23 July 2008

** Thirty Five **

okay list of things to post today
P.S. i suffer frm STML so yeah i have to make a list before i forget
** Copy-Tards
** Met TheIvorySpeaks
** Taekwondo competition
** Weird Family gathering
** Other not so important stuff
first and foremost
i am from 4Sc1
proud and happy i'm in that class
as i recall....
everyone rolled their eyes...
when we went "SEMaNGaT"
when we did our motto
when we did out "4Sc1. WE ROCK"
when we started "KUNDEJEM"
and i bet they'd roll when did "FEELING" as well
and guess what?????
i dare point all ten fingers of mine
if i had more i'd point them too
and all ten toes of mine
at all the hypocrites
who dissed us
who hated us
who tried to bring us down
who were envious of our togetherness
the same group of "animals"
you "animals" must be SO lame
that you DONT even know how to start something on your own
and end up COPYING
the great 4Sc1
yeah we should be PROUD
these losers wanna achieve extreme awesomeness like US
but HELL NO man
this is COPYRIGHTED by 4Sc1
and shall be used by the KUNDEJEMS of 4Sc1 ONLY
you people [ok i shall not call u ppl animals. sounds harsh.]
can copy all you want
the entire school knows
4Sc1's symbol / motto
4Sc1's "APPLE"
4Sc1's FEELING [comming soon..xD]
4Sc1 started it all
jamc is in a weeks time...
well i asked my teacher and she gave an okay on teaming up
but she still inststed i did one on my own
well at least my work load has been reduced
TheIvorySpeaks aka Joshua Yew Ling Heng
sorry...i must write ur name...
cause i warned u i'd get ur full name even if u didnt tell me
it's real awesome working with him
[ do not misunderstand ]
so i'll shed some light on Joshua Yew Ling Heng
xD [ just to irritate him when he reads this ]
then get to jamc
Joshua Yew Ling Heng , 19
drummer / pianist
VERY tall [or maybe he's tall from where i stand]
to tell u the truth Joshua did most of the work
i just poked in here and there
yeah i know im useless
within ONE WEEK
Joshua had prepared drafts for the TWO of us
sorry dude....half the things u explained i didn't understand
and within the week
finished everything...
that was so very fast
*bows* thank you Joshua. thanks so much. *bows*
okay i still have to work on the gliding
there's one part i really like in Joshua's masterpiece
but it's so hard.......................><
i think even HE got frustrated trying to get me to do it right
play few keys
play summore
slam on chords
technically i get the chords all wrong
i a bit lambat so fingers oso lambat
once again...
*bows* Thank You Joshua *salute*
okay here come's the complaints
there is a diff between MSKL and BTC
besides the spelling
andrianna shouldn't have told me MSKL was harder than BTFC
bad andrianna!!! *slap*
now i even MORE scared
i've made a promise
that if i make it through MSKL
i will do BTC too
first time go for competition
crapper la you.....
i scared i kena belasah during sparing...><
dah lah i kecil....
so so so so so so so
i'm excited and scared
well if i dont do well this year there's always next year to try
it's worth the experience
as i've been avoiding the competition for the past few years
Master wants to send me but i said no
more or less cause i know i get stage fright
and get blank when i'm nervous
guess what?
i'm not 16 yet
i'll be like fighting with ppl 13 - 15 years strong
then it's now even worst.....><
kena belasah from ppl younger stronger than me
i'm not reall that naive
i know out there
there are people better than me
though Master says im good
i know there are plenty more ppl out there
that'll make me look like shit
curses...pessimist much?
so here goes nothing
i cross my fingers in coming back alive
hoping my face doesn't get damaged
praying i can still walk after it
call me paranoid
usually i dont post about fam gatherings
but this one just aint right
i went to my uncle's
had dinner
and as usual at these gatherings
i find myself going
"he's my cousins?"
"she's my cousins?"
"he's my uncle?
"she's my aunty?"
point is...i dont know MOST of the ppl related to me
so i met this cousin
listening to linkin park
drinking down coke
sitting on the swing in the playground
so i went around asking their names
just so my mum WONT complain aboiut me being anti-social again
so there's Earlwin , Alex , Joshua , Jia Chii etc etc etc
everytime it feels like the boys truely outnumber the girls in the gatherings
and they do actually
so i went to get more coke
saw Earlwin pouring, so i just held out my cup
malas punye org...so liddat lo...xD
nicely he pouring n smiling...oO'''
i suffer in family gatherings as there is NO ONE my age
i have VERY rude cousins [uncle i think] that call me in words they should'nt be calling me in
i have an aunty and uncle that are younger than me
go figure...
dying of boredom
lying on the one of the single sofas laid side by side
letting linkin park keep me company
out of no where
Earlwin came told me he didn't know i was his cousin so he was a bit shy
okay....i think i get it...and maybe i didnt
yet i just said i did...
he sat beside me
my head was at the arm rest of the two chairs
i might be thinking too much
but i felt him staring
he leans closer occasionally
pinch me sometimes
mostly staring
which i find very weird
when i stared back he smiles
fineeeeeee...weird ppl...
so i ignore the fact he stared like hell
then he asked if i had a boyfriend.....
WTF...since when does your cousin ask u that?!?!
unless youre really close to them la
asked for my number
well...he's my cousin....
what harm can he do....xD
leaving time...
i figured why he didnt say goodbye to my sister
he only said good bye to me....
okay rachel...thinking too much...
my past isnt much to look up to
really it isn't
the amount of lie and tragedies i've caused
the amount of sins i've commited
the heap of people i've hurt
knowingly and unknowingly
the heap of people that have hurt me
knowingly and unknowingly
the consumation of my own memories
i might try to start again
bit they still live in me
they're painted in black and white
sometimes i really figured
that life isn't much of what most people say is worth the battle
between the good and the bad
between the worthy and the unworthy
between the sucessful and the unsucessful
between the failure and the achievement
between the right and the wrong
between the saints and the sinners
between the villians and the superheroes
so some names that DO bring back memories
names that brought back the sorrows
adn yet somehow there's just a bit of
" i-dont-really-care-anymore"
that brings out the strength to live on
keeping myself away from the knife
far from the scissors
beyond the reach of the blade

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