28 February 2010

i was doing my assignment and i came across this. some discussion on Otaku VS Nerds. it was kinda entertaining reading it. lmao!!

5 Name: Anonymous : 2007-09-21 04:14 ID:dve0/BBY
Nerds are smart, otaku are morons.

You are a moron.

OTAKUs are not morons. YOU ARE THE MORON!! not all nerds are smart. some are just down right dimwits. we learn to budget our cash to buy figurines and cosplay and manga and anime. well i do anyway. besides nerds do about the same thing as otakus. lock themselves up. just that nerds read something else and otakus read manga. おなじ です。

17 Name: Anonymous : 2007-09-27 11:51 ID:NBMMeXEt
It depends on the situation, and I learnt this the hard way.
I once mocked a badly dressed Cloud and then he kinda chase me around with a huge plastic sword yelling "Omnislash" or some other crap. Damn it was embarassing... =_=

*imagines scene* LMAO!!!! most cosplayers do it out of the love of the character. so mocking the cosplayer is like mocking his favourite character. i guess...i should do that sometime.

25 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-06 16:40
My little sister calls me Oniichan these days

26 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-06 19:57
Kill her. Then, kill the rest of your family.

27 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-06 21:39
kill your parents. kill your parents. kill you parents. Then... kill yourself.

28 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-07 09:53
Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog.

29 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-07 12:52
No, no and no. Rape her instead. That's what real otakus do.

30 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-07 14:10
No no, rape her, THEN kill her.

i went =_=" WTF when i read this. OMGWTFH!

33 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-09 11:01

Tell me this: How many Anime-figures is minimum requirement to be called Otaku?

34 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-09 11:29
'Otaku' isn't quantifiable. Otaku is Otaku.

ROFLMAO!!! what a question...minimum requirement to be called an otaku...otaku is a self proclaimed "title". pppfffttt...requirement. "oh sorry sir, you're not an otaku cuz u dont have enough figurines." LMAO

76 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-27 06:23
You aren't otaku because you're not Japanese. You're a weeaboo.

77 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-27 15:41
Actually, a weeaboo is just somebody who wants to be Japanese so bad that they'll immerse themselves in the culture and forsake all of the their native culture.

For case examples:
/a/ is full of "otaku" in the American sense of the word.
/jp/ is full of weeaboo.

79 Name: Anonymous : 2008-11-16 12:29
no, actually a weeaboo is a japanese wigger

so...only japanese ppl are otakus?!?!?

93 Name: nerd : 2009-06-27 03:33
otakus are fagz with no lives. nerds are also fags with no lives. us debating the fucking difference, kinda makes us fags with no lives.


110 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-20 13:17
I'm otaku and a real ninja but I get laid all the time, so I think everyone who is otaku and needs sex should go to a con and find some slut in a bunny suit to hump.

there's something seriously wrong with these people...=_=

ok...i got sidetracked again~

*runs back to finish assignment*

26 February 2010

well i'm back home. again. two more weeks to go before AJL ends. which is really really sad. honestly, i was really happy going to uniten. even with the batik and the baju kurung and stuff. i had so much fun there. made so many friends. which i know and love. hahahaha! personally i couldnt ask for better apartment-mates than angeline, ann and emmee. most probably not all of us (who are from the first batch) would make it into the top60. i liked being away from my parents for once. do things in my own time. nobody to nag me. nobody to bug me. it feels nice to get a little taste of freedom. and after the next two weeks its all going to go away.

i met a few people who go for CF. randomly asked and found a few. there's one thing i've been killing myself about. WHERE ARE ALL THE COSPLAYERS?! lmao. i guess i just expected to meet a whole lot of otakus. so there will be otakus that draw which i can befriend. otakus that cosplay which i also can befriend. otakus which just go for events which i too can befriend. lmao. i still love my friends i made there. all of you guys. bet i'll miss all of you when AJL's over. damn. time flies when you're having fun.

the one thing i hate about AJL is the moral classes. the teacher keeps pulling off these psychology crap. i hate it when people try to discover who i am. trying to dig deeper than they're supposed to. i hate it when people try to act like they know me. and i hate it when they say it like they've known me all my life and know what i've been through. i hate it when they try to read me. i hate it when they point out my flaws when i already know them. i dont need a mirror to tell me i'm ugly. i hate it when people try to get into my head. i hate it.


it's amazing how i was emo once upon a time. and when i got so used to being happy til i actually forget what it was like being emo, it felt great. yea...notice the past tense. i'm back. and i'm emo again. and it is certainly a sucky feeling. its like eating candy. you taste the sweetness and the joys of the candy lingering in your mouth. then comes the toothache when u have had too much.

someone cheer me up.

