23 August 2008

** Fifty Three **

im in so much P A I N
just came back from my competition
BTFC closed championship
and i got through the first round just fine
i faught with Addina
and won
then through out the whole waiting event
my heart started pounding
started getting nervous
[[i am in no position to type much]]

long story short
the battle for gold was pretty stupid
well...cuz i was the stupid one...
Joanne Lim Bee Hoon
lawls...she's blue belt
yeah...and i lost to her
well truth is...its not matter of got face or no face
she really beat me up pretty good
i twisted both my wrists today
and probably both my ankles too
and both my feet has bruises...FEET
and my tighs hurt on both sides
and i have a bruise on my knee
i couldnt feel my arm
i fought a hard but hopeless battle
half way through
i couldnt even hold up my right arm properly anymore
it was vibrating like hell
and that stupid st.john there
can ask me where somemore
i can take pain
but it was up a level even i couldn't take it anymore
my right arm swollen and unable to move
it was red like real red...and i seriously couldnt move it
and right now
just a little bit of pressure makes it burn
at least she was nice enough to offer to help after that
and she became my buddeh!!!!!! xD
well...no wonder she's so good
she trains 3 times a week
and i only do 1 time a week
the age factor doesnt really bother me
and i dont think it really matters
she's a real nice girl...^^

and right now

i cant walk
i cant write
i cant hold my chopsticks
i cant run
i cant jump
i cant type
basically i cant do anything that requires my wrists
so yeah
i won silver
better than nothing i say

and for the first time in my life
the pain was incredibly indescribable

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