24 July 2008

** Thirty Six **

something in me stings
then again
i cant do anyting about it
i talked to a friend today
about every lie i've told
about every sin i sinned
maybe i'll regret telling this friend all this one day
but for now
this friend is all i've got
cuz no one is willing to listen to what i have to say
my long life lies aren't that much of an interesting topic either
just shows how more naive i am right now
i sat down there crying myself out
pouring out every emotion left in me
every emotion burried for so long
and my friend just sat there listening
comforting, whispering words into my ear
my friend let me cry
didn't bother to hand me tissue
didn' bother to say "the past is the past"
i don't give a shit about those stuff
i find that when one is crying
all you can do is be by one's side
lend a shoulder to cry on
and just let one let it all out
what kind of bullshit are you people tyring to pull
crowding around
giving loads of tissue
patting the back
telling me "its ok" "everythings fine"
if everything was fine....
I WOULDN'T BE CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so here's a big thanks to my awesome friend
for not being like MOST people i know
for just letting me cry myself out
for letting me drown my tears out
for silently sitting, hearing me sob
for being there for me
everyone has one of those days where
you just feel like
one of the reasons why i don't cry owh so very often
its cuz the people around never learn to shut up
i wanna cry in silence
and you people come and ask this ask that
asking makes me cry even more don't you think?!?!
it's like asking me to retell what just made me cry...
how intelligent....*ppfffttt*
maybe something happened today
that i don't really wanna talk about
sometimes i really sit down and ask myself
as i stare into the mirror
Kong Yee Rou...
Why are you just a student....
Why are you not bother to take part...
Why are you so "cin cai"...
Why aren't you serious about things...
Why aren't you holding any important post...
Why are you not bothered about your curicular...
Why are you so unknown...
Why are you so fugly...
Why can't you smile more...
Why are you so stupid...
Why are you so useless...
Why are you so forgetful...
Why do you keep "shapeshifting"...
Why are you so anti-social...
Why are you so friendless...
Why are you so rude at times...
Why are you so not creative...
whooooOOOoo...Tomorrow's friday!!!!!
the end of another week...
woah competition in one more week to go...
the world's gonna end in T-minus 10 seconds
okay...maybe a little too dramatic...
okay...before i die...
*clock frozen*
i'd like to thank my
damn why am i writting a thank you speech
i should be writing my will...
nvm la...
My Lame-o-meter has just reach it's max
trying to brush off the sadness so yeah
i'm being lame
i can't exactly sound happy tho i'm trying to
so here's where it ends for today...

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