29 August 2008

** Fifty Six **

spent my afternoon in tuition
after school
so very tired
our M&M's performance + ChoralSpeakin + Inter-racial Love Dance
for the MERDEKA celebration went well
and went crazy singing national songs
including the NEGARAKU
wow right?!?!
i'm sorry i had to turn down all outings
for the countdown
to be honest i have never went to a single countdown in my life
and i do want to go
but i'm gonna be stuck in JOHOR for the rest of the weekends
with my relatives
and i havent packed
gosh would it kill to have at least one cousin my age that clicks with me
everytime i go there
they all start speaking some alien language [mandrin+hokkien]
i dont understand
heck!! if they spoke japanese i still could understand a bit
so i practically hate my cousins
and they hate me too
but it's good to go back and visit my uncle and aunt
owh and get some nagging about wearing all black
from my "awesome" grandmother
which reminds me...
i better pack non-black clothes

you know...when you see me with scratches on my knees
my computer table attacked me
everytime i move my leg
i got 3 ade
curse you computer table!!!!!

owh almost forgot...
Josh and Apple ur designs...
i simply did la..got red and black there
you two choose urself la
dont care you all ade la

and someone please comfirm with me the date for the competition
and the practise's date and times
later i cannot go den die!!!!
either that or u all teach me before i leave...xD

owh i'll be leaving tommorrow after jap class
*charges mp3*
i need it to survive through all the cousins
and aunts and uncles


of i changed my skin
i panicked when i pasted the code
and everything went wrong
i was like
and then i just dunno do what
steal abit from this one
steal a bit from that one
and OKAY ADE!!!
fact is i dont know what went wrong
kept edditing
and there was no difference
so i just stole
if i knew what was wrong i would've corrected it
but i dont!!!

ahh my cbox...
i'll do later spammers...^^
you people be patient...x3


i'll bring my ORANGE STRIPED SHIRT!!!!!
since my green one is wet...xD

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