing goes nowhere.
Frequent rainfall bring no feeling to the grass.
I am ____ and that is the way things are.
No. Objects dont signify anything.
Although there's sun and rain,rainbows dont always come.
The dollars of flowers soon will wither.
Holding on doesn't bring back what's lost.
The sand in the glass runs out before you even realize it.
I am ___ and I am not sorry
But these are the way things are.


Lol...study la summore...xD
nvm later i do another version...
i do a 4sc1 version... muahahahahahaha
aiya...waiting for songs to download la...
ok la i do now la...Lol...i got nothing to do laaaa...
have to return to studying later...haih...


The Way Things Are (4Sc1 remix)
by ME

No. We do not suffer from brain damage.
Life is just more "semangat-ty" with us.
The tree outside. The fan inside.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
Long nails. Weird hair. Po-chay-chou.
Noise level to the extent of stroke.
Not to mention the daily rain, by us.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
Red. Blue. Green. Orange. Yellow.
No. We are all chocolates. M&Ms.
Class of uncontrollable lameness.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
When one leg is mmissing, the tripod falls.
You must to remember.
No fingerprint is identical.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
Homework. Lisan. *gasps* Sejarah Notes!!!!
Tomorrow's judgement day
Tonight we burn the midnight oil,til there's no more oil.
we're still burning.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
One. Two. Three. Surf. Surf. Splash.
Call the ambulance.
Potassium hydroxide is an alkali.
Pollute the fish tank.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
There is no such word "impossible" in our encyclopedia.
Epik Kanjima. Hasil sastera yang tertua di Kampung Semangat.
Yeahh!!!! Weather!!!!
Even the weather is consumed by us.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
Blow_ _ _ is to blow bubbles.
P_p_ is to go shii-shii.
or so says...*ehemmm*
One word is responded with Thrity-Two other words.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
Takes a lot of brain power to do Semangat and Feeling at the same time.
Larger than life, a family.
Our fishes keep running out of the freaking tank!!!
Ducks are walking in our brains.
and now they're sleeping.
We are KUNDEJEMS and that is the way things are.
No. We will not change.
Forevaa...4SC1. All for one and one for all.
Through the pain. the joy. the obstacles.
Together gether we do.
Malacca was established by paramesium.
we help chash the paramesium for Majapahit.
We are KUNDEJEMS and we dont care
These are the way things are.


im such a brilliant person...xD
hahaha...syok sendiri sia...

20 October 2008

I can't really remember my number of post. And i'm not really bothered to check at de moment.

Firstly, yes, pretty much everyone tat reads joshua's blog knows he's in love. And no de girl tat he likes is not me. Why de hell would he like me...lawls...so here's to clarify to all de people who wouldn stop bugging me...no joshua doesn like like me and no i do not like like him. We're jus buddies...what's wrong wit that?!

Secondly. No GTH doesn't have a crush on me...people he has a girlfriend and they're so cute together. Lol. And no i do not have a crush on him either. Shesh...you people...

Ahhh...last one to clarify...no i'm not a lesbian...damn it. Jus because i said i kissed a girl de whole world tat read my blog comes panicking asking when did tat happen.

I'm bloging cuz i'm falling asleep studying for chemistry. And i still have 2 whole chapters to cover. Haha. What to say. What to say. Ok scratch tat...i have one more chapter to cover. Lawls...not that anything went into my brain anyway...gosh...what de hell am i doing in science stream? why de hell am i making myself go through all this? Lol. This is so stupid...by next year everyone's gonna be bugging me about what i'm gonna do wit my life and all i'm gonna do is shrug and walk away. Darn...my lips are bleeding again from my lack of H2O consumemation. Den again i haven't been drinking much water since exams started. I haven't been touching de computer. I haven't been drawing. I haven't been sleeping as often as i did. Tomorrow is tuesday. Haih. My exams gonna be so freakin long. Right now they're going to extend it even more. It's bad enough our exams are lasting for 3 whole weeks and now they're dragging it on to November. WTF man. Last year it used to be 1week plus nia and now it's like one whole fucking month exam. I'd get so freakin sick and tired of it. Heck i already am...my pen would most probably die out by de end of it. I doubt myself for SPM. Yea i got through UPSR n PMR...straight A's whatever crap...how de hell am i gonna do my freakin SPM when right now i can't even cope wit my form4...lawls...lets jus drop out of school...save all de stress...haih...yea i wish...i'm gonna have to reread all chap5 to 8...seems nothing went in...bad idea to study and sms at de same time.

Then again my brain's so messed up at de moment it doesn really matter if it goes in or not. I can always crap something up like how i did today. *slaps self* see la...i'm planning to crap for SPM...gosh...i'm so dead...