17 February 2010

Chinese New Year


i'm finally back from Johor. its not so bad there. a bit of visiting never hurt anyone. we used to do a lot more visiting. which was a tad bit irritating. the again it's kinda hard to arrange dinner for almost 10siblings. so i guess visiting isnt so bad. the trip back to johor isnt so bad. except for the occasional waiting i had to do. well at least i have my neices and nephews to take pictures of. so it isnt as dreadful as it was last time.

thinking of what to write as i wait for the pictures to upload.

what is there to blog about chinese new year?! i mean...evey year its the same thing. relatives come over. we have dinner. chit chat. collect ang pau. listen to this uncle gossip about that aunty. and that aunty talk about this uncle. then the same thing happens when i get to johor. the same thing. not forgetting the petty gambling the children will do. that's all. well there's the cakes and bicuits. and the hampers.

i feel like im forcing myself to blog when in actual fact i have nothing to blog about.

lets put some pictures

chinese new year was pretty much the same. yes i am waiting for the pictures to upload again. and then after this i have to get started on my assignment. write my speech and prepare my presentation.

haha. im making myself a relia. how nice...xD

ou the math assignment is killing me. and it makes me scared bout the test w have aft the holidays. goddamnit! i cannot fail maths. I LOVE MATHS!

ok done bloggin...need to start on assignment


15 February 2010

[picture unable to upload...shesh]

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day
48hours cramped into 24hours
well technically Valentine's Day doesnt really mean much
so my relatives came over
kinda like a family gathering
we do it every year
then we had big dinner later

my sis, my aunt, my mum and i were playing blackjack
so dad gave each 4bucks
and guess what i ended with
35bucks!! XD
well my aunt cheated my money
cuz in the begining when i hit 21 she only paid me 1buck when she's suppose to pay my double
or else i couldve had more

heading off to johor tomorrow
be back only on thursday
gosh i havent finish my math assignment
and there's a stupid test after the holidays
and if you thought form5 add math is hard
this is WAY WAY WAY harder
and there's a test!!
*starts freaking out*
and im supposed to do my revision
and study the few chapters ahead for japanese
[yes i cannot relax]
i want to get into the top60 as anyone does
and it doesn mean having basic secures me a spot
call me weird
but i like doing homework
and when there's no homework for math
i feel like dying

well i've got to pack later

i guess this year Valentine's Day isnt much of a Single's Awareness Day. not that i cared. i've nvr celebrated Valentine's Day. lol. i sounded pitiful for a minute there. honestly Valentine's Day has never played an important role in my life. i have never counted down to Valentine's Day. sometimes i'd even forget it was ever Valentine's Day.



12 February 2010

。ひゃくろくじゅうさん の ポースト。

ok here's my daily routine in UNITEN.
get up at 7. catch the campus bus. get to class. have lunch. go to class again. catch campus bus. shower. dinner. homework. revision. sleep.
and i do it over and over again.

あさ しちじに おきます。バスで クラスえ いきます。 クラスから、ひるごはんを たべます。 それから もういちど クラスえ いきます。 バスで へやえ いきます。 それから シャーワを あびます。 ぺこぺこから、ばんごはんを たべます。 ともだちと しゅくだいを します。 それから ふくしゅを します。 たいへん ですね。 じゅうにじ ぐらい に ねます。

my class is called Heian.

わたし の クラス は へいあん です。

and the class representative is Wilson.

クラス の だいひょう わ ウィルソンさん です。

lol...ok i'll stop.
all in all it was a funy ride. the first three weeks. i'm so glad i'm in the first batch. xD. met a few otakus. some CF ppl. WHERE ARE THE COSPLAYERS?!?! uhhh...so sad...well i brought my camera to class. pictures are on facebook.

i've studied everything they're teaching within the 8weeks in the last 2years of saturday japanese classes. then again, i was half asleep during those classes. now is not the time to be slacking. i'm gonna have to get into the top 60. plus the interview at the end.general knowledge is not my thing. uhhh.

ou and maths!! oh dont get me started on maths! its worst than add maths man!! i am i person who loves add maths. and i find it hard. all the unknowns and the powers and the expanding and the factorisation. <(@_@)>

moral. i dont mind moral. the lecturer's bit off. but class is interesting. its more of like a self discovery class. lol.

english. english is fun cuz we have a fun lecturer. well it's more on presentation and speaking skills. and i screwed up my impromptu. ran out of topic. go figure. and its 15%. how sad.

KOKO. OMG KOKO. it doesnt suck as bad really. first class we did the chicken dance. which was funny cuz the guys were doing it funny. then we had to do some malay traditional dance. which was fun as well. surprisingly. then we had a boring session cuz it rained. then we went to the driving range!! yes. to play golf. and yes it was fun. my ball flew! my ball flew! well i had my share of air balls. LOL.

what else...

i dont have much to blog about...