10 November 2008

** Eighty Four **


this is what happens when you put two mirrors slanting at different angles and me...xD

i feel so nostalgic right now
just finished the school album for the musical
and damn
i really do miss the hours of practises and days after days for stay back
my legs and fingers are crampped
tomorrow i have 4 periods of sejarah
what a drag

well i spent my day in class singing
the whole bunch of us
sing sing sing non stop
disturbing the peace
spoiling the song

now my abdominal muscles hurt...lawls...

i seriously have communication problems with my mother
i seriously cannot have a proper conversation with her
but it's normal
if it's such a hastle better i dont celebrate my birthday
save all the trouble
save all the talking
save all my energy
save all my brain power to think before i speak

what's there to blog about

good luck for those sitting for SPM

im sitting for it next year...xD


someone save me from this place

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