30 May 2008

okay...back to normal liao posting
Michelle's gonna plan "our" so called wedding
lol...seeming plan...xD
well, im off to Johor tomorrow which means i wont be around
to spam the cBox
to post on my blog
i'll be back on Sunday
so patiently wait yarhs...*muaks*
i spend whole day downloading songs
yeah nothing better to do
then forgot about tuition
give my mum scold
then Hydde sms...
poor Hydde's stuck in Johor for conferences and meetings
damn...he's coming back tomorrow and i'm leaving tomorrow
T^T okay this sucks
i feel so spaced out lately...
okay...tomorrow im going to Johor as a guy
i aint dressing like a girl
isn't that just what i always do anyway...
sobs i want to go to amanda's party!!!!
so unfair!!!!
my mum just finds millions of ways to ruin my life
i feel so left out...sobs sobs
if i said yes
if i said no
if i said maybe
and if i said never
would things change
or would they be the same
if i held a gun
if you held a gun
are you gonna pull the trigger
when i give you mine
and turn my back
if time ran out
if breaths are at lost
will you be there to grant time
will you be there to help me breath again
if no one came
if no one heard
if no one saw
if no one believed
what i have witnessed
would you thrust me
or them
if i said im sorry
if i said forgive me
if i said forget it
would you still stand by me
when i really needed you
cuz when it comes down to this
i have no other words to say
i humiliated myself today
and i dont wanna talk about it
cuz i did the stupidest thing ever

29 May 2008

[cursor over words to scroll]
day before yesterday was the last day of camp...
so im back at home now
yesterday spent the whole day in school for some ePPDA thing
and Phantom Of The Opera
so now only blog...T^T
~ Day before Yesterday ~
last day of camp
whu hu hu hu hu~
so sad....how i wish it lasted longer...
we didnt do much
just sat down and talked
about our reflections and our experiences
with our room mates
with the activities
with our team members
we left after lunch
so i still get my dose of ICE CREAM!!! xD
then i went around looking for these bunch of useless ppl
ask them to wait dunno how to wait
i had to go room to room to get them
well...at least i got everyone to sign...^^
should've brought more paper
who's fault is it everyone else had to squeeze in...
i told him not to sign to LARGELY
and de stupid guy never listens
there's one BIG spot there
i really am gonna miss camp
i wanna go back~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm gonna kill sheila when i see her
wehehehehe i got nothing much to pack
lepak in the room for so many hours
Hydde,u effing rich bastard...=X
has his very own assistant
and he's in love with his assistant
[although she's 30+]
i met his parents that day
i was practically like
ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na
shake hand oso got 5 seconds delay...xD
and his mother goes "thank you for taking care of our lil boy."
oO wow...lil boy
then what am i?!
tiny girl ar...xD
i can see it now...Hydde the Lil Boy Not-So-Wonder
lawls...im so bad =X
get into the car
and my mum start shooting the Qs
and well, duh i got pissed
and i definately cracked
so i screamed back
owh dont blame me...
if she was making perfect sense i wouldn't scream back
but she wasnt!!!!
so thats that
dun wanna talk bout it
spend the night smsing Michelle til 11
and Hydde til 5am
then i slept for 3 hours
WTF rite...xD
i know...
300 over sms in one night...
gonner my bill
~ Yesterday ~
woke up at 8
went to school for ePPDA
Neermala came but Ramya didnt
i got a shock of my life when she told me we needed to memorise
i was like WTF
we cant memorise millions of slides in two weeks!!!!!
we cant!!!
thank god we went through de rules and regulations
i was really relieved when they said we had to make a scrap book
of our slides
one for the judges
so no more memorising
we practically copied and paste some stuff from the past year's
somehow i feel this determination to win
or maybe its because it sucked so much to lose to the bloody CBN
lawls...its not like they're taking part anyway..
we practically had the slides all done
we just need pictures
and music
and videos
i think...that is if we wanna win
watever it is...
the power went out half way
so we hung out with the Phantom of the Opera cast
power came back and we're back to work...xD
we finished at 12
and i had bout 1 hour wait before i go for Phantom of The Opera
pity meeee
whole day in school
sat in de hall and talked to Michelle
yakity yak
then followed Bowie to her house
had lunch
and was back in school for Phantom of the Opera
ahhh well...
the choreographer came
made us stay til 4.30
we were all dying to go home
its the school holidays and we're in school
so we dismissed at around that time
i went home
slept off
really i was tired
after all i had only 3 hours of sleep
and took my bath
the rest of it is history...xD