Look on de bright side...at least i'm not pasting my "a"...lawls...

some secrets shud never be kept,
some stories shud never be told,
some reasons shudn't be understood,
they just might turn ur blood cold

10 October 2008

i dont know where to start.
first of all i do not know what i did wrong.
i do not know what pissed my mum off all the sudden.
but i really dont know how much more of this i can take.
so now i'm gonna say this.
i dont like talking to my mum.
i never did.
and without even realizing how much i have to be talking to her for our class shirt.
at first.
for the sake of the class.
but now it's gone way over the boundary.
i dont know how much more i can seriously take.
and right now.
i apologise first and foremost.
because if i knew what i did wrong i'd correct it.
but right now i do not know what i did wrong.
and she's being like a spoilt kid.
well..technically...i dont know when am i gonna get it done.
i've done all i can.
i just hate talking to her.
i wish i knew what i did wrong.
it feels as if the stall of our class shirt is my fault.
i'm sorry. i really am.
i dont know what more can i do.
i dont know what more can i say.
i dont know what went wrong.
it's not about the design.
it's not about the shirt.
it's just me and my mum.
and right now...
i dont know what am i gonna do.
im just sorry...
i dont know when's it gonna get done...
and if i knew i had to go through all this
i wouldn't have volunteered.
this has seriously gone over my boundary.
i dont even know what to say to her anymore.
why can't she just tell me what i did wrong?!
i dont know what is she trying to do to me.
but right now i feel extremely guilty.
maybe she expects my class to hate me for not getting their shirt done in time.
maybe she expects me to lose all my friends just because of this stupid shirt.
i cant see the letters on the keyboard.
i cant talk to her anymore.
not now at least.
not in the next few years!!
i cant take it.
every time i talk to her it goes ugly.
i tried so hard to keep it from anything but that.
so hard.
it ended up that way anyway.
i really really sorry.
i'm just feeling this extreme guilt right now.
asking myself what the hell did i do wrong.
asking myself did i say something wrong.

i dont want to talk to her anymore.

i dont know what went wrong...

i'm sorry...

but i cant talk to her anymore...
i just cant...

maybe i'll try again later...
i feel so guilty...

she smiles and offers her hand to shake. blindly i took it. shook and bonded and friendship.
no doubt it grew like the storms of the sea. like the flowers in spring. like snow during winter. like the sun in summer. like dry leaves in autumn.
"hi. i'm Phoebe."
the very first line that bonded us.
my name's Phoebe too. and no surprise she looked like me.
just she was more of an "It-girl" and i am more of an outcast. yeah. a big question mark appears. why the hell is the it-girl hanging out with an outcast like me. here's why.
at first she came over. to hang out in my room. sing songs on the radio and revise homework and what nots.my mother was fine with me. she was glad i was making friends. i thought so too.
i wasn't until last month when i realized something about her i hated. hate is such a strong word. but yes. i hated.
i began to realize where our friendship was leading. she had her new group of it-girls. and though she'd drag me along to hang out with them. i feel like an outcast. exactly.
they'd talk about which guy has the cuter butt. which lip gloss looked nicer on who. what a disaster that girl's outfit is. i felt adrift. like i was lost. i might be sitting with them during lunch, walking with them to classes and hanging out with them at gym. but i never once joined their conversation. i just nodded and smiled.
i feel her changing. i feel Phoebe changing. not me Phoebe. Her.
it was worst when she had a boyfriend. she'd plan all kinds of double dates and invite me to come along. maybe it was intentionally cause it felt that way. just to make me feel even more out casted than i already am. i'd hear her giggle from a mile away. i know it's her.
she threw a birthday party. invited me. i came. why did i come?! she was dressed in just enough cloth. if you get what i mean. then again. who am i to judge. they'd probably say i dress like a slob. she smiled and gave me a hug.
to me the hug didnt feel a thing. it wasn't the only buddies hug we had. i feel nothing. the friendship somehow had faded. and i regretted coming to that party.
but it'd be rude to just leave after coming not more than 5seconds. i faked a smile. i know she couldnt tell anyway. she was too busy with the glitz and glamour.
i drowned in the crowd that night. like a sailor lost at sea. a sea of people. i was leaving when i hear her heels. uneven but they were getting louder.
grabbing my arm she fell.
her smudged mascara eyes met me. barely open. "Phoebe...." i dont know what to call that tone. she spoke and i could smell the alcohol. i had enough. i yanked my arm off her grasps. "Phoebe..."

know why i left?!
i overheard her. talking to her friends. maybe it was a good thing i came.

she giggled. "i dont think she'd even know."
"are you sure..."
"it's going pretty well isnt it?!"
she took another sip and continued.
"yeah. he's totally falling for me instead of her."
"give a month or so??"
"haha!!!! give it 24hours more and he's mine!"

