28 March 2010

i've got nothing to do...i'm looking at pictures of shoes...OTL
i feel so broke

XBOX shoes...lmao gorgegousness...<3

this is so pretty...*w*

esther n i saw this yesterday at the curve...*wants*

but i found this...which look a lot nicer...

lol...see this is what boredom does to u

24 March 2010


note: this is the morning shift

Aiman Khalil HAHAHA. we have shifts daniel. im the morning shift :p
Rachel Kong all hail his big buttness~
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad I'm in the 24 hours :D but unluckily I can't keep up :(
Rachel Kong i 24hour shift la...LOL
アズラン ングイェン if aiman is morning, rachel is 24hrs?
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad all hail his big buttness~
Rachel Kong i was online the entire day yesterday
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad I am 24 hours too :O
Rachel Kong lol azlan's really slow....XD
Aiman Khalil yea, u know rachel rite. busybody 24/7 :p
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahaha speed up XD
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahaha busybody,its her pic what XD
Rachel Kong so instead of yelling "off with his head!!" daniel will yell "off with his butt!!"
アズラン ングイェン yes obvious ly i am slow...and my internet is slow...=.=
Xue Hui Tan 第五課 is chapter 5
Rachel Kong what r u complaining aiman!! its thanks to me you all have plenty of pictures for AJL
Xue Hui Tan hibu wa doko desu ka?
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad lol
I didn't watch Alice In Wonderland yet :/
Anyone Alamnda today?
Rachel Kong alamanda too far for me...ou when u see alice...think of me...XD
アズラン ングイェン hai, hai...arigatou gozaimasu, ojou-sama...
Rachel Kong especially the ending part...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Xue Hui Tan
你很聪明 :D
Aiman Khalil rachel : oh so u nak ungkit la ni :p HAHA
ahmad : sumimasen. okane ga arimasen. soshite alamanda chikai uchi kara desu.
Rachel Kong i hate the fact i cannot read mandrin
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahaha I think I'll think of you when I see the cat XD
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ni hen congming to pronounce it :D
Xue Hui Tan alamanda is too far from my house... lol
Rachel Kong eeee...i dun want the cat...the cat's AIMAN!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Aiman:Zamendsune~
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahaha LOL
It's too far for me too lol just saying :D

The cat is AIMAN :O
アズラン ングイェン haiz...this chain reaction of notifications...just reminds of a sniper hiding on a glitch spot continously shooting at people in a narrow alley...
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン wat the freak?????
i watch youtube and come bak and got so mant notifications d?????
u guys are sick la....
rach: yeah.... my butt says ohaiyo:P
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad but the person didn't die at the end,right?
Aiman Khalil hw come im the cat -____-
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahha lol
what did you watch la Daniel?
yesterday's vid ah?
Rachel Kong hahahahah!!!
@azlan PEW! PEW! PEW!
@miyazaki what person?!?!
アズラン ングイェン well...i'm on the verge of death....
Rachel Kong oh no no no u can be the madhatter...fits ur old hair...
アズラン ングイェン dare no furui kami?
Rachel Kong NOOOOOOOO AZLAN!!!! dont leave qasya fatherless!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad I don't know what person.It's in Azlan's in Azlan's ontext
Aiman Khalil who's the madhatter :O im lost -___- hahaha
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad *in Azlan's context lol
Rachel Kong madhatter is the guy with the hat laaaaa the tea party one...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahah The Handsome Johny Depp
Aiman Khalil i know la. but who are u referring to as the madhatter :O
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン ahmado: just some mv la...

