17 August 2008

** Fourty Nine **

for someone like me
who loves art
and everything about it
there is nothing nice about it
when people tell you
you're not meant to draw
and some other crap i do not wanna deal with
so my drawing skills might suck now
doesnt mean it'll suck forever
and if you're gonna diss me about what i love
you flick through my book
and comment all sorts of things
dont get me wrong
i can handle the comments and criticism
its the fact that you call me as fake
the fact that you say even a three year old can do better
the fact that you can destroy my art
right in front of my eyes
and not apologize
you do not realize
how much effort is put into every art i create
and you diss and ruin it
like it's nothing

i can take it that there are plenty of better ppl out there
heck that fact is already imprinted
in my head
it doesnt give you a right to spoilt what i spent hours doing
when there's a note that says
why do you have to touch?
dont touch means dont touch
worst comes to worst
you did it in front of everyone
dissing me
criticising me
WTF is wrong with you?????

so for the record
when i put my heart to it
i can draw
dont you dare diss me
especially not about this

cuz i'll make sure
you'll be the one
at the back of the line one day
waiting to get my autograph
and when that time comes
you have no idea what im gonna do to you

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