01 July 2008

** Twenty Five **

Today i went for taekwondo
for the first time after so many months
nd i guess i really sucked...
my keyboard wont let me type in the first letter of the alphabet
so s u can see the post is missing it
not to worry i'm sure all you people can read
damn i have to paste the "a"
which is pretty much an irritant
i felt like a useless bum today during taekwondo
i forgot everything
and Master wants to send me for competition
and yet i really do want to take part
so Rachel....
you have to learn up your patterns by next lesson
it's a team of 3
and i'm the WORST of the four
and i ain't going to be a reserved
and do all the training for nothing
i will get chosen
i will take part
it's a must
i felt like bum today in taekwondo
everything oso forgot
everything oso dunno how to do
after that i had to rush to tuition
add math
had burger for dinner
and took my bath
now i have to finish my creative writting for PouLeen
cu she's gonna kill me if i don't
not to mention i'm gonna have to face PnJudy too
my keyboard needs to get working again
i can't be pasting my "a"
throughout my entire essay
so Rachel needs to cover 4 patterns by this week
and improve a lot
i need to bring the power back to my motions
and get my movements straightened out
i know it's not gonna be
easy for Master to pick me
even I won't pick me damn it
i'm determined to rise again
for once i want to be someone
cause it seems like
my cousins are doing hell in studies
and koko
and what am i doing???
so it's time i achieve something on my own
not that i couldn't do it
but for the past few years i was stage fright
so i know it'd gonna be a problem
maybe it's time for me to come out of the shadows
maybe it's time for me to change
maybe it's time for me to do something different
and make a difference in mylife
[wow....wat a speech...lol]
*pops down dying*
*stares at the pattern guide book*
T^T...i'm doomed.....*faints*
*slaps self*
No...Rachel...you can do it
*stares harder*

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