everyone: are we going for 600???
Rachel Kong YOU LAAAAAA since u dun wan to be the cat
Rachel Kong WE ARE GOING FOR 1K!!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Daniel we are actually aiming for 1000 ;)
Aiman Khalil HAHAHA. fatterwacken fatterwacken :D
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha I wonder who started that lol
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン i got 600!!!!!!!!!
アズラン ングイェン minna-san, chotto mate kudesai...watashiwa chotto tsukaremashita...
ok... now i puas... wats up wif alice in wonderland la...
Rachel Kong daniel really sad acse.....daniel can be the Red Queen
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha soudesuka
well just so you know I'm gonna get the 1000 XD
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahhhaha LOL
You be the Red Queen that is up in Alice in Wonderland
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Rachel I don't understand Shanghainese..=_=
Xue Hui Tan where u all fly adi .... i'm so blur @@
Rachel Kong who you?!
we have aiman as the madhatter and daniel as the red queen
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahha Futterwhacken XD
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン lol:P
dun wan:P
my right butt wil be twedle-dee and my left butt wil be tweedle-dum:P
then both cheeks can futterwhackenn!!!!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad and Rachel as the Cat XD
Aiman Khalil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8DNPnzu2to&feature=related :D
Rachel Kong LMAO!!!! AND I'M ALICE
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahahahhahahahahhhahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah
LOL Daneil XD
Aiman Khalil ahmad can be alice XD
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad yeah! I'll be ali-say what?
ahahah Aiman aishiteru for the video lol
that hurt didn't it? that dance
Aiman Khalil HAHAHA. tht will do. very sopan xp
Rachel Kong ahmad be very soft...
アズラン ングイェン soft or gentle?
Aiman Khalil no la, im used to it. practise makes immunity XD
Rachel Kong soft and gentle
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha nani?
Rachel Kong LMAO!!! yea aiman u need to grow back that hair...
アズラン ングイェン lol...
アズラン ングイェン and make it red....
Rachel Kong now we have
Aiman as the madhatter
Daniel as the Red Queen and his butts tweedle dee and tweedle dum
Ahmad as the White Queen

Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad sorry sorry sorry sorry
next time next time next time baby
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad I rather be the grasses
Rachel Kong he needs the hair or the hat wont fit
Rachel Kong lol...grasss is for rumput...LMAO
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad owh yeah lol
how long do you need it to be actually?
アズラン ングイェン then lalang mana?
Aiman Khalil and we have rachel as the cat XD HAHAHA. give me two to three months and my hair will be back to normal :D
Rachel Kong T^T i dont wanna be the cat!!! AZLAN BE THE CAT!!
Rachel Kong no azlan be the bunny!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha for now Rachel have to do double shift.
As The cat and The mad hatter
Rachel Kong lol...i tot madhatter was aiman...LMAO AZLAN'S THE CAT!!!
アズラン ングイェン wat the...why dun luqman be the bunny...i dont like hopping...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad The Bunny looks retard.Even though it looks more to crazy
Aiman Khalil rachel can be the mouse :p
Xue Hui Tan gosh... i really cant catch up... give up ... >"< Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad you could hip hop if you don't want to hop :D
Rachel Kong oh how dare u aiman...angel the the mouse...silent killer
アズラン ングイェン ...i dont like purple...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Nooooo don't give up.You can say random things like.... "ahahahaha that's funny"
Rachel Kong its ok azlan u can shapeshift....XD
アズラン ングイェン i'll just turn invinsible...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahaha shapeshifter
Rachel Kong and now we have
Aiman as the madhatter
Daniel as the RedQueen with his butts tweedle dee and tweedel dum
Ahmad as the WhiteQUeen
Luqman as the Bunny
Azlan as the Cat
Angel as the Mouse
OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO lets remake alice in wonderland
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad Rachel didn you cry at the end of the movie?
Rachel Kong no...i didn...i rarely cry in movies...
アズラン ングイェン And we also have the rumput and lalang that we step on...=.=
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad owh then in what specific story did you cried?
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad There will be blood,since I don't know how the story goes...
Rachel Kong there's no lalang there
アズラン ングイェン kena potong edi wat...
Rachel Kong TRANSFORMERS 2!!! i cried watching optimus prime's blue eyes flicker off...so saddd... THERE IS PURPLE BLOOD!!!
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad its fake actually,zamendesune アズラン ングイェン wtf...he died then rise up again like Skeleton King in DotA...
Rachel Kong @azlan teachnically u dont step on grass u just float around
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad oh yeah,I almost cried... ahaha but it was damn cool when he combined with Jetfire! okay not going off topic.How did Alice in Wonderland start?
Rachel Kong um u didn watch?!?! GO WATCH LAAAA
アズラン ングイェン damn...
アズィム モハマド its start when alice gonna get married with hansamu prince charming~haha Rachel Kong technically the movie's different from the book...a bit...
Rachel Kong "hansamu" he's the ugliest thing i've ever seen
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OgYWLSrmlI hmm ahaha will do
アズィム モハマド hey....he got digestion problem~cool!
アズラン ングイェン ARGH!!! CONNECTION SO SLOW!!!
Rachel Kong azimu can be the RedQueen's fella...i dunno what's his name...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahah ugliest thing you've ever encountered lol
Rachel Kong EXACTLY!! well azimu he's all urs if u like him...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad so I'm gonna marry who? who's the prince again? lol
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad NOOOO DX
アズィム モハマド im not so into alice~!!i hate dat movie.... u know when i enter de theatre.... first thing i saw was babie's trollies~ eerrgghh~
Rachel Kong u dont marry anyone...ur the WHite QUeen
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad did you happen to vomit?
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad oh right lol 682 and nearing 700 *_*
Rachel Kong i didn see baby trolleys...u went to the wrong place...well since u hate it u can be the villian...XD no...
アズィム モハマド miyazaki is johny depp laa~ try say "y is crow look like a table?"
アズィム モハマド nope.... im already in percy jackson as percy~haha
Rachel Kong tat's not the exact line...EH he dont got the hair to be the part
Rachel Kong its ok...its a small role...u can handle it...XD
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad oh sorry Rachel lol was asking to Azeem here. Do you happen to vomit when you see the troleys? A crow looks like a table because the japanese said so..
アズィム モハマド sorry i dont remember stupid line~
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad you still have 10 minutes =_= get up soldier!
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン lol:P u guys are sick... did u notice... i show up like 10 comments b4 the next 100:P
Aiman Khalil i just went down for a while to eat, and this happen -.-"
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad of course I noticed that Daniel >:)
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン lol:P ei...
i dun wanna be the red quenn la.... zzzzz
shes sick...
Aiman Khalil sabar la, i mkn kejap td -.-"
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad owh I am going to eat my big apple donuts then,want to join?
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン haiz.. aiman got th 700th... darn it....
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha overtime!! since you got the 700th XD
Aiman Khalil hahaha. its okay. i had cekodok. its tht hw u spell it -.-
Rachel Kong hahahahahahaha!!!! too bad for u daniel...
Daniel Choon ダニエルチュン lol:P ahmado.... i want big A:P
Aiman Khalil really? COOOOOOOOOOL ! :D
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad A?
A for Ahamado :D
Rachel Kong LMAO...technially there's no overtime for 24 hours
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad CEKODOK!!
Aiman Khalil thts how u spell is it?
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha no lol
isn't it suppose to sound somthing like cengkodok?
eh wait... :/
Rachel Kong lol....well as long as u know what it is...it does really matter
Aiman Khalil no -.- its pronounce as cekodok. but idk how to spell it.
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahahaha quite true there young girl :)
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad hmmm both seems right though
アズラン ングイェン if this keeps up, by tomorrow can reach 1000...
Aiman Khalil shit, salah eja -.-" haha
Rachel Kong LOL...ok aiman ur shift is over...LOL
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad ahahaha bye Aiman XD
Azlan what song(?) is that?
アズラン ングイェン LOL....sayonara, berus-san
Aiman Khalil jya, mata. HAHAHA. its mirae la ahmad.
アズラン ングイェン Mirai'e from Final Fantasy 9...its playing on my playlist now...
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad oh ahaha didn't get it >_<
Rachel Kong sushi king song
Miyazaki Gokudera Ahmad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzkGj9Q4lYk
A song for you guys to relax since its Hiruyasumi already.Well for me hehe
Rachel Kong hahahaha waiting for afternoon shift

23 March 2010

random pictures
taken sometime ago

pretty orchids

rin & len <3

thorny~ (lmao)

fly on my window!!

there's a shiny spider on the flower... open ur eye BIG BIG O_O

fleur de lys

fooling around with slow shutter

that's all folks...i'm too lazy

its unbelieveable how much i've been slacking off ever since AJL ended. well my mum thinks i haven't been eating there since when i came back everyone said i lost weight. so here's what happened. at home i have the fridge. packed with all kinds of snacks you can just grab and go. so when i get bored and need something to much on i just go and get it from the fridge and sit back down in front of the computer. in uniten, we have no fridge. thus no snacks. and i have to climb up 3floors everyday. and walk to the bus stop and catch the bus to class. and then at night i'd walk to the foodcourt to grab dinner.

so, it's not that i didnt eat.

looking back i really miss going to school. thought i'm glad i do not need to get up at 6 anymore. i dont miss school but i miss my friends there. and when AJL ended, i felt like shit that i had to go back early. if i knew my parents would take me back early i would've have asked them to come for my graduation. the 7weeks we had together kinda grew onto us and it felt bad that it's all coming to an end.

and i have an interview on saturday. scared.

i dont know why i took pictures of these. i saw them in ilmu. i went "ooooooo....mushroom!!!" lol...yea...not that i've never seen a mushroom before...well it's raining and i need to turn off the computer before something bad happens...