27 May 2008

[this was yesterday]
well, besides the fact that i had to get up REAL early
camp has been so much fun!!!!!
after enduring ant hills and shaking trees
i'm pretty delighted that yesterday's wasnt as hectic
at least they let us catch breakfast
i need my dose of ice cream!!!! xD
just so you know...i've fallen in LOVE with paintballs!!!
and paint!!!
and everything else!!! xD
they gave each team and theme
REBORN -beta than nuttin-
lawls...lame name i know....but thats what we could come out with
i didnt quite get our theme actually
but i just went as if i knew what de bloody theme was
then i watch all the members grab leaves
and stones
and everything they could put their hands on
cuz we were suppose to create a scene that fits the theme
i had no idea what de bloody theme wanted
so i stood watching...xD [brilliant eh?!]
they came back to where i stood
with leaves and stones and vines in their hands
"we make rachel the small one"
i was like WTH "what small one?!"
"sadly our theme goes with our name"
"owhhhhhhhhh~" now i get it...xD
i had leave in my hair and in my pants for goodness sake!!!
so called leafy tail...xD
and all i did was sit there and stare when we were presenting
how nice...
well, besides being the laughing stock of camp T^T
we sat together for lunch after that
somehow i decribed the activities
as if they're VERY short
but they're NOT!!!
i always have my ice cream
and duh i was the first to return to the table
unbelievable actually
we didn bother to get our names til now
owh yeah...i miscalculated...i mistyped...they're like 9 ppl in the team
so...names...lets see if i remember
the oldest one among us is Sheila
followed by Aer [dont ask why his name is liddat]
and then Chong Vern
after that Hydde [double 'd'...its not a typo]
next will be Mimi
and Yii Feng
and David
after that Esther Yong
and Me
well, i havent celebrated my birthday YET
so i'm like 15++ somewhat xD
owh yeah...Hydde's my roomie btw
after lunch we had our free time for a quite a while
but i kinda just hung out in the room
fussing over Hydde's laptop
Hydde fussing our his guitar
yeah...in addition...was smsing Michelle
lawls...poor michelle...stuck doing nothing...xD
i wanted to blog yesterday
and besides Hydde's laptop ran out of power
Hydde likes the balcony
although there's nothing to see...xD
stupid guy...
[im being such a girl....*gasp*]
when the laptop ran out
i peeked through the sliding door
"Hydde...the laptop's dead"
"Good." he didnt even look!!! evil much...
"Hydde, the laptop's dead."
"Hydde!! the freaking laptop is dead!!!"
"I said GOOD!!!!!!"
heh...i made him crack...xD
gosh im being so immature
coincidentally...[[okay i hate this part]]
lighting came thunder strike
long story short
i screamed
and guess what he did
he effing burst out laughing
"it's not funny."
"yeah. it is..."
"it's NOT funny."
i screamed again [bloody thunder]
"relax. breath. thunder's not gonna come here and hit you"
i thought thunder was only the sound
i kept screaming for everytime the thunder strike...stroke...
i think it was by the fifth time i screamed he cracked...
"damn would you stop."
"you're like disturbing the peace."
"what peace?!"
"MY peace!"
"you have a peace?!?!"
"Shut up you screaming colourful ice cream eating monster."
if i wasn't so freaked out by the thunder i would laugh
Hydde laughed at himself anyways
"Hey! Hey! Hey! i say no!!!"
"why not!!!"
"cuz i said so...NO!"
"awwwww...come on...smile..."
"Hydde...you know you want me to...now SMILE!!!!"
"No. Can't do."
"i'm gonna put this in my blog...so you better smile."
"i'll stop screaming..."
"er...let you sing me a lullaby?!"
"xD good enuf..."
so i got his picture michelle!!!!
i'm acting like one of those fan girls
he went back inside
plugged in the battery to the laptop
there he goes fussing over his guitar again
i was sitting at the table smsing Michelle
about 5 minutes into it
and the sound stopped
oO he slept off...LAWLS
and and and and and and....
Hydde was talking in his sleep...xD
=X im such a bad roomie
i enjoyed this one the most
we left the room for dinner
and then we went to this porch or something
i dunno....
and what were we to do...
we do feet painting..LAWLS
saying it is funny enuf
you know...opening the bottles of paint
with your foot
is NOT easy
makes you feel so glad you had fingers...xD
but a few of us cheated..
out of the impatience
soon after we were all stepping and painting our hearts out!!!
peace didnt last long
Jonathan [i dont know who he is] inflicted paint
on Fret's face
Fret went "ouch"
that's why i used inflicted...xD
then we were no longer using our feet and painting
like in pre-school
we were
paint on each other
gosh...i became MULTI COLOURED!!!
and we ran out of piant
the end..
[as if~~~~]
some idiot went and grabbed the hose
and strted spraying water at me
why me!!!!!!!!
so i got wet
but at least she cleaned me off...xD
But im WET...dripping soaking wet
but i had fun
so that was that
we were back in the room by 11
yeah i was waiting for Hydde to get cleaned up
stupid guy won't get clean
it's like the paint diffused into his skin
back in the room
Hydde fell asleep like immediately
while i
wide awake
smsed Michelle
^^ okay thats all..
i'm already late for break fast...^^

