29 July 2009

I fell today. Trying to squeeze Theeviyah to the door. Slippery floor. Frictionless shoes. And a stupid act. I fell in front of class. Got back up and started laughing. I can't load the picture here with my dad's phone. So the picture's on my facebook page. Whoever wants to see how hard I fell. Search my full name and look for my all famous face. I need to catch up on my physics. I miss my tuition classes and the teacher in schol does give a damn. All she wants to do is finish the syllabus. So I have to do self studying. Gosh. Time to study. I have one month to buck up before my trials. So those seeking me on msn or yahoo I won't be around unless I need to. If it's really urgent like ur gonna die in five seconds then okay. Or else don't bother me.

20 July 2009

i know i've been neglectig my blog. even if i were to blog everyday i'd be saying almost the same things.

i need to start studying.


we were in maths class and [T] said, "sin cos tan." and [L] from the other end of the class exclaimed, "sign contract?!"

Homophone. [K] said, "Homofolk?!" [R] said, "Fomoholk?!"

i was yawning like nobody's business that day so [K] said to [R], "I'm yawning." and [R] went, "Johnny?!"

we were in class doing duty. as usual [T] is screaming like some aunty, "Push Slightly! like a lady!" then [K] said,"Ladies don't susun meja!" [T] said, "Then what are we?! Terminator?!?"

we were getting up from the benches after eating to go for practise. i got up with my sketch book in my hand and accidentally swung and hit [M]'s chest and she exclaimed, "Ouch! My Butt!"

i don't know what was happening but [R] said to dudu, "Move your leg! Chicken leg!"

[T] was singing, "Vai know you vant vee." (i know u want me)

[R] was doing duty. [T] asked her to throw the rubbish but she didn't want to. [R] did anyway and left the dustbin on top of the bigger dustbin and said, "Class report. Dustbin di atas dustbin."

it was add maths class. Pn. Chan was teaching trigo and said, "2pai(π)" and [K] happily excliamed, "Squirrel!!"
then we were drawing the tangent graph and [S] said, "Who drew near the air kentut?!" (acentode)

[R] sang, "1-300.." [K] continued, "Squirrel, squirrel!" [T] added, "Nut Mac Special Delivery!"

[T] was asking for graph paper from [S] and [S] scolded, "Does my face look like some graph paper man to you?!"

[T] said during class, "My heart was laughing inside."

[T] went, "UHH!! UH!! UHH!" (monkey sound) and [SH] went, "Why you giving your native sound all?!?" then [S] said, "Babboon in the shower!" and [T] responded, "UH! UH!! UHHH! SOAP!! UH! UHH! UHHH!! SOAP!!"

we were making noise in class and [L] said, "EH! don't make noise! Public!" and [K] said, "What?! Bubbling?!"

[M] said, "Different colour." and [T] exclaimed, "Fertile colour?!?!"

we were on our way back from the canteen and [T] asked, "Did you watch 10 000 B.C.?!" and [L] exclaimed, "Plankton's house is missing?!?!"

we were packing up out stuff to go home and [T] said to [R], "Ramya, the yellow train is gonna come out." and we just stood there and continued talking and [K] asked, "I tought the yellow train was going to come out?!" and [T] said, "It went back into the terminal."

[L] said, "later Pn Chan said i nyanyuk." and [Jo] said, "Pn Chan gonna play piano?!?"

[K] said, "Premutation." [T] exclaimed, "Pre-omelette-tation?!"

we were in sejarah class and [S] said, "Lee Kuan Yew." [K] said, "ikan yu?!"

[R] was singing in class, "Why'd you have to take my loveee..." then [S] said, "I didnt take your Michael." and [T] contributed some more, "Huh?! Somebody wants to cycle?!"

it was maths class so the teacher said "Greenwich Meridian." and [R] looked at me and said, "Green DIsh Meridian?!?"

i banged my head on my table and [R] said, "She's blob...eh...no...BOB"(from monsters vs aliens)

Umi wanted to pay school fees so she said, "School fees." then [K] said, "Snow peas?!" and [T] another one, "Sushi?!"

then i was doing my work during class and finished so [K] exclaimed, "Teacher, i finito!!" and [T] said, "What?! Your cornetto?!"

Pn Judy was in class and said, "That can wait." [M] said, "Black and red?!" [R] added, "Black and head?!"

[R] was singing in class again and Andrea said, "Ramya you're spoiling the song." and [R] replied, "If i wanna spoil or coil or pour oil and make cincau, why do you care?!?!" and [T] exclaimed, "Then it'll be OIL CAU!!"

[T]:Noise source.
[R]:Noise sauce?!?
[T]:Yeah. The cousin of soy sauce.

some girl came into class calling some girls so she read from the paper, "Umi...ah...Uma..." then [S] said, "We have a new student in our class, UMA! relative of puma." and [T] said, "Uppuma?!" and [K] said, "Kurma?!"

