13 November 2008

** Eighty Five **

i have nothing to nowadays
sitting at home
either i'd be playing burnout craching cars
beating up people playin the punisher
of sleeping
sitting in front of the computer is a sure thing as well

big whoop that my birthday's coming
and i hardly seem to care...
i am not really bothered
lawls...what a joy...

i spent my morning
freezing to death for no apparent reason
yeah...no apparent reason
i am not sick
i had chipsmore and 2 cans of coke
then my mum came back with lunch
i feel like there's nothing to do now
i sit here and i wait for the computer to load
wait for the internet to connect
wait for msn to sign me in
wait for google to load
wait for blogs to show up on my screen
reads everyone's blogs
after that limewire doesn't want to connect
and i have to wait again
i run upstairs and lie on my bed
turn on my player on my phone
cuz my mp3 hasn't been charged in months
and my radio sucks
today's thrusday
i have dance class...
boy boy...=.='''
competition la dun play play
make a fool out of urself den you know
i was looking forward to this for the past few days
n now somehow i got no mood to go...
twinkle twinkle little star
yes sir yes sir three bags full
q r s t u v

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