25 May 2008

well, in my absence i guess ppl wondered why iw asnt online a stuff
cuz im usually a computer addict ^^
i'm stuck at camp actually
my rents sent me here
so im stuck here til tuesday
and hell yeah im happy my roomie brought his laptop!!!
i arrived the latest yesterday night
which was kinda memalukan in a way
checked in and joined the group
and then i started worrying whether i underpacked
cuz my bag was the smallest xD
well i only packed like 4 sets of clothes
and nothing else
so there's a lil side of me that started getting all paranoyal and stuff
we had to draw lots
get our numbers
^^ hehehehehe....i got number 13...wakakaka
the first 30 who checked in
they go around hunting for similar numbers of their roomies
well, technically it was like a tiny ice breaker
we were given exactly 1 minute to find
which technically wasnt much time
owh yeah...
and no one was supposed to say a thing
and we weren't allowed to mouth it out
or use our fingers
so there was a moment of havoc and fun
i stood watching everyone run about
looking and like mimming
and i started laughing...yeah
i stood alone laughing to myself xD
but i joined in the fun anyway
half way through i wonder what would happen
if someone chose the same number as someone else
some girl came up to me and shrugged her shoulders
technically asking what number i was
i was like...how de hell am i supposed to do 13
lawls..den i did the stupidest thing
i started hopping
lawls...yeah i hopped 13 times
and she nodded and left
GOD!!!! i hopped for no reason
and den everyone started hopping too
i was like "WTH CURI MY IDEA"
the counsellors sounded there was another 30 seconds
and we were all like "owh shit owh shit owh shit!"
i went owh shit too!!
then some guy came from behind and shrug
here we go again~
hopity hop hop hopity
lawls...13 times and i stopped
and the fella was like "what?!"
i mouthed "count the times i jumped"
then he asked me to do it again
bloody hell....i jumped 13 times and he didnt count
so i like slowly jumped
making sure he counted it right
lawls...one way or another...
10 seconds and he was like "hurry up hurry up"
so FINE!!! i hurried up
hop hop hop hop hop
then he slapped his forehead
and the counsellors timed
the end
yay now i can talk!!!
so i was like "what's wrong with you?! count oso cannot cou-"
before i could finish he said "THANK GOD!!! Number 13!!!"
my face had WTF written all over it
the counsellors were tossing the room keys
she threw the key at me and said
"Close call."
i just smiled...
he asked for the key and i was like
"No. She gave me the key. So i keep it."
he ignored and went to grab his bag and his guitar
lawls...yeah he brought his guitar...xD
"you brought your guitar?!!!"
he walked pass me before he answered
"just in case"
he stood at one corner of the lift
i stood at the other
hehe...i had the honour of opening the door!!!
he went in and tossed his guitar on one bed and laid back on the other
i was like WTH
he told me i could sleep in the closet or the toilet
then i pushed his guitar to the floor
he shouted...duh i would too...xD
he went to check his guitar...and fussed over his missing pick
then i shook the guitar...
guess what?!
the pick was inside...lawls...
"its all your fault!!!"
we were like shaking the guitar trying to get the pick out
he passed it to me
i was shaking it and when i wanted to tilt it a bit
i kinda hit his head...opsss
that was embaracing
he went out to the balcony to take a call
whateva it is
he came back in "er....forget it..."
i was like "what?! you could've told me that ealier..."
he went for the door
i asked where he was going
"The pool."
So we went to the pool...
=X we're not supposed to do so actually
we met up with a few other people
another two girls and two guys i think
the rest were too chicken to show up
and i got pushed into the pool
for being late i got pushed into the bloody pool
then i started splashing water at them
i spit too...lawls...
"Get her!!!!!!!!!"
all of them jumped in anyway...
LAWLS...it was sheer fun...like our very own ice breaker
all of them were like trying to drown me
pushing my head into the water
i drank it in
and started coughing
then my room mate was like "okay ppl stop!! we're gonna kill her."
