28 June 2010

OMG! TWO HUNDRED ALREADY?!?! o_O! i blog too much. XD

today is monday. and i guess it wasn't so bad of a day. i sent my jeans to wash during the weekends. conviniently forgotten about monday. so all i did was wear a black pleated skirt, a white collared shirt and knee length socks. and for some reason, dressing so made my day really awkward. first of all i came to college and on my way in i bumped into a few seniors and they stared at me.

so today was filled with questions and comments about my dressing.

guess the day was pretty much ok cuz our applied lecturer's falling sick and decided to cancel the lecture in the afternoon. so yeah. practically everyone was really "devastated" when he told during the morning tutorial class. LOL.

so we had 2.5 hours break. i went back to H block after the first morning class to return the attendance book (before i forget again). then the Qclass people stared as well. since im walking by might as well ask where they're going for lunch. well i went to lunch at TBR with Elie, Yue Ting, Melvin, Jiun Wai and Eugene. Hahahahahaha! EUGENE BELANJA!!! (our drinks only tho... still better than nothing ^^) Jiun Wai so good...ask him order for me, he really go order for me. and the bowl of curry noodles was so "BIG".

after eating, they (as in melvin, jiun wai and eugene) was supposed to go do their MS folio. as far as i know. and i dont know how they ended up not going. i wanted to go CC to charge my MP3. too many ppl. so forget it. then we all went to the library. well practically everyone was there. i was sorta trying to understand my applied maths. and halfway through i felt so darn sleepy. i literally couldn't keep my eyes open. at least i brought my MP3. which surprisingly lasted the entire day with only half battery life left. =D

then had chemistry. which was ok i guess. just the fact that Jiun Wai kept figiting beside me making the chair squeak. LOL. and yes i was very sleepy at that time. after chemistry was physics. last class of the day! WOOT!!! =D the work she gave made me suddenly realize. i read first question, "shit! dunno." next question, "OMG! WTF IS THIS?!" third question, "uhhhhh...what?!" LOL. yeah i literally forgotten everything. kinda took me forever to get the concept again.

i had like 30minutes wait before my mum comes. went to Mr. Keong's place to hand in the chemistry tutorials with Jiun Wai. i decide to go to canteen and wait. then sat around with Merwin, Karmen, Nixon and two other guys whom i have forgotten their names. OTL. and they all decided to leave. i guess to pass the time, i copied Jiun Wai's answers for physics. damn i really need to revise on that. was going to draw my graph for further pure maths, but somehow the stupid question dont make sense to me. Orz. then i went n take out further applied for no reason. LOL. i was bored i think.

so nice of Jiun Wai to wait with me. =D Thank you~

mum let me drive home today. so here's what happened.

i was driving behind this taxi. who was so fucking slow. godamnit! drive on the left lane if you wanna drive like u have all the time in the world! so i got irritated. i switched to the left lane and overtook the stupid taxi. yeah. i just shoved the car in front of him. obviously he honked at me. then my mum was like telling me i shouldn't do that bla bla bla. after awhile, the taxi took the right and overtook me. and he literally was breaking non stop in front of me. D< yeah he kept staring at me from the rear view mirror. WHAT?! TAXI MAN?! NVR SEE BEFORE PRETTY GIRL AR?!?! if my mum wasn't in the car, i would've gave him the finger.

so fine my mum was like "leave him alone. dont get irritated. bla bla bla." fine. i went to the right lane and drove. i dont know WTF is this guy's problem. so i drove and like went pass the taxi at a corner. and he honked at me AGAIN!! idiot.


what a day...


27 June 2010

kinda weird how things turn out sometimes. one thing i realized is how sometimes life doesn't go my way. and yes there is the point of time where the rants go on and on. but after awhile. it makes sense how ranting bout it wont make anything better. its not like ranting about it changes anything. so yeah. i go through the same thing i go through at school. watch people be better than me and know that it cant be helped that my brain doesnt function like theirs. i do try. but somehow nothing works. they still get better grades. and no doubt some part of me feels terrible. wondering why am i such a stupid piece of carbon life form in the face of this earth. and sometimes i feel left behind. yeah. through all that happiness i display everyday. honestly. i lied. being happy is not close to how i feel. but it's better to fake it than to sulk all day.

at least it gives a contemporary lightness the burden life throws on my shoulder.

almost 1month plus in college and i guess things do seem further away than they used to. the years i spent in school made me realize i am no genius. and atempting to compete would result in depression suicide. i dont see the crime of dreaming big. but sometimes i tell people i'm gonna work for dreamworks one day, they say the regular response. but somewhere in there, i know they're laughing at me. i have no idea how many times have i said to myself that i have to start studying and working hard during my SPM. and now im doing it again. its kinda retarded really. i keep reminding myself if i dont do well i'm gonna be disappointed. nothing seems to work. and its prominent i dont have any self control at all. though i have my priorities straight most of the time.

the road is straight ahead. but im walking as if it is a winding one.

