02 November 2012

Hello November. :)

Proper update as promised. ( i must be mad. i still have work to do and here i am blogging )

Crazy. I'm turning 20 in exactly two weeks. ( god i feel old. even if my boyfriend said my hairstyle made me look 15 today. ) Its so stupid how for the past few years my birthday has been aligned with some major ass thing like a big exam or well in this year's case its assessment week. So yeah. So stupid. I want to celebrate my birthday in peace instead of having to worry bout shit.

I have been having the urge to type the wrong word as i write this post. Why brain?!

Parents came down last weekend. Honestly, I dont know why but I dreaded seeing them. Not that I hated them or anything. I just... I dont know... Maybe meeting them was like taking away some microscopic freedom i had. MICROSCOPIC. This boarding school I'm staying at is a fucking prison. And their SOP is so fucking annoying. I honestly hate this place and its restrictions. Even if there's a full court for me to slalom in peace, its not worth the price of having people ride up my ass every time im not back by 10pm. ( this included if im maybe 5mins late ) And the fact that I have to have my parents write me out if I wanted to stay out. Then we have this crazy two faced lady who shares the same surname as mine. Super nice and shit on the surface. Fucking insensitive at the most inconvenient of times. Then we have the noisy girls in my block. Laughing and screaming in the hallways like they're the only people here. And one who blows her hair at 1am everyday. Yes. I am not kidding.

I hate this place.


I'm staying for another next year.

For my sister.

Crazy. How I went into Lasalle pretty confident about going into 3D. And now I am caught in the middle again. I love both 2D and 3D. I love how I get to work hands on in 2D. How you get to see your own hard work and persistence in your project come to life. How most of everything i done by hand and not dependent of a piece of technology. How most things seem limitless. But I also love how 3D serves as a new media for me cuz all the while ive been doing traditional art. Have always wished to go digital but attempts have been futile. I like the balance the two provide for me artistically. I like the feeling that I can accomplish something with or without the help of a piece of program.

So sad I have to pick for next year.

So fucking sad.
Did I mention, My 3D lecturer hates me. 

But I think I have grown artistically.
I think. 


Just saying. :)

Oh yeah. 

There's this boy in my life. 

Le happy pill.

But he sleeps A LOT!! ( im not kidding ) That aside, he's an amazing guy. imo anyway. Thought I'd never find someone who did as many things as I did. :) Crazy boy never listens to me half the time. I think we make a really random bundle of randomness at times. Sometimes i like to instigate his curiosity knowing it kills him not knowing though its really nothing. Its funny watching him try to dig it out. I like how he puts his arms around my waist. And kisses on my forehead. Pretty magical being his girl. There's not one day spent with him that would be the same as the other cuz something stupid would come up. Most of the time from him. At times he cares too much he forgets to care for himself as well. Not that its a bad thing. Yes. Even with most people treating me like a princess. He does too. I think I got so used to it some times it feels like I have my own personal man slave now. lol. Still love him nonetheless. Though he probably thinks he's not good enough for me yet. ( like most guys would ) Heck. I feel like he's too good for me. lol. Go figure right?! Honestly speaking, I'm pretty happy. :) Rather glad I gave you a shot. 

Though. Sometimes. I'd wish he'd send me back more often. I mean. I took the effort to go all the way there to be with him. Least he could do is send me back. Not complaining. Then again, its stupid. I can go back on my own perfectly well. Pft.
But it'd be nice.

I shall go back to my work now. :)

I shall update more often.