18 August 2008

** Fifty **

who am i gonna blame
for my stupidity
for my immaturity
for my childishness
for my randomness
for my uncreativeness
who am i gonna blame
for my mistakes
for my lies
for my screw ups

oh the irony of my life
went to mamak stall with tuition buddies
order order order
"ok i want hot tea"
"i want cold one"
and the freaking waiter went
"i repeat the orders..."
bla bla bla
"two hot tea..."
"one no ice, one got ice."
ah...my life...
so lame..

it's raining and i cant go out
or do anything
stuck at home for the rest of the holidays
that sucks
want to go out oso have to beg like hell
better no need la
go out have to think of what to wear la
think of what to bring la
crap la my life

something really bugs me. and im sure it bugs everyone else. imagine you're in a very extremely long line. waiting patiently. and when it's close to your turn. some fat byotch comes and just slot herself in front of you. then when her friend tell her there's someone lining up. "dont care la...we late for movie ade..." WTF man...you late your problem la. why didnt come earlier. common sense la. the line for popcorn and coke will be long. and that fat slut can look at me and smile summor. F U C K Y O U. feel like slapping that flabby face of hers. then worst comes to worst. she say late ade hor? stand there dunno what to order. really...i boiling ade behind her, got steam ade.
cut line
stand there like one stupid
dunno what to order
dunno dont cut line first la
damn it
people line up waiting for 45 minutes. and you nicely cut line. waste time. then that lump of fat took another 5minutes. Just to decide to get herself a packet of mentos. WTF. then that guy told her no more. dont understand english issit??? NO MORE. TAK ADA. MEI YOU. she still stand there. keep asking and asking. idiots la some of the malaysians here. fine...so she wasted 5minutes of my time. n not order anything. damnnnnn... if i didn't love my shoe...it'd go to her flabby ass ade. pissed off like hell that day.

now for the present...^^
oO...rain stop ade and i still havent finished
blog skin blog skin
taekwondo taekwondo
train train
run run
sit ups sit ups
kick kick
push ups push ups
skipping skipping
practise music practise
play xBox play
eat eat
no more coke no more
draw draw
add math add math
tv tv
computer computer
internet internet
that's about it
what i plan to do in the holidays
i forgot...
my assignments
-moral powerpoint
-choral speaking
-t-shirt design
-merdeka crap
-bio notes
-sejarah notes
-4sc1's family diagram
so much for my holidays

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