10 November 2015

It's been months. I've graduated. Done some part time work. Now back home on a 6months contract. 

Pretty happy with my job so far. Being a concept artist is pretty fun I must say. Even if I'd work on my own time on a lot of things, I'd say work is enjoyable for now. It's only been the first week. So we'll see where that goes.

Excited for a project once more. Instead of dragging myself through a project because I need to graduate. It feels nice as an artist. Looking forward to greater learning experiences.

Yanked out my wisdom tooth couple days back and have been hurting for a few days straight now. I have one more to surgically remove after I have healed and then I would have removed all four of my wisdom teeth. 

I'm too wise for my own good. 

It's been hard. I've been scared. And the fact that I don't know anything sucks. I just know he's busy and I shouldn't bother him. I'd sit here n wait for whenever. And often times whenever never comes. 

It makes me feel so...unappreciated.

I'd often times be there to respond to messages because I made a point to do so. And maybe have put a certain someone way too high on the priority list than he deserves cuz obviously he doesn't do the same for me. 

It makes a difference how preoccupied he is with his other social groups than he is with me. How he would wake up knowing I've been wanting to talk to him but not text me the remaining of the entire day. Everything else is more important.

I just...don't feel like...I'm of any importance in his life anymore. Like I'm just trying to squeeze myself back in when obviously he doesn't want that anymore. 

And he just constantly give me excuses after excuses of why I have to be considerate of how he's feelings but he doesn't have to bat an eye about mine. Like as if I don't have any. Or I am expected to just keep them to myself.