01 September 2008

** Fifty Seven **

im getting sick of my life
its like E M P T Y

yes my blog is VERY GREEN
then again...i like green
so im back from johor

bored to death there
listening to my grandmother yack at me
listening to her mindless talking
i do not understand

met up with stupid cousins
aunties and uncles
bla bla blah
i hate trips back to johor
its bad enuf i'll be bored to death
and i still have to deal with my cousins
gosh my life sucks

so my homework hasnt been completed
not one
do i look like i care?!?!?!

JT: i can try if you are willing to teach...cant i just not do...since it's like...the rest of you can do it...i'll just be one stupid there...xD

GTH: nehhhhhh....i got school you know...and extracurricular and carp...not to mention tuition...how u want me to do?!?!?!?!

ahh....tomorrow's school again...
what a life...

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