14 November 2008

** Eighty Six **

it's the last day of school. and i was counting down the minutes to 12 today. why i do not know. fact is i didn't do anything productive if that's what you people expected. sat down with keishailla, josephine, sri, marie, lulu, dudu, dhila, neermala, shangeeth, ramya, andrianna, huei cwin, theeviyah and we talk talk talk talk. well i didnt talk, they did. flashing back on times we had in primary shcool. and silly things we'd do. games we'd play and get in trouble for it. the long list of teachers we love and hate. the weird things they'd do.

then i went to library to watch Mama Mia. finish up where i left off day before yesterday. i can sing every song there is in that movie. wakakakaka. my childhood has been filled with mindless abba, beetles, etc etc. then again, those are nice songs. though old. then after that got kicked out again. lepak at sc3 again. sit there talking with lulu,keish, andri,cwin n meiyeen. recess. ahhhh...my very last recess. then i had to bring back the MnM box. owh owh. me, andri, cwin was playing dots. connecting the dots is fun. ahahahahaah.

gosh. we sembah the class. mourned over the erasement of our board. seh, ourboard look so empty after i erased it. sob sob. so sad. cuz it doesn't seme like our class anymore. ahhh...then we were singing as we were cleaning up. woots. noisy sehh. but we dont care. then i was sweating like hell there. so freaking hot. and MissGoh had to give a long long speech. and when we cheered she's just ask us to clap. i'm not much of a lady so cheering is a must. hahahahaha.

then i had extreme pain. what made it worst, my mum came half an hour late. and i had to stand there and the excruciating pain kept coming and going. felt like dying. dunno whats wrong oso. then in the car. i don't know if she is blind or what, can't she see i'm in pain. some more want to go selayang mall eat sushi king. well, i wouldn't turn down such a thing. but at that time i just wanted to go home, lay on the bed and sleep off the pain.

maybe i was rude to her in the car. sorry. today's her birthday and i pissed her off yesterday. today's her brithday and i haven't wished her. what a daughter she has. sigh.


i am really sick of everyone in the world telling me
'i don't have a girl/boyfriend la'
'why isn't there anyone chasing me'
'i'm [insert age] and i still dont have a gril/boyfriend'
'help me find one'

do i look like a professional match maker to you. do i look like i know that many people. do i look like i even care [ok maybe i faked that face]. heck.

some of you are so freaking stuck up even i cannot stand you. what more everyone else. some of you are just plain desprate. i dont understand whats the rush in finding a girl/boyfriend. it's not like the worlds gonna end tomorrow and you have to get one asap. or maybe you think it's a trend you have to follow cuz your friends have them, you'd have to have as well or else you'd feel isolated.

look on the bright side there are plenty of unmarried people in the world. maybe you're just one of them. gosh im so mean.

but i am really getting so fucking sick and tired. it's worst when you people come and tell me all your sad sobbing soap opera stories. as if i haven't heard enough of it. one will come telling me 'boohoo my boyfriend cheated on me. i'm so sad.how can he do this to me.'. the other will say 'my girlfriend doesn't understand what i tried to tell her.'. seriously as if complaining to me makes anything better. aren't you people supposed to talk amongst yourselves and sort things out.

when you people get into a quarrell both of you don't want to talk to each other. okay. fine. don't talk. that's ok. but you people say you guys don't want to talk to each other, when you see each other it's like.
'tell him i dnt want to see him'
'tell her i dont care'
'tell him i dont either'
'tell her to get out of my face'
WTF people. you said you weren't gonna talk to each other. and i feel like MSN. conveying your messages to her/him. and i'm too nice of a friend to actually tell both of you off. people ask me why the hell do i go with it. i smile and say, 'they're both my friends'.

you two will be so sweet and loving together and when you break up, you cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry. as if it helps. i can do with the cyring. just offer shoulder and be there for them. that's okay. by far this is the worst ever idea anyone has come out with probably she's been watching too much 'John Tucker Must Die'. cuz that's what she told me to do exactly. lie to her ex. make him fall in love with me. and shred him into pieces. seriously. if you feel played by that idiot then keep it to yourself. don't drag me into this. all you have to do is let go and move on with you pathetic life. why do you hold back.

yeah. for the first few weeks it's okay to cry and crap. hell, WTF are you trying to pull when you drag it on to a month or two. the mention of th e name and you burst out in tears. i sit there and roll my eyes. i no longer lend my shoulder for you to cry on.


plans for tomorrow.
ACF. dance competition. keish's party.
i shall be out for the entire day tomorrow. somewhat like that. toldya i'm a busy person. hahaha...

ok...my birthday.
guess i'm celebrating it on the 16th of Novembaaa
sitting at home. alone in front of the computer. lawls. yeah. riteeeeee....
let's play with some water. a lot of water. get all drenched. run into the air conditioning. catch a cold. wakakakaka.
um...then we stay up. i dont know what we're gonna do. but we'll stay up. unless you people want to sleep.
then...we...um...might just go bowling. though i suck. we open that flappy thingy so there's no long kang. hahahaha...then all you have to do is roll the damn ball. hows that.
i forgot to ask you people...what time you'll be going home...lawls...die la die la...xD

owh well...anything's fine...it's just an ordinary birthday party
nothing special about it....
everything's normal...

just the way i like it...

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