26 July 2008

** Thirty Eight **

i flew a kite today!!!
for the very FIRST time in my life
i flew a kite!!!
see see...my kite's the highest!!! xD
okay so maybe i'm a bit jakoon ish...
but i flew a kite!!!
im so proud of myself...=3
well i did have help getting it up
heh...hopeless me...
cannot get the kite to fly at first
it aint easy!!!!
as usual i'll be doing something stupid
so here it is
i was on the scooter
riding like the wind...[kononnya la...]
round and round
and then i wondered why i didnt go over the squared holes
like small barred long kangs
dunno why
but i like to feel surfaces under the wheel
so i nicely
riding so fast
went over one
wheel got stuck
i was thrown in front
roll roll roll
and i just went "WOW"
and started laughing
it's like in the cartoons where the character's riding
bike , scooter , skateboard , etc
rock on the floor
then the character goes rolling
yeah it was like THAT
just that i didnt roll that much
but it was an AWESOME feeling!!!
i'm gonna do it again!!!!!
then i had ice cream
as you can see...

it's a must have la...
then i began drizzling
so mummy siad "time to go home"
so we all went home

The gorgeous shells
picked by Hydde..
toldya i'd be taking pictures of it..
well theres plenty really but i just didn have time to upload all!!!

my dad came back from Bangkok today!!!

so the above is what he bought for me and my sis
well my sister's one is the one with the bag
mine's the triangular one...
sadly mine's got no bag...
but it's still frreaking awesome!!!!
today's an awesome day all in all
i've got a guitar!!!
a miniature guitar!!!!
bangga nya~

so a short post today
for a long long post i had yesterday
i had an awesome day!!! =)


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