08 June 2008

** Eleven **

Gah!! After what happened yesterday, i feel...erm...okay. I guess. Gosh it's the end of the holidays. It's back to waking up at 5a.m. for most of up. Staying back for koko. Homework. Teachers. Prefects. Recess. Well all in all at least there's friends to look forward to. Lol. I wonder if i did leave out any homework. Heh. Most definately i did. I know i will. Maybe when my modem gets repaired i need to organize my post again. Or maybe i'll be too lazy to do so. Ahhh...i'm happy i'm me.
Guess what!! I spent the whole day out today. I did have to deal with my mum again. But i tried this time. Not to scream. To be cool calm collected. XD. And i did apologize yesterday although i don't know what i did wrong. I figured it's better to say it at least making my mum feel a bit better. I talked to her today as well. Without getting into a fight. Believe me it wasn't easy. Suddenly, i feel as if i needed to patch the holes i made in the past. So, i had the whole day out. Had as much fun as i did yesterday. The last two days of my holiday. This round my mum reluctantly fetched me to train station after tuition. She don't like it actually. To her it's like kinda dangerous in a way. But she let anyway. Then i waited for Hydde and Aer. We go KLCC. Heh. I had to get to the other station to wait for them. And guess what!! I made RM25. Hahaha. Actually i kinda had my artblock with me thinking i'd get inspired on the train or something and i did. I saw the cutest little girl. She had like real big doll like eyes. She practically look like a doll. So cute!! And she was with her mum. Duh... She was staring out the window opposite. From her reflection i started drawing. And well it didn really turn out like her. I kinda turned it to anime. Lol. I got a shock when i saw her sittin beside me. She asked n i told her i was drawing her. And she told her mum. Lawls. I tot her mum was gonna kill me for it. She end up offering me money for that drawing. Speechless much. I wanted to just give it for free since she wanted it. I'm being humble la actually. Heh. But she paid me 25bucks anyway. Then i met up wit Hydde and Aer. Started la the crapping. The two like ten thousand years din see me liddat. Running to me. Well, if there weren't ppl like that it sure would be hell of a bore. Half way there i hungry. So i ask for icecream. Lawls. First thing Hydde ask was whether i brought my wallet or not. He was suppose to buy what, so why should i bring. Den i think Aer got sick of the two of us. heh he gimme sweet. We're like the noisiest in the train la. Got ppl shush us but.....no effect. I tell you we all talk until we almost forgot to leave the train. The door wan close only we all running out. The ppl inside must be rejoicing ade when we left. Lol. Sheila!!! Gosh i tot she din come so i didn like wait. I see everyone come ade, including Apple, WengYan, Mimi, and er...yea...bloody Hydde went and ask blueberry(his fangirl from camp btw) to come. So i saw her and i had to contain my laughter all the way. She was like stuck to Hydde for the whole day. I think if she can go into the toilet with him she'll follow. Haih. She don't follow Hydde, she come stick to me. Dunno what crap she talk oso. She's trying to act all smart and artistic and funny. But i don't think it's working. And it gets so freakin irritating when practically she repeats whatever i say. OMG, David, thank you so much la man. Lol David went and told blueberry, Hydde isn't interested in girls. I was watching from behind. At that time Hydde was like fussing over what a stupid name to name a shop "GIRLS". Sheila and i laughed like hell la. Den guess what blueberry did...she came and stick with ME now. Out of no where she ask whether i was a lesbian. Oo. I heard you laughing, Hydde!! I seriously didn't know how to put my words. I mean the question hit me like a bullet. I jus blinked. Lol. I started to think whether blueberry was a lesbian now tat she figured Hydde is gay. Omg la...i dun wan her!!!! Damn it!! Hydde i'll seriously kill you for bringing her!!! She stuck to me the whole time...TT i wan talk to Apple jie oso cannot. Sheila wan talk to me oso cannot. Bloody hell la. She like some super sticky gum stuck at the bottom of my shoe. We went to Starbucks. Leg tired ler. They sit and drink. Hydde take me go buy ice cream!! XD. Thank you so muchie!! He like made sure there was no nuts. N he actually brought me to all the ice cream available stores there. Lol. He end up buyin McFlurry for me. ^^. Well, better than nothing wat. blueberry sure go green ade.Lol.Nvm la. De gay is buying for a girl la no big deal la. Lawls. The two of us fighting over tat one pathetic McFlurry all the way back to Starbucks. Everyone stare one kind. Got tat cheeky smile on their faces. I was more than overjoyed when blueberry had to go. But i acted sad anyway. Hydde stuck to me for the rest of the day. Went back around 7. Take train. Noisy in de train agn. Meet up mum. Silence.

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