03 August 2008

** Fourty One **

owh so late to post. well well. i got bronze for all your information. got kicked in the head like nobody's business. dont know how to react. so practically somewhat. i kena belasah. i go around saying im scared la. im worried la. go there nia. my time to fight. emotions all hilang ade. so i left home early. kinda pissed. cuz my mum was being overly paranoid again. then waited for the mini bus. on the way to the stadium. den warming up with Leava. run here run there. do knee lifts. yakity yak. i didn't eat much yesterday. and surprisingly i wasn't hungry. so i guess it isn't really that bad that my parents didn't come. i had



coaching me. bullying me. encouraging me. helping me. giving me water. getting me to eat. making me run. making me jump. scolding me. screaming at me. whacking me. so i THANK YOU guys for being such a pain in my ass. xD. then again. they did help lose the tension and the scaredness. or maybe it was just pure emotionless rachel at work. either way. i only fought two rounds. got murdered in the second. stupid girl was taller and she was kicking me head 24 7. and i blur case. dont know what to do. simply kick. owh well. it's not like a broke down and cry becuz of this. i'm happy with how i did. and watching the boys spar. makes me glad im not a boy. xD. ok. i did take some pictures. well. not many tho. so i'll pos them up later when i have time.


ok after the comp. on our way back. i talked too much. like going high and stuff and started crapping with Leava. poor Leava had to deal with it. xD. reach back to school. owh so very late. then my dad came to fecth me. and we're off to granduncle's place. ahhhhhh!!!! uncle Hassan has a dslr!!!!! xD. ran around fooling around with the dslr most of the time. taking pictures of Aslan and Sarah. utter awesomeness!!!! i had to take in the left overs. but. i wasn't even hungry that time. took my bath there. and Shawn did the cutest thing!!!! he did like a catwalk. lawls. so adorable. arms on his waist and walk. stop turn around. pose. xD. lawls....so cute!!!! then Shawn and Sarah were fighting over the red train. Shawn got mad and screamed. all in all. by the time it reached 11. i was dead tired. sitting on the sofa there. i could barely keep my eyes open. went home. and the only thing i did was. off the lights and went to sleep.


so one last speed bump to go and im free from all this stupidity. jamc is next thursday if im not mistaken. dunno la. im not really bothered right now. i cant feel my legs anymore. im still lacking of sleep. tried and owh so very easily irritated at the moment.


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