20 August 2008

** Fifty One **

damn my keyboard! i desprately need a new one, i cant be pasting my a's everytime i wanna post or type something.

i have this feeling...
deep inside of me...
that i cant explain...
*runs to the fridge*
i'm hungry...xD [lame rachel lame]
first of all...
sorry Josh bout ur blog...><
Josh is dying to blog...xD
i know i promised you like days ago
but i have no time to do so
rest assured i'll get it done asap ^^
dont worry...
you will blog...xD
i'll do ur blog today...=3

darn its the holidays and im up so early...
well...its not like i have time to post at night
practises at my place for the KUNDEJEMS
Thursday = 9am
Sunday = 7pm
u either eat ur dinner before you come or after
we have not much time to spare
so no dinner...xD
we only have 2 days together
hopefully we'll get the things covered
with the amount of crapation thats bound to happen
if half the class shows up only
[which i hope not]
whats the use....
*hides food*
no eating....practise...
*hides potato chips*
*hides biscuits*
*hides M&Ms*
*hides crackers*

some people just dont do well in school
their talent lies somewhere else
so why does the world assume
drop outs are hooligans
drop outs are stupid
drop outs are useless
drop outs are disrespectful
whats wrong with the world is that
they cannot accept people for who they are
if your kid doesn't like talking
let her be
if your kid talks too much
let her talk
if your kid speaks loudly
doesn't mean she's angry
if your kid sits in front of the comp everyday
doesn't mean she doesn do her homework
then again...
what parents would understand
damn man....
everything's considered emo now
wear all black = EMO
all dark sinister atmosphere = EMO
slitting wrist = EMO
slouching when u walk = EMO
dragging ur feet = EMO
"i dont care" attitude = EMO
seriously....majority of the people in the world assume
"...owh black...EMO"
"...owh slitting...EMO"
thecnically...emos have become an endangered species
TRUE emos...i mean
not those fake ones
you see trying to be emo [n failing]
those "lala" freaks especially
they just think it's "cute" to be emo
and to them being emo is just to get the "attention"
screw you "lala"
the polution of the EMO community...
getting more and more frustrated
half the people i know tell me i should forgive
the other half tells me i shouldnt n just end it
so tell me now....
WTF am i gonna do about it...
dont give me "follow ur heart" bullshit all...
i cant tolerate this any longer
believe me...
i can wear luminous yellow...
and still be emo...
there's no Black in EMO

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