12 July 2008

** Thirty Two **

i hate m o n d a y s
my head hurt right now
i am so very confused
i want to speak
but word wouldn't come out
i gave the signs
but no one saw them
i hate m o n d a y s
of all my four years in st mary
i have never went to support cheer
so i decide to do so this year
don't get me wrong
amanda n esther
you two have been cheering all your life
but i just don't like seeing people smile so much
really i could see through all the fake-ness in them
sat there for the entire day
and somehow i expected S E L L O R S
to do so much better
G E N E S I S did fairly well
for newcomers
that was a real sad soap opera
poor shi ling
wee kiat came in the second half
introduced himself as my brother
and she thought he was my biological brother
until i told her toward the end
i hate m o n d a y s
bon odori was fun
just the journey by train was utter boredom
what to do oil price went up
save some petrol
reached about 7 something
got bowie to help with my yukata
had a random girl help me tie my obi
damn i so useless
followed around the circle doing the cultural dance
it may sound boring
but its real f u n
met Muted towards the end
bowie went abck with mun-mun earlier
i had ice cream!!!!!
i hate m o n d a y s
i have made my point
that i hate mondays
and having all my sciences on one day
doesnt help
i have PHY BIO CHEM all in one day
hey i won't mind if the teachers are awesome
some of the teachers here can put the ENTIRE student body
in to eternal slumber
yeah thats how "powerful" they are
moral class was ok
sat in class talking to PnDeva bout cheer08
i hate m o n d a y s
my homework is still piled up
as usual
so when you have a teacher like MissTan
who checks hw
you tend to be doomed
my obsession with coke needs to be handled
i'm gulping down 6 cans of coke per day
i'm drinking coke like water
which according to several people
will corrode my tummy
let coke corrode then
i hate m o n d a y s
i feel them looking down on me
no where to hide
no room to breath
im like a flower in a shade
im like a bird in a cage
i want a real life
i just wanna feel life
getting tired of living in a bubble

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