21 June 2008

** Seventeen **

I'm back!!!! finally
had a rushed out day today
went for japanese class in the morning
and well...i had trouble keeping up AGAIN
i can barely read my Hiragana let alone my Katakana
so i was like mumbling
trying so hard to read
i fail terribly at it
i havent even finished writing my katakana
and the lady was like checking the books
im failing my japanese T^T
after japanese class
my mum fetched me to my uncle's teashop
it is kinda new
and i kinda missed the opening xD
so i sat there drinking all sorts
of chinese tea
and listen to old people talk
we were about to leave for my music class
when Aunty Cat [dont ask why...i jus grew up calling her that]
well...she's not the old kinda naggy aunty
she's more of the fun loving
sporting kinda aunty
she never fails to goof around with us[me & my cousins]
i think among all my aunts
she's definately my FAV
i went to music class and had a hell of a scolding for not practising
i knew it was coming
so i sat there and just listened
it's not like i can defend myself in anyway
the entire time she was pissed
screaming at me and stuff
those who have BEEN to music classes
should know what happens when the teacher gets fired up
for once i just let her scold
bared with it
cause i know i am at the wrong
after that
my friend picked me up
we went for the DeathNote photoshoot
which was delayed for so so so so long
since the first round only "L" and "Light" showed up
and THAT became yaoi photoshoot
since at that time we didn't want to waste our efforts on getting there...
so today's photoshoot was F.U.N.
absolute fun-ness
well...i only recieved single shots of "L"
the rest is with the photographer
dunno what she's doing with them
the first photo [the one on the top of the post]
"Misa" took
some random shot with her phone on our way theree
i think it's one of my favourites ^^

i like the above as well...^^
the rest are still with the photographer
sadly...my wig person didn't come
so i didnt have a wig
so it's a bit crappy...
but it was so much fun...
there were people stoping to take a look
ahhh...you know some people...
they see cosplay and they wanna take
so our photoshoot took so long cuz of THAT
the photographer will snap one shot
and some random person waiting will walk up
to the characters and ask to take a picture
i climbed a tree today!!!
cuz they put a lollipop on te branch and
i had to climb
and it wasn't easy
i was more afraid of dirtying my shirt than falling

owh owh...^^
someone bought me a lollipop
i had a feeling she mistaken me for a guy...*gasps*
i caught her staring and smiling and playing with her hair
then comes the giggles
i thought she left when i saw her go
end up
she return with this green heart shaped lollipop for me
where the hell did she get it i do not know
she gave me the lollipop and the first thing she asked was
"L, do you have a girlfriend?"
=X im so mean....
then i told her i was a girl
and she was kinda disappointed in a way
in her face!!!
poor girl...xD
but since she gave me a lollipop...
well...bottom line was i made friends with her...
actually she reminds me a lot of me...xD
the green lollipop is still in it's plastic...
i dared not open it....
it's somehow a bit big to finish
but it stands proudly on my table...^^
then my mum picked me up
and silence restored...
i wasn't bothered to tell
she'll probably get paranoid again
which i do not want
we went out for dinner...
"L" had raw fish for dinner!!!!
i'm a bit mad right now...
i'm happy i'm happy
my posts are getting too longgggggggg

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