and they brust out laughing
i was like "damn you ppl...."
one of the girls was like "what's your name?"
so i told
she placed her hands round my waist and she was like
"you're too skinny"
"she's got small boobs"
the other girl said
i was like WTH we have guys around and they're like that
the guys brust out laughing
"damn your face..."
"you keep changing you expression"
=.= WTH
"hey! hey! you know what dudes. she threw my guitar."
"wow...that's a first!!"
one of them patted me on the back
"good job!!!"
the other two girl got out
"We're gonna get back its late."
the other two left as well
"Wait. You two might wanna dry up first."
they held towels
i stared at him in the pool
he stared at me
"we should...." i pointed
"yeah we should."
we climbed out
one of the guys tossed to towel at him
i shook my head
"na...i dont need it..."
all of us walked together til we parted at the lift
technically we had a problem now
both of us needed to chg
and both of us was dripping wet
he changed in the room
and i changed in the toilet...lawls..
i slipped on my way in...><'''
he laughed at me...[tard~]
well, i changed...
went back into to room and i was like...
where the hell is...he...
he was like standing and the balcony
like half naked...oO
i was like...you bloody bastard put on a shirt!!!
somehow i felt bad for tossing his guitar
so i got his pick out for him
lawls...then i couldnt help it
pratically i was enjoying myself...xD
"you can play?!"
i turned..."kinda"
he came and took the guitar off my hands
gosh....i watched him play....damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
finally i placed my hand on the strings and told him to stop
"cuz it's gonna rain if you dont...and i need to sleep."
"you sleep...i sing to you...a lullaby...."
"okay okay...sleep sleep."
he put away his guitar
i turned off the lights
we had breakfast and well, we were off to our activities
i had ice cream for breakfast
how cool is that?!
they supplied us with graffiti cans of
they had a LARGE canvas for all of us
and we had to tag a name of our team on it...
some fun it was...
my team consisted of 4 other girls and 5 other guys
they somewhat tried to spread us out equally
and i felt like an idiot
when i kept asking what's our team's name
how are we gonna tag it
who's gonna do it
one of them suggested "REBORN"
well...it was better than nothing...
when no one responded she added "well, at least it better than nothing."
then one of the guys spoke "how about 'beta than nuttin' "
and most of them kinda agreed to it
so the team's name is "beta than nuttin"
the problem now was designing the tag
which practically all of us had our own ideas
no paper
i sacrificied my arm
they were like drawing it out on my arm
and we combined everything
i have to say...
it turned out pretty well
and with me as the color person
lawls...xD im a colorful person
practically ours was the most colorful one
kinda stung my eyes a bit though cuz it was flourescent in a way
then we had fun with paint balls
we had a few people strike a pose on another canvas
and the rest threw paint balls at them
i think they stood there for like 10 minutes not moving
gosh...how nice that turned out man...
there was the out line of their pose after they were done
we had our lunch and back to more activities
this one took a real long time
each team had a list of things to find
and to tell you the truth it wasnt easy
some of the stuff was hidden like on a tree
and we had to like shake the bloody tree
climbing was a no go...lawls
cuz we were afraid the branch might break
some of the stuff was in the pool so one of us had to jump in
some were in bushes...
there was this bloody ant hill by the bush that we found the stuff
the ants were like swarming out
"rachel go get it. rachel go get it."
"hell no!!!"
they were RED ants by the way
but i reached in and grabbed anyway
and swept off the ants on my arm
proud much to say...
we were the FIRST team to finish our list...xD
great eh?!
i'm extremely tired...
we've just finished dinner...
i had ice cream for dinner as well...
i'm the ice cream freak of the camp xD
now i'm chilling in the room
he's strumming his guitar
im using his laptop
and im gonna turn in soon...
but im glad i had fun ^^

