06 November 2008

** Eighty **

phantom school album captions to do tomorrow
collect the report cards, koko books n paper
sleep in class
pss the sejarah notes out
collect 50cents for it
try to upload class party photos[i failed 3 times de]
my birthday
here i am sitting after dance class
2nd time im typing this out
im turning bitter sixteen on the 16th of november 2008
and im seriously bitter right now
heck it's just few more days to my party
and thank god i havent planned anything
i dont know how i should express this
cuz im a lil bit angry
lil bit sad
lil bit frustrated
lil bit confused
well dance competition's next week
yeah 15th or 16th...i dont know
i wasnt paying attention
i dont know what to do
i'll be at timesquare making a fool outa myself
and guess what....
WTF am i gonna do when i have my whole class thinking its on the 16
and now im not even certain whether there's gonna be a celebration
shit..=X shudnt swear...my bad...
i dont know what to do
i dont know what am i suppose to be doing

i need to go...
practise makes perfect...

sweet bitterness

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