20 June 2008

** Sixteen **

i know...two posts in a day is kinda cliche...
but i'm emo-ing once more
it's not like i wanted to
i WAS happy just now when i posted.
fuck i have less than 10 minutes to post this
everytime i post my blog
someone would come in
my mum
my dad
my sis
whoever it is
i chase them out
and what do i do when they dont move?!
i scream
i dont give a fucking damn if ur my dad or my mum
i dont give a shit what youre gonna do to me
it's my blog and when i say
i mean it
so fuck my dad for not moving
first of all i wasn't being rude
HE came in
do whatever that is he wanted to do [fuck cares]
and then
the worst thing he could ever say
fucking hell!!!
he said i was
earth to dad....
i'll waste all the time i want
it's my time
i told him i wasn't wasting my time
typical me to stand my ground
damn my stupid mouth
then he threatened to remove my user profile
threaten to delete all my stuff
threaten to band me from the comp
and he can dare tell me the day before that
fucking hellll!!!!
he was blackmailing ME
for chirst sake if you're gonna tell me to do good
you're gonna have to start first
bloody hypocrite
if you're gonna go all fucking bastard at me fine
i'll be a fucking bitch to you then
for my entire life
you go all wise jedi at me
owh youre so good
owh youre so awesome
owh youre so cool
owh youre so sporting
and now i dare say
fuck al this bullshit you've been feeding me
for the past 15 years of my life
fuck it all!!!
damn it!!!
it's like writing your own diary...
you need effing PRIVACY
to do so
how the hell am i suppose to write down my thoughts
when i have a FOOL
reading behind my shoulders
it's freaking DISTURBING
. . . R A C H E L
P O T A T O . . .
fuck my screwed up life sometimes
fuck it all

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