31 July 2008

** Fourty One **

And she's back!! Causing mayhem everywhere she goes!! So today was very extremely tiring. Well school was okay since i had to miss class but turns out we came back early so i didn have my books. Haven't checked on hw. I don't think i will.
guys really can be real losers sometimes.i mean.lame.lol.one way or another.so i went for de weigh in.watever its called.sitting there.getting scared looking at all de competition.i was really scared.anyway.i guess i met.no.not met.saw.Passerby.i think.no.more like he saw me.dunno la.no offence Passerby.but really.sometimes it's just easier to walk up n say hi.it's not like i'm gonna give u a punch in de face.instead of taking unwanted trips to de toilet jus to pass infront of me.really.first of all no one goes to de toilet n comes right out.lol.u smile i smile.fine.n how long did it take for u n ur pals to get together that silly act.ok so u might say i'm watching u.Heck!!u guys were pushing n screaming n shouting at each other.n u expect me not to know?!intentional much?!n de silliest thing u could possibly do.wait at de door.whilst i enter u whisper a silent hi.i turn u aint there.wat de crap la.i don't mean to diss u in anyway.seriously i don't understand de things u guys do.i mean.u guys know it's lame n yet u guys do it.u aint getting anything out of it.i'll ignore de fact u keep passing by n staring.lol.nowonder ur name's Passerby.so that's that.the end.*pours ice on Hydde*
so.a different section of my life.somehow i feel as if i'm gonna be beaten up on saturday.that's a sure thing.then again.i should at least give it my all.try my best.n if it doesn work out.i'll train for next year.so stayed back today.practised.practised.practised.that's all i could say.a round of training wit Leava.madness.i dun even know how to respond.damn it!!i'll be happy enough to come back wit something.x3.so i'll be writin my will tomorrow.just in case i die on saturday.lol.ahhh.first time go competition.i really do hope my parents come.see their daughter get beaten up.lol.Hydde u can come too.but this time tell me.so there goes the rachel everyone once knew.Hahaha.
okay.fuh.many things to say.jamc.another scary thing.well at least i am doing it wit Joshua.who currently claims tat he's my one n only gay friend.thrust me.he is gay.in a funny awkward way.so Joshua's a real life saver.our collaboration is complete.perfection.my solo.is a different story.lol.wat am i gonna wear man!!gosh.i'm being such a girl.ok so this one's next week.after a beating.i go for this.x3.so if something were to happen.Joshua will have to play de electone n de piano.wow.u do that dude.no one ill care if ur gay anymore.x3.lol.i know everyone taking part wants to win.but there can only be one winner.i wanna get best showmanship.heh.others all i know won't get.maybe we'll win for best collaborate composition.who knows.hehe.how optimistic.
so this is about a 5000characters post.cuz my phone only allows that much.n i know it's still a lot to read.yea plenty complain i write too much.so now i'm tired.jus finished my shower.waiting for my hair to dry. Doing some push ups later.den up n down de stairs doing my knee lift.n after that some sit ups.nahh...skipping is better.that is if i still have time.anyone wants to go see avril wit me?? ^^

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