[K]:Yellow train
[T]:Yellow shit?!
[K]:Yea. My shit got sulphur for you la...
[T]:Yea. maybe it's a mixture of tweety.

[L] exclaimed during class, "Winter in Melbourne." and [R] looked at me and said, "We'll turn into turbans?!?!" and [T] went, "Who hang curtain?!"

i ate pedas today and was laughing so hard it hurts so [K] told [T]," Shut up la. i'm gonna vomit out my pedas!!" and [T] said, "Peanuts?!"

Pn Ong was teaching today and she said, "(b) how?" and [R] looked at [K] and the both of us exclaimed, "Pu Yau?!"

[T]:I was sitting on the sofa...
[Jo]: Stove-fa?!
[T]:What?! There's a stove in the sofa?!
[R]: Yeah. then when you sit one it, it'll be like...fuuussshhhh!!!
[T]: Like some jacuzzi. JAKUTA!!


now i need to rush to do my homework.
oh almost forgot

[T] = theeviyah
[L] = lavania
[R] = ramya
[K] = kong (me)
[Jo] = joanna
[S] = syarifah
[Sh] = shangeeth

10 July 2009



honestly i am VERY ticked with my school. and i personally am VERY DISAPPOINTED with my class.

we had drama practise today. signed and confirmed. in black and white. we had first 3periods of add maths. Pn. Chan took the first Pj period as well. so Josephine showed her the permission slip and it was so OBVIOUS she was UNHAPPY with it. "Go la. It's signed already. I can't do anything about it." we took our stuff and went down to practise.

i don't understand WHY was she so irritated with us going out. it's not like we LOVVVEEEEE to skip add maths. and she claims its "VERY HARD" to get the Pj period for add maths. Miss Boey was opening the period for ALL SUBJECT TEACHERS WHO NEEDED THE PERIOD. and asking was very hard?! is it Pn Chan?!?! and Pn Chan was pin pointing LAVA throughout the ENTIRE CLASS. bombarding her. just because she was the only one in class, amongst those that were active cause most of us were in the drama. and Shangeeth wasn't there. LAVA sat somewhere in front and she just kept going on and on at her. she asked rethorical questions and expects LAVA to say the answer she expects. Pn Chan asked LAVA, "Don't you find your class mates very proud?!" and LAVA said, "No." who are you to judge whether we're proud or not Pn Chan. You're not god to be the judge of our character. have you seen yourself in the mirror?! maybe i should get yoou one for your birthday since maybe the one you have is broken. then Pn Chan went, "Don't you feel like you're in groups when you're in clas?! unlike other classes." in groups?! IN GROUPS?! 4Sc1[2008] was the MOST UNITED CLASS in the history of united classes. what do you mean in groups. wrong move Pn Chan. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. COMPARE US WITH THE OTHER CLASSES. NEVER. i don't understand why all teachers have to do this. compare. compare. compare. during P&P, Pn Chan went, "Okay, answer anyone?! except for LAVA cuz her heart is with them downstairs." what is your problem Pn Chan. not happy with us going for drama go tell Pn Ng or something la. don't fucking pin point on LAVA. and just because the rest of the GROUP1 elements aren't there, doesn't mean you can pick on the one that's left. excuse me Pn Chan. give me ONE VALID reason, WHY we had to thank you for letting us go?! even if you didnt let us go, we would've went. WE HAD PERMISSION FOR THE HIGHER AUTHORITY. why the fuck would we even think of saying thank you and when all you said when Josephine showed you the slip was, "Go la. It's signed already. I can't do anything about it." what do you want us to say Pn Chan?! Thank you for letting us go against your will?!?! if you haven't notice Pn Chan, you've just UNLEASH MONTHS of wound up emotions on one girl. and you had to pick the perfect time to do it. you just had to fucking do it didn't you?!?! and you call us rude. Pn Chan asked, "LAVA, why you didn't join the drama girls? you wanted to join right?!" seriously Pn Chan. i would've shouted at you even if it meant throwing me out of school and demeriting our class and whatever bullshit the school's going to do to me. you were being unreasonable to LAVA. you were being unreasonable to us. i got to hand it to you. YES. we are noisy and playful. since when were we ever RUDE. LAVA was just encouraging Shangeeth cuz she couldn't do the question, "remember the song Miss Goh taught us?!" then Pn Chan overheard, "What. Are you going to sing in class?" personally. what the fuck is wrong with you and singing?!? it's not like we're tone deft or something. we sing nice songs okay. and she made LAVA sing the song Miss Goh taught us when we were in Form3. and made a statement, "Ya. Maybe i should sing that song before i enter your class." seriously Pn Chan. i don't mean to be rude. but do you have to do such a thing?! was it really neccessary to go all out and bombard all of us.