21 March 2010

okay. today's post. i just finished filling up four scholarship forms for Star Edu Fund. i have a terrible headache. and i practically wanted to write my birthday was 16/11/2010. and i literally forgot my phone number. lmao.

dont ask me why i changed my blog all the sudden. i just felt like doing so. i believe in simplicity. lol.

ladies and gentlemen and amphibians that read this yellow blog. (lol...yellow blog)
today's special, we have grass as your starter. rumput and your main course. and ice cream for desserts.
all carefully prepared by your very own chef, zafran amsyar.

and i will be your lovely waitress for today.

your starter begins with a tinge of teasing which leads to a string of constant "apa?!". carefully diced fish ball are added. and when the fish ball loses her elasticity, rubber is required to give it that fun feeling. and your chef personally went to pick the best one out there for today's special. quietly it is brewed with the slowest flame to aquire that shyness that lingers in the aroma of the dish. it is then tasted. not until the aroma disappears does the starter be served.

and there you have it ladies and gentlemen and amphibians. grass.

next we have our main course.
we have your everyday food. your assitant chef (which i have no idea who) fries the egg as we have ran out of seaweed to make onigiri. freshly picked tomatoes from our personal farm are squished and made into sauce to accompany this onigiri for todays special. it is then wrapped and placed in a bucket of green ice. a little bit of cream is added into the onigiri while it's still cold. your chef fries another egg cuz the useless assistant didnt do it too well. the rice ball is once again wrapped in the warm safety of the fried egg gently by your chef. the onigiri is then refrigerated for a while. your chef takes off his specs before doing so as it fogs up his specs when he opens the fridge. it is a rare sighting ladies and gentlemen and amphibians. and let me tell you, his eyes are small. (lol.this is gonna cost me my job.) ok, where was i... your chelf then gently slaps on some carrot milk onto the dish. then it is decorated with green gummiebears before serving.

ladies and gentlemen, rumput. (ehem..) ou...not forgetting amphibians as well.

your dessert is very simple. its just an ordinary ice cream. personally made from a famliy recipie brought down for generations. a string of caramel ribbon with biscuit crumbs. this ice cream takes approximately 2weeks to make to perfection. and yes, ladies and gentlemen and amphibians, it is made personally by your chef for today with tender loving care. not to mention a whole lot of patience. this is one icecream that is garanteed to make you smile.

therefore ladies and gentlemen and amphibians. enjoy your dessert.

usually i'd turn in before the chef even finishes cleaning up. but for tonight, your chef has been tired out and is currently sleeping on the kitchen floor. which by the way is hygienically proven to be bacteria, virus, dust and rain free.

thank you for dining with us.

please come again.

its late...


20 March 2010

i just realized i've stopped drawing for a very very long time. and i really miss doing it. though its kinda hard to get started again. uhhhh...

AJL just finished yesterday and now i'm home for good. filling up forms for scholarships and facebook-ing.


16 March 2010

i had a hell of a weekend. long story short. my dad simply refused to send me back to uniten. pointing out i had to prepare for the graudation performance and we havent started anything. i told him it was a must to take part. IT WAS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. then he went and asked DrNash about the performance thing and DrNash said it was a VOLUNTARY THING. which was NOT what he said to all of us the other day. i tell you these adults. say one thing and tell another thing. so my dad OBVIOUSLY thought i was tell HALF TRUTHS. and he had an impression that i had a hidden agenda going back so early. i made a big fuss. cuz i did say i was gonna be back by friday night. and we have so little time to prepare. and nicely DrNash says the graduation ceremony is a simple thing. so my dad went "DrNash says its a simple thing. so why are you making such a big fuss about it?!?!?!"

i'm starting to get irritated with the way these adult think.

i tell you something. my parents already do not trust me. then why would i be anymore stupider to make things worst for ME and lie some more?!?! why would i do and add salt to the wound. i'd be dont right brainless if i would actually attempt to make my own life any more miserable than it already is.

so there's this whole drama going on that my dad doesn want to send me back to uniten. how he doesnt want me hanging about with the malay guys. and how he only plans to send me for the graduation and take the bloody cert.

