13 August 2008

** Fourty Seven **

so what if i go a little crazy sometimes
it doesnt mean im nuts
went hungry today
not because i didn't eat [well that was part and parcel of it]
but because i was laughing way too much
ever laughed too much til your tummy hurts
and there's no sound
that's somewhat like that
lol. didn't know laughing could consume so much energy
then again
laughing feels good even at darkest times
goofing off with Michie today
laughing and crapping

though i had to admit
my day started off crappy
felt a bit hung over from the 9 bottles of coke i drank
for once my tummy felt sick
nauseated from all that
i actually felt like throwing up the entire day
until i actually did during recess
then again
i'll return to coke!!!! *hugs coke*

i love add math!!!
though i cant really do it...
and i have bm lisan tomorrow...*gasps*
lol. like i really bother....
i'm just gonna "act" abit and read
i really hate lisan
my three favourite and only ear rings
so colourful!!! xD
well the rest of them that i have...*coughs*
i have hello kitty one!!!! =3
ok need go buy more since i have 5 holes
to wear either one on
all in all i had an awesome day
nothing happened last night
for those who are assuming something did
based on the fact that i gulped down 9 bottles of coke
*scratch* icthing for more *scratch*

Things i'm in love with:
-colourful ear rings
-being me =3

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