23 May 2008

[cursor over words to scroll]
well, after all that sadness...
i had fun today ^^
today we celebrated TEACHER'S DAY
yeah...its kinda late
but it was cuz of the exams
so we start with Negaraku & the Wilayah song
as usual....and i have to say...dengan bersemangatnya all the St Marians sang!!!
then we students had a dedication to our BELOVED teachers
with a wonderful song
sang with our wonderful voices
"stand by me"
my classmate...Umi did a sajak with a teacher
and we all knows she rules in that area!!!
i sat right at the back
screaming my lungs out
and going "SEMANGAT~!!!!"
the students went wild after that
not just because they were awesome
we cleared a path between classes to give the teachers
their very own
St Mary's version
owh...the teacher's had a hard time getting their butts off the chair
but...the students got them up anyway xD
so one by one they walked
some paired up lawls...
and obviously we cheered like hell!!!!
there goes my voice...^^
in come our "beautiful" "lively" MCs
Esther Marie and Fiona
their job is to introduce the performances
and entertain us with their S.S.-ness
first off
we had a hip hop dance
which pretty much sucked [yawns]
really it did...
it was so slow
i think even my grandma could do it...hahaha
so THAT was a bust
but we being St Marians
who LOOOVVEEEE screaming and yelling
cheered anyways!!!!
okay...the teachers left to change after this
well, i didnt realize it...xD
and I'm sitting right in front of them...xD
so, we had nothing to do
we dedicated STAND BY ME
we were like singing to her
and all she was doing
was talking to some fella
i was like WTF la
we're singing to you here lady!!!!
at least smile and look or something
damn it!!!!
well, the teacher's took some hell of a time to get ready...xD
so we had our very own 4SC1 Kundejem...
up on the stage
interviewed...seemingly by Esther
about our SEMANGAT motto
when she asked what it meant
we were like "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"
at the back...lawls...imagine me almost getting on my feet jumping
yeah thats how i was
it's between 4SC1 what it meant...hehe x3
well, they announced our "VICTORY"
lawls...we're still bersemangat anyway....
i have no idea how long i was out of the hall
all i knew was that the pianist was playing
so practically i think i missed something
or maybe i didnt
who knows.....
the teacher's came back in soon after [finally!!!]
and we went NUTS
someone made a sign out of mounting board saying
and we were practically screaming our lungs out...
you know how we are...
we love our teachers...xD
or mabe we love to scream more...
there was a sketch...skeet...wateva it is
short drama...or something...
i dont know whats the word....
it's on cita-citaku
so yeah...practically...the main point of the sketch was
teacher's are the root of every great person
whether it is a superstar
miss malaysia
business man
they all start out with teachers
pouring out all they know to their fellow students
we start off with the dikir erm...selatan?!
dikir barat
by the teachers
about the teachers
which was pretty humours all in all
gosh...we crazy monkeys at the back were like immitating
sadly not very well
but we were immitating the teachers on stage
and in the same time entertaining the teachers behind us
im sure....xD
then it was a part of a wonderful video
of us ST Marians Wishing our beloved teachers
in our very own way
a happy teacher's day!!!
ehemmmmm....that was part one...xD
in recent events of OUR choral speaking
the teachers did one too!!!
conducted by the not so lively Sarah Chiang
lawls...=X im so bad....
they were complaining about us...
how we love to talk non stop...
chatter boxes 24 7
and how we give all kinds of excuses
xD xD xD
they listed everything down...
but...all in all....
they love us~ <3
then we have the
teacher's cheer team!!!!
they were like "i'm a lil teapot!"
the PN. NORHUDA got carried at their final pose...
gyahhhhhhh!!!! AWESOMENESSS ALL!!!!!! xD
now, we turn back time to something more traditional
something more
the teacher's did a Hindi Dance
blur blur following ppl...hahahaha....it was funny to watch...xD
yay...they dance and dance and dance...
okay okay...
video again...heh...
see see...got something VERYYYY specialy bout this video...
MY FACE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its like Wong MeiYeen and Me by the piano
and we go...
"happy~ happy~ happy~
lawls...i sounded squeaky...T^T
then we had our graceful St Marian dancers again
strutting on the stage
show off their own moves
i think this one definately BEAT the hip hop dance BIG TIME
and we had our beloved JIA NEE dancing too!!!!
yay.....lets scream her name!!! XD
final part of the video...
they had Lai Vivian
and Sarah Chiang
well, for you ppl's info these two were ex-St Marians
and now are teachers here
but they still wished the teachers happy teacher's day
awwwww....how sweet~ ^^V
i find this simply unprofessional of them
i missed the sketch by the Form5
cuz i was paniking outside when we found out they wanted us to perform...
so we are missing of ppl
and a bit shaky
i mean....we really like...OMG WTH WTF WTFH!!!!!
so we did it anyway...
cant go against MISS GOH'S wishes now can we?!
so...THAT was practically our WORST performance yet
and it was our last
gosh...i'm feeling sad all over again...
okay okay....back to teacher's day!!!!
after our lil crappy performance
the finalist for the TWOF
Teacher's Walk Of Fame
went on stage
and i burst out laughing
they were asked to pose
and then they recieved their prizes...
given by our beloved MRS NG!!!!
okay...next comes the
Teacher's Performance
in 4th place...DIKIR BARAT
in 3rd place...CHORAL SPEAKING
in 2nd place...HINDI DANCE
and the 1st place....
goes toooooooooo.....
well, they had the CUTENESS factor no other performance had....xD
then MISS GOH just couldn't help herself
she just HAD to motivate everyone
so she had her grandmother story all...
and we had to listen
owh and a real sad news...
before i forget
my mum sent a fax over to MISS GOH
and hear THIS
this is what PISSED me off so bad!!!!
she only read HALF of what my mum wrote
she only read the part where my mum said she was proud of us
and even though she knew we wanted to get 1st
2nd is a great achievement
so here i am to blurt out what SHE wanted to hide
OUR efforts what SHE denied
how dare she!!!!!

