23 November 2008

** Ninety Two **

i don't find having split personalities scary
why is it scary
i don't even know if this is gonna make sense or not

i'll start anyway

top two. on the right is O. on the left is X. they come from a rich family. lived in a mansion above the hill overlooking all of town. X burnt down the house along with their parents one christmas night. X is elder than O by 13seconds. on a daily basis X and O are about the same but on every Friday the 13th, X is a head taller than O. at times X and O would switch their clips so u can't exactly use the clips to tell them apart. X's shirt is always black with white stripes, more black than white. O's shirt is always white with black stripes, more white than black. X is undecisive about alot of things and tend to make wrong choices. she's quiet most of the time and rarely talks to anyone, except O. O is the younger one but she predominantly can be taken as the elder one as she usually takes charge of things. she speaks for X most of the time.

the one with the voodoo doll n the one in the dress. they're not twins. the one in the dress is Emily. a happy-go-lucky girl. she's all flowers and ribbons. she runs around in parks chasing birds and butterflies. Emily's just optimistic about life. ahhh...u get the point. she's two years older than Eve. the one with the voodoo doll is Eve. she's the pessimist. she locks herself in her room all day with all the lights off. and only comes out for food. she's very tempremental and gets really pissed off when people touch her stuff. Emily and Eve are sisters that were seperated because their parents couldnt afford to care for both of them. Emily was adopted by another family at the age of four. Eve was left into the world of abuse. her father turned into a drunk and often beat her up. so Eve has the idea that everyone is like her dad. out to beat her and torture her. she has herself a little voodoo doll to do what she needs to, to those who hurt her.

finally the one with the long hair. Gracie doesn't talk much like X. she herself has split personalities. on rainy days she's happy and all giggly and stuff. on sunny days she's just down right pissed off with the world and all who inhabit it. she has a brother. he's somewhere in the world but she doesn't know where. she carries that teddy bear around, everywhere she goes. and guards it with her life. people think she has a mental disorder cuz she tends to talk to herself a lot and sometimes she screams at herself for no reason. Gracie cries a lot cuz she's in pain. she tries very hard to be strong. Gracie is under denial that she killed her brother. she did but she's just a kid. it was an accident and nobody would understand.

toldya i wasn't making any sense at all

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