and what hurts me the most is NONE OF YOU SAID ANYTHING. all you guys did was sit there and let LAVA take the beating. i tell you, FATIN and HANANI you two better fuck off. go jump off a building. before i do something far worst to you two. you know what they said?!! they said, "Memang pun. Group depan tu memang selalu over." you wanna piece of me bitches!! just because you dumb retards cannot speak don't need to take it out on those that ACTUALLY SPEAK UP. heck you can get all the A1's you want biotches. lets see how you do when it comes to the interview. i don't understand. what's wrong with speaking up?! HELLLOOOOO PN CHAN WAS DISSING OUR CLASS. DO SOMETHING!

you know. if you didn't like us making so much noise in class. you could always tell us. its not like we'll beat you up. instead of saying things as if shooing us away.

well. in this case, "us" no longer reffers to all 34 of us.

so this marks the date where ZAMAN KERUNTUHAN KAMPUNG SEMANGAT starts.


the only thing i can do now.
is hope that this crumpled up paper can be perfect again.

08 July 2009

i'm frustrated.
i was rude and i didn't even know about it.




ever held a knife
while helping in the kitchen
and wanted to chop off ur hand
ever watched cars
pass you by
and wanted to cross directly in it's path
ever walked pass a repair shop
and wondered what it's like
to connect yourself to the car batteries
ever stared at the thunderstorm outside
and glance down to the pool below
thinking of jumping in for a swim
ever stared at the main switch
with your hand drenched
and wanted to switch it on

no brainer rachel...



07 July 2009

okay. i've got two pages of lameness filled again. xD

i needed paper. so i turn to theeviyah and said, "Give me paper." and theeviyah went,"Liquid paper?!" so i repeated myself, "Give me paper." and theeviyah is some deft pig went and said,"Clipping paper?!?"

Lavania was immitating russell peters, "I would like to buy your couch." and theeviyah said, "cowshit?!?!"

ok. we were talking bout possible form4 head prefects. not like there were any. then i said, "What. They're gonna pick her. She's like one GIGANT."

Syarifah created an brand new iPod. iPod Durian.
and Theeviyah created iPod H2S [hydrogen sulphide aka fart].

we were bored in class so Theeviyah, Syarifah and I, we decided to play BINGO. so we call our numbers by turns and out of no where. less than 1 minute Syarifah yelled BINGO!!! so Theeviyah and I were like, "What the hell...why so fast..." and Syarifah proudly explained. she showed she crossed five numbers that made a line and said, "There, Bingo..."

we were having some discussion. i dunno what it was. it was a lame one. so Joanna goes, "I'm Jamal Malik,. Slum Cat." and Syarifah continued, "Yeah but you're not a millionaire. You're a centaire." and then Umi overheard and she exclaimed,"What?! sanitac?!"

It was Pn. Parimalah's class and she was dicussing the excercise she gave. she asked to show the last page of the excercise book so we all held up our books. and i heard Bowie singing, "Bendera berkibar di angkasa~" then Amirah was showing she book kinda diagonally. and Pn Parimallah asked, "Ada cikgu baru ke?!?"

we were having sejarah class. and so happen Rosli Dhobi stabs Duncan Stewart. so i have this thought and i told Ramya, "Put Duncan Stewart in the machine and put in fifty cents and tikam him."

Lava was jumping about during class. i don't know why. she just was. and Pn. Parimalah asked,"Why you jumping like cockroach kena shieldtox?"

Ramya was having extreme period pain. she was screaming and mumbling the whole day. during class she really got frustrated and threw her pen,"Okay! I'm not gonna copy!" and Theeviyah went, "Her uterus is saying "don't copy! or i'll contract!" ."

Ramya peeled off pieces of wood from the lab chair. and she broke them into tiny pieces and was poking me with them. "Pain or not....Pain or not..." then she got tongue tied, "Pine or not..." then i laughed, "Hahaha...fun or not?!" then she was poking my knee so i told her, "Ticklish." and that whole 'alamelu' issue returned. Theeviyah went, "Who's Fuddleish?! what's fuddleish?! you said fuddleish right?!?!"

it was chemistry class and we were talking about byproducts. and Ramya went, "the products that are bisexual." then we were at magerine and planta and Theeviyah and Ramya started converting everyone's names into planta. Theeviyanta, Shangeenta, Ramyanta, Michienta, Kongta. we were at the rubber chapter so somewhere between class ramya said to me "Condoms." and i exclaimed, "Corn dogs?!?!"