22 May 2008

[cursor over the words to scroll]
its times like this when there is just nothing more that i can do
i love my class...^^ 4SC1
and we worked so hard to get to where we were
really we did...
lets see...well, the teachers weren't much help [until the last minute]
we practically did everything ourself...
which included : -
-practises at my house during holidays
-practises after school
-lengthening of the script on our own
-movements and tonality on our own
-solo parts
-asam and lime
and plenty more i surely cannot think of
at the moment
But MissGoh [headmistress] did tell us to work on our "T" and "S" and "K"
And she and her weird tonality [seriously...it WAS weird]
Somehow she tried but...
fact is...it was already too late for any MAJOR changes
PnJudy[eng teach] did help correct the errors of the script
and she stayed back with us
but that was all she did
well, she made sure we practised
but it would've been nice if she took the effort to stay in school and get permission for us to practise there during the holidays
instead of coming to my house
don't get me wrong...
i'm not complaining...its just...
why aren't the teachers showing any form of support that we needed
well,there's this whole thing about Form4 hating 4SC1 which kinda a bit overboard
maybe there's a tiny pinch thats jelly...[the green lil monster]
but its no reason to hate the whole of it...^^
and then when they moved the exams forward cuz of the comp
things went from bad to worst...
and then it got better...^^
which was good...xD and still is...hahahah
so after all our hardship we went through
i guess it is finally over
and there is nothing more we can do
sure we can cry and sob all we want
let it all out
we lost to CBN today
2nd place...
in front of SMK Kepong Baru...
best conductor from SMK Kepong Baru...[thats a D.U.H.]
and the rest was history...
i can't possibly put to words the sadness that took over today...
we were so looking forward to beating CBN and going to our promised land
sounds crappy but...
we're a class and its kinda awesome to go somewhere as a whole class representing to school...
but those CBN girls...may i point out they're all Form1 and 2
were just too bitchy [sorry bout the language...i've got no other words]
and i dont think i want to be even more bitchy than them to win
although it hurts so much
to see our efforts get flushed down the drain just like that...
i wonder why St Mary's always 2nd best to CBN
they're humans as well...
so why is it so hard to beat them?!?!?!?!?!
i'm not blaming it on anyone...
i know we did our best...
really...we did...
its just...
well, its obvious CBN will win...
but there was no hurt in hoping that WE would instead...
so much for that...
i really like how the way Choral Speaking has brought us all together
like one big family
and taking Choral Speaking away is like
taking that sticky substance that keeps us together
you know..from this competition
we were united as one...
it wasnt like any other years i've had in St Mary
it was like i was REBORN
i used to know like..."okay this fella's in my class...wateva..."
and now...i know everyone...
not jus sekadar nama...but like
when we meet somewher we dont just go "hi" and walk off...
we go "hi" and start TALKING somemore
i don't want this to go away...
i really don't
there's something i really wanna keep
though we lost our champion for Choral Speaking
though we lost our first place
and though we lost our stepping stone to our promised land
i really wanna keep this bond our class have
that no other class has
we're one
and we're 4SC1
maybe we were just no meant to beat those bitchy CBN ppl
cuz GOD has something far worth us planned
maybe we're just not meant to win this
cuz there are far more GREATER things to come
just maybe...
we'll be forever united as
and not forgetting~ [heh]