28 August 2008

** Fifty Five **

ahhh...perfects...where do i start...
half the student body H A T E S them...
and i'm no different...
practically no one takes pride in getting offence slips...
but that's where i come weird...
cuz i do take pride in getting them...xD
there's something very stupid about prefects
i'll get to that later...
one's pink and one's yellow...
there's something funny about it...
go ahead spot the difference...

i just noticed it T O D A Y
some most prefects really have NO BRAINS
i mean...you make me wear a name tag for a reason...
i excuse normal typos of my name...
kong yi ru
kong yee ru
kong yii rou

at least they still sound somewhat close to my real name
i'm not that particular with it
but up to the extent of changing my SURNAME is just
dont know how to spell come check my name tag laa...
no brains...
and most of them just blindly follow the rules...
helloo...my hair is short...i know
and i already took the effort to tie two
so there's still abit of short ones falling out
that one oso she ask me to pin?!?!?!?!


where do i begin...
yeah they teach us and fill our brains to the brim
with formulas & words & facts & stuff
just for us to score a's
and where does all this glory go to?!?
the teachers
hahaha...not really
it goes to the countless hours we spend at tuition
for some reason the teachers in school think
they're the best there is
and that if we want to pass our exams
all we have to do is
finish their work
pay attention in class
shut up when they're explaining
seriously. thats pure BULLSHIT

there are students who "bodek" teachers
and they think that way...they'll
remain in the teacher's good books
well...there's a whole different story in the teacher's room
you may help out so much
and be all miss goody crap shit
and you know what she'll say about you?!??
she'll say you're some dog
that kisses her feet 24 7

as how students gossip [bout teachers & students]
teachers do the same thing...

but sometimes things really get out of hand
and teachers go all out to destroy one's dignity
fact is i NEVER liked teacher's daughters in the school [not u mich]
they think they can get it all just because their mum works here
owh...little girl...cant stand on her own two feet
needs...mommy's hand to get through school
you have to realize...that when you mess with one of us
you mess with all of us
and all of us CANT WAIT for you to leave
no use trying to win us over
with your pathetic desprate act of yours
you're an alien
an outsider
and thats all you'll ever be to us
stupid teacher's twisting tales as they like
oneside say "owh i didnt know"
the other side say "i told her to tell you all"
WTF are you taking us for???
some stupid dumbasses you can lie to??
at first we dealt with your lameness
but now it's just gone overboard
you need to walk the plank
sleep with the fishes
why do you complaint about unfinish work
and yet
when she wants to get the book to finish that work
you dont want to give
then how you want her to do
so it kinda sucks in a way

how sometimes
people we trusts turn out like idiots
i wonder why do i even bother...

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