21 August 2008

** Fifty Two **

my mum has to understand the meaning of personal space.
pleaseee laaaaa...
can you not see i am doing something
like really focused and into it
how can you just walts in and nag at me
"girl clean your room"
"girl take ur clothes up"
"girl sweep ur floor"
"girl keep ur room tidy"
"girl go take ur bath"
"girl go to sleep"
i might still act like a kid
but i certainly have a BRAIN to think
i will do the above later...
and when i tell you i'll do it later
"later later later!! your later like forever liddat
never come wan!!!"

maybe you dont understand how fragile my ideas are
they dont come like air you know
especially the real good ones
they're like rain the the drought
and you...nicely shoo-ing the rain away
and do you not understand that i want to be left alone?!
why cant you get it?!
do i really need to tell you directly
i dont think she wants to hear that
neither do i want to say it
has no brains or something...trying to be friendly at the wrong time
i answer in frustrated tones
should do good to get the message across that i do not want you around
pestering me
*draws a big circle in the air*
is my personal space
intrude if you must
my sister another one
people depressed...in the room
sitting there listening to linkin park
the stupid girl comes in and starts making a hell of a noise
llike as if i'm not there...
do i really need to put a "do not disturb" sign on my door?!?!
personally i do not think that's necessary
cuz nobody likes me when im pissed off
and its even worst when i crack
oh...rest assured i dont crack often
but when i do
the world might just end...
i dispise people reading over my shoulders
and its even more irrtating when you're drawing and
your sister looks from behind your shoulder
fact is i dont want her to see what i draw
cuz imediately she goes into a mind block
and draws the exact same thing
which is not good if she wants to improve
[gosh...wtf is wrong with me?!?!]
then again
she comes and messed up my room and
i have to clean it
WTF right?!?!?
do you not understand the meaning of personal space
do you have to make me shout so you'd go away
do you want me to scream just to get the message across
do you?!

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