30 May 2008

** Six **

okay...back to normal liao posting
Michelle's gonna plan "our" so called wedding
lol...seeming plan...xD
well, im off to Johor tomorrow which means i wont be around
to spam the cBox
to post on my blog
i'll be back on Sunday
so patiently wait yarhs...*muaks*
i spend whole day downloading songs
yeah nothing better to do
then forgot about tuition
give my mum scold
then Hydde sms...
poor Hydde's stuck in Johor for conferences and meetings
damn...he's coming back tomorrow and i'm leaving tomorrow
T^T okay this sucks
i feel so spaced out lately...
okay...tomorrow im going to Johor as a guy
i aint dressing like a girl
isn't that just what i always do anyway...
sobs i want to go to amanda's party!!!!
so unfair!!!!
my mum just finds millions of ways to ruin my life
i feel so left out...sobs sobs
if i said yes
if i said no
if i said maybe
and if i said never
would things change
or would they be the same
if i held a gun
if you held a gun
are you gonna pull the trigger
when i give you mine
and turn my back
if time ran out
if breaths are at lost
will you be there to grant time
will you be there to help me breath again
if no one came
if no one heard
if no one saw
if no one believed
what i have witnessed
would you thrust me
or them
if i said im sorry
if i said forgive me
if i said forget it
would you still stand by me
when i really needed you
cuz when it comes down to this
i have no other words to say
i humiliated myself today
and i dont wanna talk about it
cuz i did the stupidest thing ever

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