i stormed up to her. slapped her in the face. screamed at her.
"Phoebe!" i stopped my hand from slapping her again.
i walked away.

she lied to me. she took the friendship i thought was real for granted. she played me just because i needed a friend. who knows maybe her name's not even Phoebe. after all she'd lied to me about everything else.
for all i know. i went home laughing.
laughing at her.

she's smiling now. i know she is. cuz I'm the last one that saw her.
she's upside down in her own room. letting that metallic scent surround her room. onto her satin bed sheets.
she's staring at me right now. her head. in the palm of my hands. a gift. for her parents.
i hear the vigorous tapping of my keyboard. my a's dont work again. i feel a certain chill up my spine. like a lost memoir from some distant past. not so distant.
the words so clear in my mind. every moment. whether it meant something or just plain nothingness. is fresh. living in my mind. haunting me. when will this stop?
i cant remember the last time i was that happy. well now i'm no longer that. sometimes i think i'm out of my mind. i try and try so hard. none of it is leaving. neither do i want it to go. sometimes.
he says "aishiteru akachan" and what do i do? stoned. silenced. speechless. like something surreal had just happened. like something out of the ordinary. something unbelievable. something...longed for. like a wish came true.
i lost count on how many times i wasted wishing on him. wishing he'd return what i sought. wishing he's see the light. wishing. maybe living in the past isn't really what i want. but it's just way too hard to let go years of feelings buried deep down under my skin. and honestly i cannot help but cry.
though i have told countless people countless of times. i'm over him. still. right now i might no longer wish upon a star for him. but i do hate it when he treats me like trash. i'd ask him to come for my birthday party last year. and he'd call me childish. i'd wish him happy birthday. and he'd ignore me.
i hated it so much. and yet. people tell me he's not worth it at all. people tell me he's a piece of trash. and what do you people actually expect me to do?? immediately erase all that i had for him?? is that even possible? i know what i know.
and right now. maybe it's me who let a chance slip away. but there was a time i really had hopes that my wishes did come true. that wishes dont only come true in fairy tales. they do in reality too.
and i slap myself hard for that
someone stop this beckoning. someone put an end to all this.
i hated feeling like this. i hate feeling like this everytime i talk about him.
just because i didn't want to come back down to reality.
just because i didn't want to walk away.
and now when things are way too complicated.

what am i gonna do about it??



my sister fell down today...
like you know...um..terbalik...
head first
where the students wait
and you have those stupid ugly green pipes stuck together
kononnya "chairs"
dunno what happen laaaa...
she fell back...
knocked her head
i went into the drain to get her stuff
first time in my life i go into the drain
then again...
going in wasn't hard...
getting out wasn't hard either...

exam arrr....
study study study...

as if...xD

07 October 2008

Darn. It's jus one of those days where i feel as if my voice cannot be heard. Where everything seems to be consuming me. If u people haven't notice sometimes i'm down right happy n get along with watever u throw at me, sometimes i'm a bit screwed up n make d biggest fuss about d tiniest things. So why is it such a shock when u ask for an explaination n i say have a split personality. Owh yea i'm a weirdo most of the time. So what!? Well i haven't ade bloging lately cuz well...there's nothing to blog about. Owh...i learnt in bio few days back. Malacca was um...ditubuhkan...established...by paramesium. Speaking of bio. That lady!! I tell u ar...she say do presentation crap den she give marks something something exam. So fine we do powerpoint. Me, Michelle, Ramya, Josephine. All of us do 8.2...simply crap in front there la. But still we got 4marks except for Ramya, she got 5. Den u know what tat pig say now!? That pig not giving us marks because it seems cannot la cuz some teacher was there and she saw n say cannot. Bloody fucking bull shit crap loser freak!!! All that effort and for what?! Sometimes i really dispise school n de teachers in it. How they abuse us and we don't have a say so on it. It's kinda ironic how ALL the teachers complain about my beloved class aka 4sc1. How noisy we are. How uncontrolable we are. How irresponsible we are. Bla bla bla...and yet. When it comes to stuff they need...say...drama or performance or watever la...they come to US...and we do hell of a awesome job at it and they know it. When they need us they treat us like royalty but from tat milisecond they no longer do, they dump us like trash. Idiots these teachers.

I feel like trash today. Like somehow when i speak no one's really there to listen. And when i walk. It feels as if i'm walking by myself. Even during recess today, i feel as if i was eating on my own. Maybe it's me excluding myself. Then again maybe today i jus didn feel like talking to anyone. Ahhh....it's jus been a really long day. Exams are in less than a week n what am i doing?! Not studying. Tat's for sure. Damn. I wonder how am i gonna get through SPM like this. Somehow it feels as if it's been a long time since i sat for sejarah class...why ar?! Lawls. I miss sejarah?? OMG...WTF...