college starts again tomorrow. and as usual i havent done any of my tutorials. i probably will later. maybe on wednesday or something. like last week. LOL. somehow i prefer it when i had no choice but to do my homework during high school. now when i sorta have a choice whether to do or not. obviously i'd always find something more interesting to do with my life than tutorials that would practically result in an utter waste of time. the week ends passed by so quickly this week. damn. two days felt like half a day. i woke up today and i was like "WHAT?! ITS SUNDAY ALREADY?!" or maybe its cuz im still in the holiday mood. hahaha.

one more thing to add to my time wasting factor. i'm having my exams in 1week time. i think. more or less. and i haven't started a single shit on anything. which would probably result in more last minute studying. wow. im typing very quickly. probably cuz i havent taken my shower and i need to take it after i finish this post.

so here's that famous qoute from a long time ago.


21 June 2010

Hi everyone! =D its been a while since i blogged. well i had a new puppy yesterday.

This is Twinkle. She's a she.

Twinkle and Pumbaa.

Getting to know the neighbours. XD
(actually they were barking and growling at each other)

(p.s. the neighbour's dog is male as well.)



Baby...i can't reach you...T^T

Don't talk to me. D<
Baby...i didn't mean to call you a bitch...

Twinkle! Hey!
Twinkle! Hey!
Hey! Twinkle! Hey!
Look Here!
Hey! Hey! Twinkle!
Twinkle! Twinkle! Hey!



Give our readers a SMILE. =)


well mum let me drive home after picking up my sister from school today. lol. she panicked. as expected. and there was an idiot honking at me while i was at the roundabout. it wasn't me who's slow. the cars in front were slow as well. and he was honking like some idiot. so i got pissed i started scolding him in the car. and my mum kept asking me to calm down. =___=

today was a really really long day of college.


12 June 2010

so i had a two week break from college. i have my tutorial and Malaysian Studies folio to pass the time. not the mention the fact that the internet was down for more than a week. nothing to distract me right?


i spent the first week of my holiday, most of the time moaping around my house. since i just got my license and parents wont let me drive out and there's no car for me to use anyway. so i'm stuck at home. plus my parents are working. so what do i do at home with no internet. i sleep. i practically went into hibernation mode since the first day. and soon i start to loose track of what day it was. i did force myself to finish up a few of my tutorials. but i practically didn bother to try for those i dont know how to. just leave some space and move on to the next one.

well i sorta finished the Malaysian Studies Folio. just waiting to compile the opinions and we're set to print and bind and hand the bloody thing in and get it over with. the internet's finally back. but its the same piece of shit it was back then. i dont know why my dad still doesnt want to get me broadband. he's not sick of this SHIT streamyx give us. i am.

my drawing habits lessened like they did during SPM.

but i find myself day dreaming a lot lately. half the time, about stuff that dont make sense.

then again, most of the things i think about dont make sense.

i still have about a week to go before i go back to TARC. and do my class rep duties all over again. oh well. i love being at TARC rite...


there is not a day, i do not wish i was in TOA instead of TARC.


somehow or rather. the world i embrace seems a lot harsher than the world everyone else lives in. its like...

i dont know whats its like...

all i know is that it sucks.


09 June 2010

practically this show isnt all that good. kinda boring actually. dont bother wasting your time in the cinema. if it wasn't for the constant sound effects i would've slept off. even for a person who usually avoids watching movies like this. i'd have to say this movie was below my expectations. maybe it's just me. but i laughed when they got killed. and all i was waiting for was the next person to get killed. cuz all that freddy kruger popping out and scaring people. it gets boring after the first few victims. and it was pretty predictable really. the "peak-a-boo" scenes gets old after the first few tries. i thought i would have trouble sleeping after watching this show. it didn even make me jump. the movie looked like it could've been made 10years ago and turned out the same.

the only entertaiment i had was there was this group of guys sitting next to me and they went "WHUT THE FARK!!!!" for practically everything. ok. its not entertaining. its pretty annoying really. not to mention the idiot behind me who's turning my chair into some OGAWA massage chair. the guy sitting on my right was like all curled up to his buddy. and he kept going "WHUT THE FARK!!" and covering his eyes at the same time. i stared and went whut the fark too...LOL

there was one part in the movie where freddy was chasing the girl and she hid in the closet. so yeah. you have your typical "now-you-see-me-now-you-dont" scene. and when he disappeared everyone started laughing for some reason. and when he appeared next to her in the closet. it was like...no effect. LOL

technically. freddy kruger was burnt to "death". so how can u burn something that's already burnt?! besides i dont get it. if she pulled freddy into "our world" and killed him and burned him here, how did freddy end up in the "other world" again. maybe you cant kill freddy by burning him. he's grown a resistance to fire. LOL

i dont get the story. @_@

so here's to freddy kruger.

one, two, freddy kruger, i'm coming for you,
three, four, OMG! where's the door,
five, six, you need new tricks,
seven, eight, you suck eggs,
nine, ten, i'm falling asleep again.