honest i like being in uniten. i like going to class every morning. catching the bus. waiting for the bus. eating together at the foodcourt. going to the pondok to make some more noise. i mean. through all the tension and competition to get into the top60, it was a really fun ride. then after this course ends, we'd all go back to where we came from. and obviously we wont be seeing each other that often anymore. darn. i hate this. uniten became my second home.


well our performance went well. and most of us are doing some malay traditional dance. (which obviously as you can see i forgot the name). yea anything traditional sounds boring. but really. i havent danced in such a long time. i actually had fun doing it. ^^ technically it was fun with all my friends doing it along. and i became some backup singer for theguys from 2nd batch that put together 2songs to perform.

awwww...i miss emmee...cuz now that she's gone back i'm sleeping ALONE. in the DARK. and i dont have anyone to sing song with me anymore. and eat maggie mee with. and talk for 1hour without even realizing it. lmao! emmee i no roommate de laaaa...T^T i wan sing meetoto!!

i seriously had fun. ask luqman to do love and joy and i ended up dancing alone. damn you luqman!! i've suddenly grown a liking for theater work man. singing and dancing. lol. OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME....@_@


i guess evryone's busy appling for scholarships now. i guess i've set my mind to do CG animation. i honest do like the idea of making my drawing come to life. and not just something that ends from pen to paper. whatever it is that i'm going to do in the future i dont really mind. as long as it's something i love doing. something i have a passion for. my dad on the other hand says i should do actuarial science. something like crazy advance superman mathematics. says that all i need to do is calculate. and the pay is very high. honestly money isnt really a factor for why i work. i dont mind as long as i like what im doing and do what i like. but my dad says it;'s better to do what i like as a side job. then i'm like...i wanna study animation. and you expect me to study animation and acturial science at the same time??!?!?!?!?! my brain doesnt function that way.

so now yea...again

what to do



love ya peeps~

13 March 2010

somehow when i went to school to collect my SPM results, i was neither excited or scared. i felt indifferent. and i didnt expect much. or so i thought. i tagged along with Ramya again. as usual. and when i got my results. i was utterly dumbfounded. not because they were any good. not because they were awfully bad. i didnt know what to feel. it was like a rush of mixed feeling that left my brain confused on whether to activate my tearduct or my face muscles to smile.

Bahasa Malaysia A-
English A+
Sejarah A-
Pendidikan Moral A
Mathematics A+
Additional Mathematics A+
Literature in English B+
Physics A
Biology A
Chemistry A

so i saw my results. i went "WTF?! B+ for Literature in English?!?!". then i felt like crying. i seriously did. then i stared at the A+ i got. English, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Anyone could've gotten A+ for those.

i guess i was so used to getting straight As' that when i didn have straight A+s' it was a really sucky feeling. i dont find myself proudly telling my parents about my results. i wasn't happy with it myself. yea its okay i guess if you compare mine with those who got 2As' or so. but then again why would i compare myself to them. so now i know what it's like to be in the shoes of those who didnt score straight As' for their PMR and i did. it truely is a really sucky feeling.

i didnt bother asking anyone their results. well i did ask a few. ended up making myself feeling even more suckier than before. then there were few insensitive ass holes that added salt to the wound. i guess saying i didnt have any expectations was a lie. i did expect something. guess i'm filled with disappointment cuz i didn do as expected.

seriously everytime i stare at my result slip it hurts.

it seriously takes something to happen to you before you understand why others cry over it. i'm okay with my results. just not proud of it. it's like watching everyone getting all the A+ in their result slips and i stare at mine. i feel like tossing it in the bin. its like, some of them dont even work as hard as you do and they get better.

what i never understood was why my literature in english was a B+. all this while i've been scoring A1 for it and all the sudden it's a B+. maybe the appearance of the B+ in my slip hit me like a oil tank. kinda knocked me out. put me into a black out state of mind. i never expect Literature in English to be a B+. and it pops out like some ugly thing on my slip.

i really wish i could gloat and be proud of what i got for SPM like most of them.

i cant.

but i went around forcing a smile on my face thanking all my teachers. i didnt find Pn.Rabi'ah. probably should. then again i got an A- for BM. other than that i met all my other teachers. i wanted to go see Pn.Lim as well. didnt have the time. seriously, everytime a teacher runs up to me wanting to see my results i felt like running away. i felt like crap that day. i still do.

i didnt want to blog about this either.

i was bored.

besides everyone's bound to know.

i might as well tell the world about it.

signing off,