after Bio class theeviyah came to ramya and she was like sweeping ramya's butt. so ramya went, "What's this?!" and theeviyah explained herself,"Applying butter." so we went eeeeeeeee...and then on our way back to class theeviyah got mixed up with jam and peanut butter&jelly and said, "Japina Jelly."


di mana dia
David Archuleta
David archuleta
di mangkuk tandas saya
dia pondan
dia hodoh
dia macam budak kecil perempuan


shit i forgot what i wanted to blog about...
wait lemme think...

well i had taekwondo today. i don't feel so shitty anymore at least. but now i'm getting sick and tired or doing the same old thing. well, master says i should take my grading in august. and get my 2nd Dan [ black belt II ]. but i dont want to take my grading alone. do you know how much tension builds up even taking it in a group?!?! and now i'm gonna be taking it ALONE. which i'm scared. cuz the guy would be watching me and only me and i can't even hide my screw ups. so yes i am scared taking it alone.






hell no. you all don't go around gloating WE [5Sc1-ers] did not help you.

were you listening when we told you to work on your facial?! how can you smile and talk about death?! were you aware how DEAD your script was and the fact that it was similiar to the other school?!?! were you listening when we told you your tonality is all the same and there needs to be variation?!?! even a little humour wouldn't hurt you know?! it's not impossible you know?!?!
NO. you didnt listen.
NO. you were too proud.
NO. you were over confident.

don't blame us for not helping you. you did not want our help.

besides you had teachers to help you. when WE didn't. they all decided to come LAST MINUTE when WE were choral speaking. WE wrote our own script. added like 3 PAGES MORE. We did intonation, articulate, innouciate on our own. We were willing to spare time to STAY BACK and practise. WE took HOLIDAYS to come to my house to PRACTISE even if there was only HALF OF US.




look who's having the last laugh now FOUR SCIENCE ONE!!!


06 July 2009

stupid school. stupid teachers. stupid rules.

i don't mean to complain. but it's sometimes just down right stupid. my hair right now is like not so long and not so short but its over the collar. so by law i have to tie. even if it's only a 5cm long tail. and my bangs end up dangling. it's not like my hair is all bushed up like some afro style or something. it's neat . even my fringe is not falling all over my face. if my hair was extremely messy i would understand.

the school is such a biatch.

i think she loves me or something. by sheer luck she'd just bump into me. like today. my hair's tied up. ribbon tied. extra piercings off. bangs behind my ears. fringe to the side. just that my bangs sometimes slide to the front so i have to contantly push them back. just so happen i was walking this way and she was walking that way and our paths cross.

so she caught me for the second time. and asked me why i was out of class without a pass. hello lady!!! did u not see me walking with my class teacher there?!?! are you blind?!?! so i told her i was following my teacher to the hall. i guess she didnt hear me cuz she insisted i get back to class. then she threaten to tell and get me fired. i'm ending my school year already. does that matter?!?! so yeah she ask me to pin up like all the blody teachers here do.

i told her i'd get the pins from some prefect. heck. it be down right stupid if i pulled out pins from my pocket and my hair isn't pinned. and that'll just add to the lecture. and the bloody lady give me 5 minutes to get down to the hall and up three floors to show her. WOW. i went down the stairs. screw her. screw her. screw her. screw her. pinned my hair on the second floor and walked back up. showed her. and she asked me what class i was so i told her. and she just accused me for being the one who contributed the demerit to my class. for your information, i have NEVER gotten a demerit this year. so EFF off lady. and then that whole "you're form5 and you should be an example to your junoirs...bla...bla..bla..." what the junoirs need is a lot of self checking. cuz they're a whole lot of biatches just like the school. personally i'm not bothered what shit the junoirs turn out to be cuz they're a pain.


di mana dia-ah-ah. anak kambing saya-ah-ah.
anak kambing saya-ah-ah. tercekik makan fish ball.

05 July 2009

went for a wedding during the weekends and now i have a pile of homework waiting for me. isn't that swell...

HUGE dinner. everyone gets all dressed up for the special event. my feet hurts from all the walking. i was transporting the ang paus from one end to the other end of the hall in those miserable heels.

yeah. like oh my gosh. rachel wears heels.


well i got a blister on my left toe for that. other than that it wasn't so bad. after all i did dance in those heels for Phantom. long story short. the bride and bridegroom looked awesome. many people came. the place was packed. food was okay. funny thing was. after we finish dealing with all the ang pau money we couldn't even find a seat. they had to open a reserved table WAAAAYYYY at the back.

oh well...

the night was LOOONNNNGGG and draggy as all weddings are.

i'm running out of things so post.

cuz i've got homework on my mind.

P.S. Dai con & bon odori will be the last of my events. Parents say i need to focus.

go figure...
my grades suck...
i don't want to go for NS...
figured i'd go to an art school...
and run away from Form6...
cuz i'd probably die there...