06 June 2008

** Nine **

Maybe it's just me. But i'm really sorry i screwed things up yesterday, Hydde.
I just blanked. I just kept saying the wrong things. Why i do not know...
I'm sure i pissed off some girl named Amber. She was really pissed at me. But hear me out Hydde, it was self defence and nothing else. She came and insulted me. I had to do something.
Then she prob went and told all her other pals. Watever that was, i didn want to know.
Hydde, maybe it's just not right. I feel so lost. I feel so confused. I feel so bare. Like i couldn breath.
I feel so out of place. Like i left earth n went to mars. Although i did do most of the talking.
I feel as if i wore a mask. I feel as if i was faking it. I feel as if it wasn't me yesterday night.
For now Hydde...i just need to breath.
I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at myself. I'm not blaming you. Really you're just......
I'm sorry. Hydde.
okay. Internet still down. So posting on my phone.
Just finished tuition. Wat a drag.
There's this deep sense of regret in me.
Maybe i shudn't have met Hydde
Maybe i shudn't have befriended Hydde
Maybe i shudn't have went to tat camp
I'm floating falling into the abyss.
Someone save me

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